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Dear newsgroup.

Yesterday I had a lecture, in Aarhus Denmark. As usual I talked about Hubbards life, Dianetics and CoS. And as usual OSA was represented. But the new thing was that OSA was thrown out from the lecture even before I started, they wanted a written document, stating that I and the arrengers of the meeting, did not want them there. What also was new was that they claimed to have published a book about me, the book turned out to be a special eddition of the danish freedom magazine.

There where approximently 60 people attending the lecture, which ofcourse where absolutely free. The arrengers and I handed out copies of a folde called "Critical information about Scientology" to almost everyone. Further more OSA forgot their freedom magazines, so I started handing them on with my signature on it. Telling the audince to visit xenu.net, and if they wanted to, go to scientologys own web page.....

What also was new was thet I could tell how Scientology treats ex-members in trial.... I guess it was a good thing to attend clearwater after all :-).

I expect that the letter writing to the arrengers start very soon as last time I had a lecture.... And I will post any when I get them.

Untill next time
Goodbye newsgroup

Karsten Lorenzen

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