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Subject: Usenet abuse and tax exempt status: Mutually exclusive?
From: spamless@pacbell.net (Douglas Mackall)
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 20:27:51 -0800

** Author's note: Without any conclusive evidence pointing directly to the Curch of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center or any of their affiliated organizatons (referred to here as "Scientology"), the following is strictly conjecture for discussion purposes. **

In simple terms, an orgnaization with Federally recognized tax exempt status must use all 'donations' and other income for the normal operation of that organization.

If it were proven that the ongoing spam attacks against this newsgroup were financed in any way by Scientology, it would almost certainly be cause to at least investigate the tax exempt status of the organization, if not revoke that status outright.

There is no question that the ongoing "sporgery" attacks are costing very large sums of money.

Besides the initial outlay for hardware and the ongoing programming efforts required for the futile attempts to outsmart the bots and filters, there are *huge* amounts of cash involved in internet accounts and long-distance charges.

Consider that on average there are three internet connections used in these attacks at one time, usually using dialups at an ISP remote from the source via long-distance carrier, and the telco bills alone are staggering to most people.

Also consider that in almost every case there are multiple accounts opened at the victimized ISP, and that these accounts are usually *very* short lived, sometines only hours.

This requires literally hundreds of individual internet accounts to maintain the current level of abuse.

Common sense dictates that this abuse is not being conducted by an individual, at least not an individual of normal financial means or intellect.

By the latter I am not inplying that the persons involved in this attack are possesed of some extraordinary wisdom; quite to the contrary, they are obviously of a less than average level of intelligence, as is evidenced by the the huges amounts of resources used for these attacks, with little or no gains to show for them.

I am of the opinion that this unending waste of Usenet resources is being conducted by several individuals in concert, and is part of an organized effort to stifle speech critical to Scientology.

If this activity is, as appears most possible, funded by Scientology, then it is in blatant contrast to the approved usage of funds by a non-profit, tax exempt entity in the United States.

I am also of the opinion that using tax exempt funding for the countless lawsuits instigated by Scientology against their critics is cause for an investigation of their tax exempt status, with the likely result of revocation of that status.

In preemption of the almost certain clamor of "religious bigotry" accusations to follow, I state that I don't give one whit about whether or not Scientology is a religion.

What I do care about is the questionable usage of tax exempt funding by a supposedly non-profit organization, as well as the massive abuse of usenet resources.

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