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The Scientologists-on lIne web sites are of some value to attorneys and persons seeking information.

Recently, an attorney had a client who had sent his child to a dentist for a check up. This dentist set up an elaborate and very expensive treatment program. The father was suspicious and sent the child to another dentist who said that all that was necessary was a good cleaning. The father made some considerable noise and letters to the Dental community with accusations of fraud etc. against the first dentist. The first dentist then sued the father for defamation. The father engaged an attorney who turned out to be quite enterprising. This attorney found a former employee of the dentist who said that this dentist was involved with a certain Mangement consulting group. The attorney surfed the net and found information on the Management group and discovered the scientology connection. Somehow the attorney discovered the 'Scientologists-On-Line site and guess who he found...the expensive dentist.

This matter was quickly settled to the fathers satisfaction.

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET

This web page (and The Skeptic Tank) is in no way connected with nor part of the Scientology crime syndicate. To review the crime syndicate's absurdly idiotic web pages, check out www.scientology.org or any one of the many secret front groups the cult attempts to hide behind.

Further facts about this criminal empire may be found at Operation Clambake and FACTNet.


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