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Subject: Beckstein: "Scientology is a system of organized child exploitation"
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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 00:10:44 GMT

Beckstein: "Scientology is a system of organized child exploitation"

Measures taken by the Bavarian state administration against Scientology September 9, 1997

+++ Bavaria's Secretary of the Interior, Dr. Gunther Beckstein, characterized the Scientology Organization (SO) as a system of organized child exploitation. Ex-members reports testify that children have been subjected to degrading and arduous forced work. "The SO system aims for the destruction of natural parent-child relationships, with the risk of severe psychological damage to children." Beckstein criticizes the SO system, "the SO transgresses the human rights of parents and children with their robotic teachings of the creation of a cybernetically directed technocracy." +++

On the evening of September 18, 1997, in a talk in Augsburg, Interior Secretary Dr. Gunther Beckstein warned parents and students of being taken in by Scientology in education and in the fight against drugs. The Scientology system is only looking for more victims in this. The human friendliness shown in the advertisements is only a facade of pretense."

The true face of the SO teachings is shown, according to Beckstein, in the story of Tanya, the young ex-member. She had to perform forced labor with the Scientology elite unit, the Sea Org, along with other young people and also children. With total disregard for their human rights, children and youth were systematically ill-used, and their work was exploited by the system. Arduous physical work was demanded from youths and children from 8:30 in the morning to 10 at night, up to seven days a week. Further examples: night labor, digging ditches, cleaning sewage pipes, building walls, sorting out mail by the bagful up until 3 o'clock in the morning by 13 year olds; insufficient time for lunch; punishment for unpermitted trips to the bathroom during work.

"Parents that follow Hubbard's prescribed regimen for raising children according to 'Child Dianetics' endanger the development of their children," warned Beckstein. Among the brutal training methods recommended by Hubbard are the inquisition-like processes of questioning and the unkind training of toddlers. Staff members' time with their children are often restricted to a minimum. If need be, children who disturb their parents' work for the SO are declared to be "suppressive persons." That means that parents and child must separate.

As far as the SO campaign "Children say no to drugs," Beckstein stated, "SO presents itself as a fighter against drugs. It distributes leaflets and brochures against drug abuse. Following the USA model, meetings are announced in which children are publicly praised for leading a drug-free life. Actually, this campaign only serves for recruitment of victims into the power apparatus and money-making machine of Scientology. It is claimed in the increasing advertisements for Narconon that the drug problem is being alleviated. In reality, however, parents are being financially exploited and youth, as well as their parents, are introduced into an addictive relationship. Cases have been documented in which, people, after being exploited, have been left to backslide by the organization."

German Scientology News: http://cisar.org/trn0455.htm

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