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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:24:36 GMT

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In article , Chris says... >
>This is what Hubbard's "Personal Communicator", Ken Urquhart, recalled
>of overboarding when Russell Miller interviewed him in the spring of
>---- begin quote ----
>When I arrived they were throwing people overboard. It was a regular
>routine. It was a ceremony. The crew would be mustered on the after well
>deck in morning to begin the day's work. Anyone to be thrown overboard
>would be called to the front and chaplain would be called to make some
>incantation about water washing away sins, and you would be picked up
>and tossed over. Two elderly people were thrown over and an old lady who
>could not swim had to put on a life jacket. It started with auditors
>being sent to ship for the class 8 course - two from every org - and if
>they goofed they were thrown over.
>---- end quote ----
>Overboarding was also instituted on land by returnees from the Class
>VIII courses: I have seen reports that people were thrown into the lake
>in the grounds of Saint Hill Manor, while at other orgs bathtubs were

At ASHO Day, the practice of dousing staff with a large bucket of water took the place of overboarding. The Commanding Officer Alan Prager once ordered Mark Hanson (a fellow Div II staff member) to douse my wife because she had overslept and was absent from morning muster.

Mark went up to our berthing space in the Cedars Complex at #606 Lebanon Hall, pounded on the door and waited for my wife to answer. Awakened by the pounding, and completely naked at the time, she opened the door just a crack to see who was there. Mark forced the door open, pushed his way inside our room and doused my wife with a three-gallon bucket of cold water as she stood there in the nude.

See http://www.entheta.net/entheta/1stpersn/warrior/

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