Scientology Crime Syndicate

Cover letter for David Alexander's Affidavit to OSA

To OSA Personnel 11-27-98
David Alexander, D/COB, RTC

You have been rendering an effective promise to me since August 1997, via telephone calls which I have recorded, that you intend to refund me for the amounts you fraudulently stole from me. The total amount of the swindle is $112,822.26. Your agents negotiated with me in good faith only to come up with a dishonest offer on Oct 12, 1998, which was merely a signed gag order offering me a mere $10,000.00, and requiring me to pay $10,000.00 for each instance of my exposing your criminality to the public.

As no lawyers are interested in taking my case now that the statute of limitations seems to have passed, I have to presume that that was your covertly hostile intention. The theft of large capital sums brings you windfall profits which I am now reporting to the IRS. It is evidencible that I am not the only victim of your profiteering activities. I understand you have your mole in the IRS, but I am sending copies to enough government agents that a cover-up will be impossible.

You have operated duplicitiously (1.1) for a significant period of time without feeling impingement of the consequences of your crimes. You understand the Socio-Pathic implications of this insensitivity on your part.

I and my family have lived at subsistence levels since your theft of my medical funds in 1991. You have caused loss and damages too great to properly identify. As the terminal taking responsibility in the current Justice Action against the Scientology Domain International I am ordering you to stop commiting crimes, to repay all your debts, and to otherwise apply steps A thru E of the appropriate Hubbard Policy.

Long duration of not confronting your condition is threatening to bring you to a stop worldwide (webster's definition). You have lied to, bribed, or extorted the IRS as to your true operation under the leadership of a founder who referred to himself teasingly as the Anti-Christ, expressing contempt for civilization. I and many more who are supportive have been zeroing in on your civil contempt, and we are progressively applying Ethics Gradients until you either comply with the interests of civilization or go entirely out of existence. You can no longer express contempt for your target market and plunder them with impunity. It is clear that many of you are intensely sincere in your goals for civilization, but damn you for allowing falsely intentioned leaders to destroy your efforts.

The enclosed document has been reported to the IRS as well as the others in the directive at the bottom of the Affidavit. From this point the heat will be turned up continually, accomplishing the goals I have indicated in the previous paragraph.

Despite your best efforts to cover your deception you are being more and more exposed for the Socio-Pathic goals you seek to accomplish against Civilization.

David Alexander

[Declaration of David Alexander enclosed (it is posted elsewhere on the newsgroup)].


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