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This will be brief, but needs to be documented for now. I'll post a supplemental report later, for those of you who like a lot of details.

Time: 6:45pm to 8pm
Picketers: 3
Flyers: not a lot, but a few.

Clam attention: Linda and Susan, and Bubbles (the photographer who wouldn't tell us her name) + 2 men who seemed to think we didn't realize they were with the cult.

Cars: didn't count, but the lot was full.

Wynot, Joker (new picketer), and I were pleased to enturbulate our previously so sedate Atlanta org (well, the Dunwoody org) yesterday with our special celebrity guest out-of-state agitator, Stacy. Thanks for coming, Stacy, I hope you can make it back again soon!

It was a good time to picket, because there was a lot of leftover rush hour traffic, and lots of people (we assumed publics) at the org after work.

We were all handled at one time or another by Linda and Susan, even Joker, who was just filming and not actually walking with a sign. Bubbles came out first and took our pictures early, since there were 2 strangers (to her, anyway, she didn't know Stacy) out, and I guess Susan and Linda wanted to send off to headquarters to find out who they were before attempting to handle them.

One of the two men stood behind Joker with a clipboard for a short time, till Joker turned around and said hello to him, then he left soon afterwards.

We had planned to leave at 8:00, since it would be getting dark, and we, unlike our Atlanta scienos, don't like to picket in the dark, but about 5 till 8, a police pulls into the org. Susan talks to him till 8, I guess it takes a long time to make her understand that as long as we're protesting peacefully and not blocking anyone's path or going on their property, there's nothing he can do about us. So 8 comes, and Susan's still talking to him, so we leave. Once we got to the lot where we had parked, a car pulls in, and behind it, the police. The car has two women, elementary school teachers, who want to know more about scientology. One's boyfriend is familiar with co$ and had told her a little bit about it. They have internet access, so I gave them one of MadCow's business cards with all the official ARSCC URLs on it, and wynot (or Stacy) gave them a flyer.

Right behind the car is the policeman, who turns out, went to high school with one of the teachers. After he asks if we were just having a little peaceful demonstration, and tells us the rules for picketing, then he wants to know all about scientology, so we tell him and the two teachers about it at the same time. The policeman took the flyers we offered, and said he would post them down at the station. (That Xenu flyer ought to go over great there!)

After the policeman and the teachers left, and we're about to get in our cars, a man who had been hanging around approaches us and asks us why we're picketing. The next question gives him away as a scieno, he asks "Who organizes you?" I annouced to him that no one organizes us, we just call each other up and say, "Hey, you wanna go picket today?" Of course he doesn't believe me... It must be a conspiracy, LRon said so. We ditched him soon, and Joker saw him going back into the org as we left. He was creepy, approaching us after the picket was done like that...

Later that night, I drove Joker home, making sure I wasn't being followed, and when I returned, I started noticing lots of white things, about every 10-15 feet apart, in the street. I pulled over, and got out to investigate. They were flyers - real ones! 3 varieties of harassment flyers, folded into paper airplanes, and looking like they had been flown out of a passing car! I picked up 18 in just one block. 2 varieties were the same as what they had passed out Saturday, the day they picketed us, but they had made a new one just for the occasion: Robert Minton & Stacy Brooks Young Truth Behind the Lies. This one has some dead agent material about Stacy and Bob, which I'll scan later, and at the bottom, "Please deliver to at . It claims to be from the "Free Speech & Religious Freedom Committee", and refers only to the "Church". I wonder why they're embarrassed to use their full name...

First it was picketing a residence, now it's littering. These Atlanta scienos just can't quit comitting illegal acts when they harass us... And if they didn't waste so much money littering our neighborhood, they might be able to save up and buy a sign for their org, which is still unidentified out there in Dunwoody...

It's sad... And they're supposed to be "the most ethical beings on the planet"??? According to Hubbard's definition of ethics, I guess they are...

Say, does anyone know if copies of the Introduction to Scientology Ethics are readily available? There's a lot of nice juicy Hubbard quotes in that one!

(oh, well, so much for keeping it short...)


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