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This was posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup by an anonymous cultist. It covers very well one of the unusual beliefs the crime syndicate indoctrinates their victims with.

Subject: Re: READ THIS ARS
Date: 11 Jun 1998 21:24:53 -0700


Psychiatry is a covert means to control people. Which it does, it controls people right into the ground. It is a means to making mankind less capable and will, if not stopped along certain lines, be responsible for greater human suffering. Psychiatry is a false "science" putting forward the idea that the troubles of man are based upon brain and physical function alone.

This idea is a lie. Psychiatry capitalizes on the inability of people to find answers and handle what causes them duress, mental and physical.

Psychiatry contributes greatly, covertly, to the continuance and escalation of turmoil, personal, social and thier [sic] cry is "we have some answers but there are [sic] still much data left to learn." They have no certainty, they make it up as they go along. It keeps them employed. Drugs, drug companies and big business interests keep them afloat, along with government grants. New York state recently approved experimentation with out consent upon those institutionalized there. For what? Get your hands off those people! Keep your insane practices to yourselves!!! This demand is in the future of a world that wishes to continue on as civilized. Psychiatry has no interest in civilization.

It supplants with the idea that "nothing can be done but what we (the psych's) [sic] can do. We (the psych's) [sic] know what is best." "Our research is proven." They shock, drug and coerce those with "the money" to pay their way.

IT ISN'T for benefit. It is harmful spiritually, mentally to any and all. It takes away personal power and knowledge of a personal, mental and spiritual nature.

Psychiatry does not have the answers to questions of the mind and life. It does NOT have any worthwhile and appropriate means of addressing the true cause of mans [sic] troubles and in many of it's efforts it makes those troubles worse and is a source of failure - vieled [sic]. Vieled [sic] as a means of help. And it is evil. Psychiatrist's [sic] have as a goal the destruction of mankind. Psychiatry is INSANE.

At this time, a psychiatrist's actions have once again been a vested interest in WAR. In the Balkans. And you all remember the one city in Bosnia don't you? And the man who was behind the war, the "prime mover?" And the twenty thousand plus women and children who died by sniper fire and by light and heavy artillery? Need I mention more?

Are you going to generalize and say that such conflicts are not caused by psychiatry? Are you going to say that it is other reasons? Well go ahead. It is not so funny how a psychiatrist has taken such interest in "conflict."

It is also interesting that suicides, of well known persons and those considered "ordinary" often have a psychiatrist in their lives. There are many such cases.

Are you going to say psychiatry tried to help? Well, it is ignorance. Is doing something like reducing a persons self-determinism with lies and drugs good? Isn't it true that a problem can exist in absence of psychiatry? Yes. Could it be true that the answers and that truth for such an individual can be suppressed by psychiatry? Yes. Does it happen? All the time, whether agreed with or not.

So, many of you have jumped upon the CCHR and the Church of Scientology, for attacking psychiatry. I am attacking your ideas about that. What are you going to do when more than half the world agrees with my viewpoint? You attack Scientology and claim it kills.

You support psychiatry, the goddamned mother fucking murderous "science" of evil men. Psychiatrist's [sic] are evil and have as their goal the destruction of man.

Psychiatry kills.

Psychiatry should be destroyed.


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