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Subject: Is the SPC ashamed of its "religion"? One wonders.
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 17:50:03 GMT

On 12 Apr 1999 21:38:49 -0700, in alt.religion.scientology you wrote:

Hey, Francoci.

I'm somewhat curious just why it is that the word "Scientology" is scarcely to be found around parishioners.org, the website of none other than the "Scientology Parishioners Committee." You seem to be fond of discussing psychiatry; therefore, I remind you that the word "psychiatry" is quite in evidence in the publications of, say, the American Psychiatric Association.

Every reference to Co$, to L. Ron Hubbard, to David Miscavige, even to alt.religion.scientology, has been deleted, replaced with [insert something that doesn't say "Scientology" here] brackets. It's odd, indeed. Since you all are opposing "religious bigotry," or so you claim, one would think that you are awfully proud of your religion. Very devoted to it. Hardly ashamed to speak its name, one would guess...

Except for the fact that seemingly SPC is deeply ashamed of the "S" in its name. Isn't it time the Scientologists stood up and took *credit* for all their hard work running a private intelligence agency, stalking, harassing, and dead-agenting their critics, among their other "religious" activities?

It seems to be an OSA habit, though. I recall picketing the Enquete Commission in Washington, DC, in February 1998, standing outside their hotel, the Watergate, awaiting their exit with signs, all protesting "religious bigotry." A passerby asked, curiously, if we were Scientologists. After all, weren't Scientology and Germany in some sort of conflict? Maria DiLiegro replied, "Oh, some of us are Scientologists...but we're representing a coalition of religious groups persecuted in Germany including yes, Scientologists, but also charismatic Christians, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, and even Methodists." She was kind enough to add that, "however, I don't think we have any Methodists here today." Ignoring the thorough untruthfulness of the assertion that Germany is "persecuting" *any* legitimate, non-coercive religious group, it is quite evident that affiliation with Scientology was indeed being denied. And after the passerby had left, the acting I/C, Carol, New Haven DSA, congratulated Maria on her answer. We all discussed where we were on the Bridge and our next courses and our assorted local orgs in EUS, and went back to the OSA annex together, after briefly touching on the fact that only Expanded Dianetics could work on those suppressive Germans.

So, why does OSA and its lackey OSA publics hide and deny their affiliation with Scientology? Is it *shame* at being affiliated with an organization well known for fraud and harassment? Is it simple *avoidance* of the seemingly inevitable discrediting that comes from association with Co$? Or is it *plausible deniability* for the tax-exempt "religion" that seems to spend a *lot* of those 501(c)3 dollars on harassment and persecution?

Either way, the answer is less than honorable. So, SPC, what's your reason?


P.S.: Oh, and I do believe that the headers on the supposed threat from Steve Carmichael-Timson were requested; what, may I ask, is causing the delay?

Charlotte L. Kates CLKates@aol.com
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