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Courts underestimate sect influence

Zurich, Switzerland
April 22, 1999

Music teacher J.S. is not the only one who has lost his wife to the healer from Munich. Rolf Franz "cares for" several young women from Switzerland. An artist (painter) from Toggenburg also had experiences similar to those of the music teacher from Zurich. After the birth of her first child, Rolf Franz announced that the pendulum had told him that she could have no more children. Nevertheless, several weeks later she was pregnant again. The healer then said that it was a still birth. The young woman panicked. Even after ultra-sonic pictures, she still believed the healer. The man brought his deluded wife to the clinic seven times, but she would not be convinced.

The husband threatened to take legal steps if Rolf Franz did not leave his wife alone. The seer only laughed and said that he had already been charged with bodily harm and negligent homicide, in vain. The painter won the war with the healer, but he lost his family, because after the birth of his second (healthy) child, his wife left him.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientology

Cases of infatuation with sects leading to the destruction of marriages are par for the course. When just one of the partners falls into the clutches of a sect or a healer, the relationship almost always falls apart. If it is the husband who wanders off, the harm to the children is controlled. In this case, the mother gets custody, but few courts today will prohibit the father from visiting his children on the weekend and bringing them to a sect event.

If it is the mother who gets caught up, the children can only be protected if the father receives custody. The courts can rarely be pushed to take this step. An acute risk arises of having the children also fall into the vacuum of the sect. The courts downplay this danger, as a rule. In these cases the father is often driven to despair. His children often refuse to visit with him because he is demonized by the sect and their mother.

The break-up of families due to sects used to happen primarily in connection with Jehova's Witnesses, the fundamental Christian congregations (non-denominational, evangelical or charismatic) and with larger sects such as Scientology. In recent times, an increasing number of separations occur under the influence of healers, cults and esoteric speciality groups. The members drift out into a cosmic or occult mock reality and completely dedicate their lives to obtaining enlightenment or to becoming a shaman. (sta)


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