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Subject: Scientology not the worst sect
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Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 20:03:50 -0400

JU warns: Beware of False Prophets

Altoetting, Germany
May 6, 1999
Passauer Neue Presse

New information leaflet on sects and psycho-cults Focus is on the "Opus Angelorum"

by Robert Piffer

Altoetting. The Junge Union [Youth Union] warns of sects and false prophets in two leaflets hot off the press. The reason for the information campaign by the JU was the increased appearance of sects in recent times.

One of the leaflets is concerned with Scientology. It describes its teachings and its "ethics," gives information about the structure of the sect and reveals the companies, magazine, associations and social groups behind which Scientology conceals itself. "Scientology is a constant theme," gave JU district chairman Stephan Mayer as a reason for the re-printing of the leaflet from the Bavarian JU.

Nevertheless, Mayer and the Toeginger JU local chairman Martin Huber both agree that Scientology is not the most pressing problem in the district. It's a different story with the so-called Engelwerk (Opus Angelorum), though. According to what Martin Huber knows, this group is on the advance in the district. He knows several people personally who have been affected. They are from the Burghausen areas, as well as from the western part of the district.

Huber did not reveal their identities for privacy reasons, but he knows that critics and apostates of sects are not exactly dealt with lightly. This is the one point in which Engelwerk does not differentiate itself from other sects. Huber says, "Whoever risks raising criticism is made out to be a trouble-maker and a social outcast." The sectarians do not think twice about using libel, Huber continued.

In contrast to Scientology, whose members admit they are Scientologists, Engelwerk is a secret society; little of its structure has surfaced. Huber stated, "The motto of the Engelwerk members is to be silent or lie." People who end up in the clutches of Engelwerk, according to Huber, "cut themselves off from the outside and live in a dream world" which puts criticism beyond their grasp. The JU brochures are meant to see that things do not get that far, nor with another psycho-cult: the Bruno Groening Friend's Circle.

Even with the two leaflets, the work is far from over for Stephan Mayer and Martin Huber. They want to publish more information about sects and psycho-cults as soon as the groups show up in the county.

In view of the upcoming year 2000, they reckon that it will primarily be groups with apocalyptic visions which will set their sights on Altoetting county for new adherents. An attempt has already been made by a UFO sect from Waldkraiburg. This group so overstated itself in public, though, that hardly anybody fell for it.

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