Scientology Crime Syndicate

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 08:02:27
To: feedback@newtimesla.com
From: "Fredric L. Rice"
Subject: A ONE-FINGERED SALUTE TO THE DIGIT - Scientology cult

The idea that the Scientology cult can some how justify its criminal behavior, acting like thugs when their cult's abuses draw protests, is idiotic to the extreme. The world hates and fears this cult for very good reasons: Scientology kills and the behavior of its cult followers are, due to L. Ron Hubbard's insanity, unacceptable in a polite society. There's a _reason_ why judges call that cult "abject evil." There's a reason why it's outlawed in many countries. There's a reason why its leaders keep getting sent to prison.

There's plenty on the Internet which explains what Scientology is.

If the cult didn't have such a high body count, tieing people up and starving them to death, drowing them in bath tubs filled with scalding water and, in some cases driving followers to suicide, there wouldn't be any protests against this cult. (There's also a reason why their main compound is called the Ft. Homicide Hotel, too.)

People usually don't feel the need to picket and protest _real_ churches. The Scientology cult deserves to be exposed as the scam and _criminal_ organization that it is. If the cult were to stop hurting people, there wouldn't be any protests or pickets or media exposures.


Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET

This web page (and The Skeptic Tank) is in no way connected with nor part of the Scientology crime syndicate. To review the crime syndicate's absurdly idiotic web pages, check out www.scientology.org or any one of the many secret front groups the cult attempts to hide behind.

Further facts about this criminal empire may be found at Operation Clambake and FACTNet.


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