Scientology Crime Syndicate

Heinemann 1979 : "The Scientology Sect ..." Page 37

Brainwashing and Psycho-mutation

The organizational principle of disinformation is: each person must only know as much as he absolutely has to. At the same time the meaning of the knowledge is altered through "word clearing" and "redefinition of words." A type of mental vacuum forms because the prior concepts of values are disappearing. This vacuum is filled with Scientology "knowledge." This process is called "studying", which seemingly justifies it. Because "studying" in today's usual sense of the word means the attainment of a professional career with the goal of being able to make a livelihood from it. It is completely different with the Scientologists: what they learn has no commercial value outside of a Scientology organization. Not infrequently, the result is mental and economic dependence.

This process is often described as brainwashing, more recently, also as psychomutation, and the modification of the psyche. We believe these type of terms are completely adequate, because at the end of this process the Scientology adherent is ready to believe the impossible, the E-meter con game and the "clear" charlatanry.

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