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>>Subject: Re: +ve things about the cult >>From: fanjet@iinet.com.au (Steve Zadarnowski) >>Date: 4/16/99 10:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time >>Message-id: <37174faf.15236192@news.m.iinet.net.au> >> >>rosetint2@aol.com (RoSeTint2) wrote: >> >>>Of course! I'll tell my friend, a deputy sherrif, who was put on Prozac for >>>just such a diagnosis that you said she didn't have to take it. Hey, I >>think >>>I'll survey the 7 and a half million takers of prozac and see if they all >>fall >>>under your categorization. If not I'll send them to you to take them off >>it! >>>Great! >> >>7.5 million? That's only in the USA, I'm guessing, because last time I >>heard it was around 12 million in 1996 and growing (faster than the >>cult). >> >>S

> Thank you. And that doesn't scare you does it? Shall we go into the deaths by
> Prozac? Or how about the contra- indications in the PDR? Care to scan that in
> here for us?

Sure, let's list the deaths by Co$ tech. Let's start with Lisa McPherson.

Can you find any deaths resulting from the medical administration of Prozac? I'm kind of curious. I'm not talking about depressed people who killed themselves while taking Prozac, or even people who overdosed on Prozac. I'm talking about people who took their prescribed dose and it killed them. Just like the Co$ tech, exactly as prescribed, killed Lisa McPherson.

There are contra-indications for niacin, too. Shall we post the research? Contra-indications are GOOD things, you nit. They tell you when NOT to use the drug, when to try something else. They grow out of the kind of careful, scientific research that L. Ron Psychotic wouldn't have known if it was injected into his buttock. And you know well that the PDR lists all the known drug reactions, everything that was reported during trials. Then your cult twists the listing into a warning that users can EXPECT to experience these things. Well, that's bullshit.

Well, here are some of the contraindications for $cientology:

Caution: do not take $cientology if you are currently taking Christianity, as it may lead to inherent contradictions.

Do not take $cientology if you have a history of being susceptible to cult induction.

Do not take $cientology if you plan to operate heavy philosophical questions, such as "was L. Ron Hubbard actually qualified to make any kind of medical or spiritual guidelines worth a damn?"

Do not take $cientology if laboratory credit analysis indicates your income is low, or if you wish to maintain savings for your retirement, a home, a car, or a life outside the cult.

Do not take $cientology if you have experienced any of the following symptoms:

-- a desire to think for yourself
-- ability to evaluate data
-- a tendency to check things out thoroughly before swallowing them
-- serious gullibility syndrome.

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