Scientology Crime Syndicate

The list of unindicted co-conspirators in the "Snow White 11" case:

L. Ron Hubbard
Brian Andrus
Mary Rezonico
Kendrick Moxon
Arthur Maren
Jimmy Mulligan
Joe Lisa
Don Alverzo
Bruce Ullman
Carla Moxon
Martin Greenberg
Mary Heldt
Peggy Tyson
Herbert Parkhouse
David Gaiman
Paul Klopper
Lynn McNeil
Bruce Raymond
George Pilat
Michael Taylor
Michael Baum
Herman Brendel
Charles Parselle

The eleven Guardian's Office officials who were indicted and convicted:

Mary Sue Hubbard
Henning Heldt
Duke Snider
Gregory Willardson
Richard Weigand
Cindy Raymond
Mitchell Hermann
Gerald Bennett Wolfe
Sharon Thomas
Jane Kember
Morris "Mo" Budlong

CASE NO. C 332 027


I, GE~LD A9Jv[STROHG, being duly sworn, state the following from my own personal knowledge: [...]

9) Mr. Hubbard received millions of dollars through a dummy corporation (R.R.F.), specifically set up to funnel money to him which should have been paid to CSC by foreign customers paying for "Flag" services. "Flag" is part of CSC. At a strategy meeting on September 29,1980, held by several high ranking senior executives of the Church, the purpose of which was to develop legal strategies to shield Mr. Hubbard but funnel corporate money to him, the following exhcange took place. This exchange was tape recorded with the knowledge of all present. The following people were some of those present:

a. Charles Parsell, Deputy Gardian Legal World Wide, (CP)

b. Alan Wertheimer, attorney for L. Ron Hubbard working with Laurel Sullivan and the MCCS Mission, (AW)

c. Laurel Sullivan, L. Ron Hubbard's Personal Representative and I/C of MCCS, (LS)

d. Dick Sullivan, husband of Laurel Sullivan and a junior executive on the MCCS Mission, (DS)

The exchange was as follows:

CP: "Right. That's a very helpful exercise. And also I may say this, that it is very very helpful for LRH to have his own attorneys, i.e. yourselves, because for many years we have been missing this essential service and we have done this exercise of trying to think of the way it would be on the one side and trying to think of the way it would be on the other side and it really doesn't work very well to do that. It doesn't work to represent both parties at the same time. Especially if you also happen to be a Scientologist and involved in that particuar way as well. So, I'm with relief representing the Church interest and I certainly invite you to represent Ron's interest as much as you can. I say that RRF, which is as far as I am concerned part of the Church, made a mistake when it paid over that 2.1 million. RRF had nothing ... We could say that RRF and CSC are part of the same Church, even through they are corporately different. I mean if anything was a sham corporation, it's RRF.

AW: "As I understand it, RRF receives monies that would otherwise be due the California Church for services rendered by the California Church to people outside of the country who decide to pay the Church from outside the country.

CP: "That's right.

AW: "So that's basically right?

CP: "That's right. Foreign -non-US Scientologists who wish to pay for Flag services pay RRF and then go to Flag and take the services. RRF was originally supposed to hold the money until the service was rendered and then pay it to CSC. But in fact, it has not really done that and so CSC has rendered much service to may foreign Scientologists and RRF has got the money. Fortunately for us, RRF wasn't incorporated until 1973 and we are now litigating 1972. So, I haven't really tried to sort this one out but it obviously is the classic case (loud laugh) of inurement, if not fraud.

(Several laughs)

LS: "Well put.

Speaker Unidentified: "It's all privileged.

DS: "The tape recorder is going here, Charles.

[...] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- Mike O'Connor - lepton@panix.com

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