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Subject: New chap to this NG
From: josef@direct.A2000.nl
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 20:56:28 +0200

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To all alt.clearing.technology contributers,

I'm a newboy,

My views regarding clearing tek and Co$ can today can best be best illustrated by a change of view I had yesterday with an orthodox $cieno named MrWonderfulR (name changed, as i respect his privacy). To understand it fully u need to read his comm to me first, and then my reply, enjoy..................

(PS. I'd appreciate your comments and viewpoints)

WONDERFULR@aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 6/29/1999 1:51:22 PM US Mountain Standard Time, josef@direct.A2000.nl writes:

Dear MrWizealot,

Happy to respond to you - but don't think my views are all that similar, with regard to the Church. I have been active IN the Church for over 25 years. I am quite *happy* to have the dedicated management team that we have.

I am not saying that everything is "perfect" - I don't know of anything that is. Anywhere.

Fact of the matter is that the tech does not really stay in its correct form outside the Church. There are those outside the Church who will dispute this. They are wrong. You may want to look again at your own scene and the (just to name a *few* years) next couple of thousand years of track ahead of you.

You have a MUCH better chance of coming out on top and whole by being *in* the Church. But it is your choice.

R S Phoenix


Dear R,

First of all many thanks for your reply, i hope we may have a few more of these exchanges of communication in future. Now in reply to the point mentioned in your e\m. Please excuse my directness in the following

That the tek does not stay in its right form outside the church is debatable, that the tek does not stay in inside the church is a matter of fact since I have witnessed it with my own 2 i's (or i am just in a delusional state, in which case i retract my former statement)

Some of the testimonies from ot8's on the subject attests also of not quite having floating needles at the examiner (in reference to Micheal Pattison http://www.lermanet.com/persecution/pattinson.html) and joining the picketers outside the org with Xenu sighns at the ready !!!

The celebrity painter I just mentioned is as it happens a very nice chap I remember him from my SO days in FSSO, but is this the kind of behaviour we would expect from an ot8 ? I dont think so, on top of that the man is a celebrated artist and movie-director, not just any old loonie of the street, doesn't sound like standard tek to me !!!

This is just one example of so many that have been hurt after having spend 1000's upon 1000's of hard earned $, but i dont wish to ratlle off a whole list just to try to make a point, I think u have access to the net, thats if you dont have allready int man webcensure software installed yet. This does not mean i believe everything i read on the net, but a thetan knows what is what. BTW, This is another example of Scientology madness ? Is the church now going to decide 4 u what you can and cannot read ? Anyway, sounds like a funny one to me.

I am not saying that everything is supposed to be perfect, i just dont think good guys (like myself) should have his\her cases messed up. I am also not saying that int man is all bad, i am just saying that every group falls victim to an arrogant abuse of power when it becomes an absolute monopoly, leaving ruined lives in its trail (we have many examples of this in our recent history) , i am also not against imperfection, but it is not mere inperfection we are talking about here, it is flagrent cases of downright suppression that is what i am talking about. Setting unreal targets for church donation is one example, helps to ram staff+SO contracts down peoples throats, because of the financial overwhelm.

People that assume the position of in the care of other peoples cases, should be there out of a genuine desire that comes from the goodness in their harts, not out of a need to get away from an empoveraged life not worth living, void of havingness and not being able the afford the nice things in life anymore. This puts embittered people there with toxic motivations that stat push so they cannot be confronted with their own OP's. (Upstats, ethics protection). These kinds of people reek havoc in the lives of vulnerable people that come to them for help and pay dearly for that, this a bit different then mere "imperfection". But more like "financial police psychosis"

El r talks about it in a quote saying scientology has in it every capability of becoming the master of all thinking, and not to be deceived into thinking that it is not capable of doing that.(sorry not verbatim, but you know the one i mean) i believe that the clearing tek is a nice first step to handling this planet and that it should be done, (it is 6 yrs of scientology that has got me blowing off and doing other things because i had the crap terrorised out of me.) So obviously this doesn't mean that other groups are not able to good work in this area independently of the great "almighty one".

All that needs to happen is the copyrights lifted as happened with the bible and other great works, like beethoven etc (i dont have to pay beethovens great great great grandson royalties, to listen to one of his symphonies) make it all available to every one who asks for it for fair use, and for free. No more monopoly no more terror..

Then let us make up our own minds where we want to go to do our auditing training, (except if david miscavich turns out to be god in the mean time, then things are different and i retract all former statements.)

So, lets not kid ourselfes here and think that the Co$ is the "almighty one" and the rest are just a bunch of dummies. Then again, what if they are just dummies, ever considered what would happen if Int mgt continues to abuse its monopoly ?

Can you imagine anybody assigning DM to the RPF ? The true statistics of the church are not revealed or talked about, cause that's bad news and your not supposed to talk about these things or else your an SP!!! Why else am i talking to you under a surrugate name, cause i dont like being labelled thats why !!! it's pure terrorism and censure, only for speaking my mind and telling you how i honestly feel, however aberated it may or may not be, at least i told you from the hart and not from a robotic mind, i refuse any longer to put up as BS\PR front and give you (or others) some whimpy PR\BS.

Its intellectually pushing people back to the dark ages to support that kind of behaviour ! you have to be able to say what you really feel without being discriminated against and have a label pinned on you like the star of david on thejews, yyyeeeezz)

I do believe that dispite everything the Co$ has done good work in getting most of the tech in written and original form and preserved it for future generations, and has opened many orgs, which has been a huge operation in that it has taken so many years to get this far. And that prices have had to be high in order to acheive that is therefore forgivable, the victims created on the way however are not. And i strongly feel the Co$ needs to own up and take responsibility for its victims starting with Lisa McPherson, enuf is enuf allready !!!

Thats why now is the time is to Co$ joins the other groups with names such as "the clearing factory", "hubbard college of OT intuition", "the BT subtraction church" not forgetting "National coalition for Engram Erasure", and give da tek to the masses, darn it !!! (be a little generous for once), and not stay a small group of submissive check sighning, credit card busting, priveliged few that it has been.

Co$ will always have a strong competive edge because for one they will always be able to call themselfes the one and only "orthodox Co$" and is a few steps ahead of the rest in management experience etc, so they need to quit wining, it will be ok.

Competiton works !! it pushes people to honestly make better products, so far Co$ hasn't had any competition, its fatal to any organisation, look at russia, no free enterprice see, its own burocracy will eventually knock back scientology too, the resistance is mounting internationally by the minute.

Its like, just follow exactly every letter, but never use common sence, Oh no, bad, very bad, very very bad indeed !!! The mind becomes redundant and robots rule!!!! People will eventually get really fed up with this cultish mindset, I am sure of it !!

To summerise, i am for standard tech but the fair use law has to take effect and will, so that reform can occur, and the abuse of power can be toned down. Only the freezoners can do that, and will eventually, because copywrite laws always expire after a certain period, 25 yrs after the death of its originator, (one would have to prove that the tek is harmfull to mankind to not let everyone have it, and nobody can prove that nor would they want to, only abuse of power is harmfull) thats why Co$ doesn't like FZ's.

I would appreciate it if you would accept my challenge and submit to me your comments in detail on the above mentioned (that is if your not in an arcX by now). I dare you to accept the challenge, meaning, not some whimpy pr-job please, try to put me back in my place, and tell me i am wrong ! (do you really mean it ?)


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