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Something had been puzzling me throughout my appeal process. For some reason Helena K. Kobrin has been signing Thomas R. Hogan's name for all papers filed.

I think I figured out why dearest Helena doesn't want the credit for her hard work in writing the appellee's papers and making various motions: one of the motions panel judges for the Ninth Circuit is A. Wallace Tashima.

Ring a bell?

The same Honorable A. Wallace Tashima who fined Kobrin for her frivolous RICO suit in RTC v. Gerbode back in 1994. Do you think Judge Tashima has forgotton her yet? :-) I don't think so!

I guess she would rather not have Judge Tashima know she and her clients are up to their same illegal old tricks. Sorry. I already filed a paper with the Ninth Circuit explicitly letting them know of your history and the current unethical and unlawful tricks on the part of Samuel D. Rosen, Marty Rathbun, and Mike Rinder.

A .gif example of her signing for Hogan is on my webpage along with the RTC v. Gerbode sacntions ruling and two declarations from Robert S. Minton regardless the unlawful harassment by RTC and its attorney Samuel D. Rosen of me.

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