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Subject: Scieno police threaten Danish TV and DA's Jesse Prince, Factnet and me with lies
From: Garry Scarff <garryls@postoffice.pacbell.net>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 11:53:08 -0400

> Mr. Jorgen Pedersen
> Net Productions
> Kalvebod Brugge 35-37
> 1519 Copenhagen V., Denmark
> Fax No. 011-45-33-184461
> Re: Your Upcoming Television program on Scientology

It's truly amazing that Scientology buffoons like Weiland thinks they get anywhere anymore with their drooling drivel. Isn't in interesting that absolutely everyone that has been in Scientology that criticizes it's policies, "were removed" because they didn't "attend to duties"?? The same, moronic allegation was made against Stacy & Vaughn Young, Gerry Armstrong, Dennis Erlich (whom the morons didn't mind making a millionaire), the Whitfields, and countless others. Only a moron in the media would give any thought to the mindless crap Weiland and his asexual buddies puts out today.

> He has no current knowledge of any of our
> Churches or activities.

Well, Weiland does have a point. Jesse would have no knowledge to the criminal activities and cover-ups that Scientology scum has been perpetuating for the last several years, not inclusive of the deliberate cover-up of the McPherson case involving torture and murder.

> Thus, nothing he could possibly say on your program
> will improve your viewers' understanding of Scientology at all.

What he means is "viewer's understanding" of the propagandistic crap that Scientology puts out, in droves. I'm sure, like in the U.S. and Canada, the Danes can watch their cartoons and parodies on Saturday morning; they don't need or want to see Scientology programming on on prime time.

> As to any past knowledge he may have had at one time, Mr. Prince admitted
> in a documented interview with Church counsel that such knowledge did not
> include any of the areas of expertise that he is now pretending to be an
> expert, such as Church legal affairs.

I'm curious how much duress and threat Prince was exposed to when "interviewed" by "Church counsel" whom have the integrity of tse-tse fly.

> For example, in August of 1998, Mr.
> Prince filed a declaration in a copyright infringement case involving the
> unlawful copying of approximate 2,000 published works by L. Ron Hubbard.
> In it, Mr. Prince pretended to a knowledge of copyright procedures which he
> did not possess.

Interesting how Weiland and his merry buttfucks make wild allegations about ex-Scientologists who don't "possess" certain knowledge, even when such individuals worked at the core of the organization.

> Once this lack of knowledge was exposed in a deposition of
> Mr. Prince taken on August 19, 1998, the defendants in that suit, who hired
> Mr. Prince were forced to settle the case for a permanent injunction and a
> $1,000,000 damages award against them rather than face a trial with Mr.
> Prince as their witness.

OK, Kurt. If this is true, then present the cancelled check for $1 million dollars you claim received, or shut up!

> Worse than merely being uninformed, Mr. Prince has amply demonstrated that
> he will say anything for money.

Yawn.... a common DA that has been put out by Scientology against ex-Scientologists for years. Weiland is such a clown. By the way, Kurt, the "drug companies" has yet to pay me for picketing your church last year as your fellow buffoons alleged to the Clearwater, Florida media. And how much does Bozo...er, David M., pay you to keep your mouth shut on all the criminal activities forged by Scientology in the last 4 decades?

> Indeed Mr. Prince conceded in his August
> 19, 1998 testimony (excerpts of which were provided to you) that he had
> received several thousand dollars and a new car for testifying against the
> church, and that his paychecks would continue as long as he continued to
> speak out.

Prince testified to having received financial assistance. Big deal!! Accusing Prince of being paid off to "testify" against the church is tantamount to accusing every welfare and unemployment assistance recipient in the U.S. of being "paid off" as in collusion with the U.S. government. I'd be real curious how Weiland would explain the church's "paying off" Dennis Erlich. Hmmm...Kurt???

> This money is his only regular source of income beyond some
> occasional work as a handyman.

At least, Jesse works an honest job to bring income in. Not like the $50 a week handymen that kisses the ass of Miscavige every day and does his bidding. How is it being a slave to a midget, Kurt?

> Before obtaining this windfall, Mr. Prince was unable to keep a job and, as
> a result declared bankruptcy in 1997. After declaring bankruptcy, he then
> sought to have the Church purchase his silence in exchange for large
> amounts of money. After the Church refused to cooperate with this attempted
> extortion, Mr. Prince took up the mantle of as a "professional"
> anti-Scientologist.

Yaddy-ya!! The same old, extensive DA crap put out by Scientology that get's nowhere with those that are smart enough to take anything Scientology leadership says seriously. Although it might prove worthy of a late-night, cable sitcom, Kurt. Ever think of scriptwriting?

> Having collected his thirty pieces of silver to betray
> his faith, he continues to appear in the press, picket Churches, and harass
> Church staff both to earn his pay and in the hope that the Church will pay
> him money to go away. That is what he is attempting to do now, and I see no
> reason for the Church to aid him in his efforts.

Then, why are you so worried what Dane TV has to say unless it's because of the threat such exposure will cause Scientology in it's mass dwindling of positive PR. I'm curious, while you're buggering away with DA drivel, how many church attorneys have been assigned to do count the pennies which will eventually be the financial settlement that Scientology offers Prince to keep his mouth shut about Scientology's involvement in state and federal crimes?

> Further, you were provided with evidence concerning Mr. Prince's long,
> unchanging pattern of unethical conduct.

The same old DA which Scientology is infamous for. Curious, whether Dane TV has had to order a new fax?? No doubt, their fax machines are burning out to the overload of faxes coming in from "insulted" Scientologists, in their organized letter-writing campaigns, yapping on about hate and bigotry by those who dare to expose the criminal elements of Scientology.

> These included court records of
> arrests and convictions for lewd conduct and for driving while intoxicated.
> This conduct continues to the present. You were provided these materials
> for a specific reason: Mr. Prince intends to come on your program and pass
> moral judgement on my Church. His fitness to make moral pronouncements is
> thus directly relevant. It is my view that Mr. Prince's conduct renders him
> unfit to judge Scientology or anyone else.

You can talk. Your messiah, L. Ron Hubbard and wife was indicted for federal crimes (bugging government offices and stealing official documents, I believe) and the poor wife went to prison for her hubby. L. Ron's conduct rendered him unfit to judge anyone, yet if he were alive today, you'd yank his drawers down and give him the biggest blowjob, if it served to make your Master happy.

> Finally, we have presented you with the contract Mr. Prince signed when he
> left Church staff in which he agreed never to disclose any of the
> information he learned while on Church staff.

Why is Weiland threatened by disclosures?? Ooops, sorry, it's made clear in this lengthy, and poorly written letter to Dane TV.......

> This contract was entered
> into precisely to avoid the circumstance of Prince inventing allegations
> which force the Church to disclose private internal matters to disprove his
> lies.

I'm curious how many thousands of dollars Scientology has paid it's mass of attorneys, private investigators and scriptwriters to lie about & defame Prince. Perhaps, Prince will take it from Scientology's Crown Celebrity, Tom Cruise, and sue Scientology and it's buffoons for libel and defamation.

> Mr. Prince is contractually bound to the Church in the amount of
> $10,000 for each breach of this contract. As he is penniless, and as your
> program is paying his expenses to enable him to fly to Denmark and appear
> on your show in violation of his contractual obligations, the Church will
> hold your production company and any of its employees or agents who
> induced Mr. Prince to breach his contractual obligations fully responsible
> for any violations.

Yaddy-yah. There are no contract obligations. Like the well-reputed course of lies fostered by Kurt Weiland and his cohorts, it's easy to build a stack of lies and innuendos but then it all comes crashing down when Weiland is told to substantiate his baseless allegations and lies. Weiland has become the Paula Jones of Scientology.

> Thus, if you sincerely desire to have your program reflect the amount of
> effort you and your staff appear to have put into it, and not to have it
> degenerate into a tabloid-style forum for the airing of lies which have
> been bought and paid for, I urge you to seriously reconsider using Mr.
> Prince at all.

OK. Then, let's put on Lisa McPherson. Ooops, I'm sorry, Scientology murdered her. No can do.

> Whatever you decide, you will not have a Church representative sitting
> opposite him in a live-on-tape debate; that we will not do.

Chicken. What do you have to hide that most ex-Scientologists don't already know??

> You do have
> our views, though, in this letter, and I would request that those views be
> accurately communicated to your viewers.

I would presume that Dane TV is interested in facts, my dear Watson, not the propagandistic drivel of your "views". They are better presented in the millions of dollars Scientology pays in those god-awful TV commercials trumping Dianetics.

> If you wish to communicate about any other matters concerning your program
> please do not hesitate to contact me.

Oh, I'm sure if they don't, you and your co-horts will be sitting outside the front door of the Dane studios yammering on about the "hate and bigotry" of anyone whatsoever critical of Scientology and the cheapshots and lies, as which have been perpetuated in this letter by Weiland the Weasel.

> Sincerely

Sincerity? Scientology? Bah!

> Kurt Weiland
> Church of Scientology International

(i.e., DM Ass-Kisser and OSA Janitor)

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