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with no fear from the law. This is accomplished through the use of the legal disclaimer. Here's how it works.

Anybody interested in Scientology will end up buying or reading a book by L. Ron Hubbard which claims that Dianetics/Scientology can cure various diseases: colds, cancer, etc. (See "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.") Since almost nobody is physically perfect and free from disease, an interested reader may make inquiries about these incredible claims at Scientology. The trained sales people at Scientology will tell him that Scientology will not cure his disease, but will get rid of the conditions which allow the disease to happen. He will understand from this that if he does not take Scientology course, he will remain susceptible to his illness.

Before he takes the course, he will have to sign a legal disclaimer. This disclaimer states that all Scientology teachings are religious beliefs, and that the signer cannot legally make claims against Scientology in the event his disease is not cured through the practice of Scientology.

Nevertheless, the only reason for many people's interest in Scientology is the repeated assertion by L. Ron Hubbard that people who follow his teachings can be cured of many types of diseases, both mental and physical. The belief of Scientologists is that a physical and/or mental cure will take place. In other words, the deceit, which is the idea that Scientology will cure something, is redefined by Scientology to be a religious belief for the purpose of avoiding the law.

This is also an example of how Scientology uses one law - freedom of religion - to break another - fraud.


Joe C.
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