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Subject: News from Bev (and from the 'ho)
From: Zenon Panoussis <oracle@xs4all.nl>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 14:12:10 +0200

I received the following in e-mail from Bev and I'm posting it on her request:


> Just checking. I just realized that we haven't heard anything
> from you for a while.

I'm okay.

I got kicked off my ISP thanks to Helena Kobrin, but I'm not mad because she was just doing her job, and I don't blame the ISP for not wanting to get involved in litigation with the Co$.

I just was surprised at how it happened.

I had posted some NOT's several months ago, and got the typical Kobrinogram, as did my ISP. The ISP later disconnected me, but I called them, talked to them about it, and promised I would not post any more NOT's and copyrighted stuff, and all was okay.

Well, when the A & E thing came on and their board got really busy with Co$ reps posting there literally by the thousands (like on a.r.s., but spamming it with "we are a legitimate religion" and "We are compatible with other religions", I posted Hubbards HCO on "Heaven".

Then I also posted it to news:alt.fan.howard-stern.

Then I came home after work one day to log on to a.r.s., and I was blocked. So, I called my ISP and they guy who let me off the first time said they had gotten mail from Helena stating I posted copy righted works of LRH owned by the Co$ by posting Hubbard's "Heaven".

He was kind of upset because I had promised him before I wouldn't post copyrighted works.

Well, to my knowledge, Co$ had never before claimed "Heaven", and also, while a received a Kobrinogram (I refuse to call the poor woman a "Ho", she ~is~ only doing her job after all, plus for some reason my heart really goes out to her) for the NOT's, I never received anything from her regarding Heaven, and I had been posting that since so long ago on a.r.s. I can't even remember.

But, I guess the Co$ ~IS~ claiming that Hubbard authored the HCO on Heaven, and that it ~is~ his words regarding having been there and all that is stated about it. But, I don't think they have done this publicly, have they?

Anyway, "HCO BULLETIN OF MAY 11, AD13, ROUTINE 3 HEAVEN" is claimed, evidently, by the Co$ as offically Hubbard.

Now, I am just wating to get another ISP, I am having to use other peoples accounts to get to my e-mail. At least my ISP was nice enough to keep my e-mail so I can access through another account, but soon I will lose that too.

They did, however, agree to lock out dbj1120@iag.net so that once I am totally gone from them, nobody else can take my ID to pretend they are me.


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