From: James Randi --- Wizard <randi-hotline@ssr.com>
Subject: Okay, I've had enough. Now I'm mad.


I've just received a copy of the latest crap put out by Ed Curley, a claimed psychic and a proven cretin. This time, he has gone too far.

This communication is vile in the extreme, and I am initiating legal action against him tomorrow. I'm going to Toronto early next week to arrange for the Canadian lawyers to begin the action against him.

This is a flagrant abuse of my rights, a pack of lies, a malicious and unwarranted attack by a person who believes I will not strike back. I will, and he is going to have the full weight of the law come down on him. I've treated him as an idiot up until now, simply because he appears to be deficient mentally. In fact, if he is, as I suspect, just a juvenile, I'll have to bring the action against his parents, who are responsible for their child's behavior. I'm mad as hell -- which will no doubt titillate this imbecile, whatever his age -- but he doesn't have the slightest notion what I'm about to do to in a courtroom to stop his filthy mouth from continuing to slander and libel me.

This message is being sent to Curley himself ( Earl Curley, psychic@globalserve.net, http://www.webdesign.ca/ ) and to all those he has contacted, as well as to the hotline and some other close friends.

It's unfortunate but true, that high-profile persons are subject to these attacks by people who want to silence them. Well, Curley -- and others -- are going to discover that this old chap has a lot of fight in him, and that I've never yet backed down from a fight. Curley, wrap your ass well, because I'm going to kick you so hard, you'll not be sitting down for a long time.

James Randi.


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