Scientology Crime Syndicate

Declaration of David Alexander to IRS

Sworn Statement for Prosecution and Litigation of the Church of Scientology, and for Tax Exemption Review by the Internal Revenue Service

Dear Sirs:

This is to report gross profiteering and fraud by the Church of Scientology -- in violation of their non-profit status, and of their agreement with the IRS to refund parishioners of products and services upon demand. I understand the church is currently up for review of its tax exempt status.

I was once on staff and when I left that position I was called a freeloader after I was billed for services that were promised to be a part of the compensation for being on staff. As the term implies, being a freeloader is something of a disgrace and I was told I was prohibited to come to my church or participate in my religion until I paid this fraudulent debt.

Then when I received a personal injury award following an accident there was an endless pursuit by Scientologists to apply coercive, intimidating sells efforts on me from various churches of Scientology. When the word of my new wealth was reported to other Scientology Churches, "Commando Sales Teams" came to my home from Los Angeles, Clearwater, Florida, and New York. High ranking Scientologists "worked" on me around the clock and closed sales after exhausting me for up to twelve hour periods.

Once, after I stopped payment on $200,000.00 worth of checks, Scientology personnel threatened me with eternal death if I didn’t make the checks good. In all, I was defrauded of $112,822.26 by salesmen from the Church of Scientology, promising me an impossible Salvation. It was witheld from me that the upper levels were exorcism of spirits from other planets.

It is a formal lie by a dishonest church that their income can be called "donations". They sell high-priced counseling to be delivered by counselors long-trained in suppressing the customers’ objections while bamboozling the customer into agreement to do so. The price of their fixed-price counseling is not negotiable, it is a firm price at up to 600 dollars or more per hour. These prices are printed regularly and are not left to disgression as a donation -- no payment, no service. And then they can invoke policies, not earlier disclosed, which entitle them to not deliver those services.

After accepting large payments from me for counseling for my fiancee and myself to resolve pre-marital difficulties, the church in L.A. only gave us the most primary rudiments of Scientology. Separating us they suggested to me that she was evil and that I should leave her. This had a great impact on me. I later feared that after they got all my money they would have no use for me and would just keep her discarding me.

This discarding came within two months of the abusive counseling. In August of 1992 the church officers in Dallas had a meeting with my fiancee and told her I was psychotic and dangerous and that she should take a Hotel room to hide from me (This time they were telling "her" that "I" was evil). Needless to say, my reaction was vociferous and uncontrolled. They punished my reaction by banishing me from the church and threatening me with eternal damnation if I didn’t "make up for the damage I had caused".

I pleaded with them to let me come back to church, but I was met with a morally bank-rupt sadism that I had never believed possible by human beings. I by-passed them, pleading with the mother church in L.A. All pleas were denied. I pleaded with a Scientology minister in Austin who prescribed vitamin therapy for my "insanity". He began a process of indoctrinating me in the sinfulness of love with Hubbard’s scriptures entitled "Pain and Sex".

During this time I was depressed, and desperate to convince the church of the injustices which had taken place. Also I was frantically trying to contact my fiancee who had moved back to Europe. Finally one night I snapped and tried to end my life. An outside contact interrupted me long enough for me to regain my orientation. I was held for ten days in a psychiatric observation facility. While I was there an official of the Church of Scientology contacted the head psychiatrist, giving him disparaging information from my confidential priest/penitent folder seeking to have me committed to a ninety-day psychiatric drug program. She (Ann Laws) did this in contradiction to Scientology disdain of the Psychiatric profession as "evil".

This frightening experience induced me to strive even harder to get back in standing with the church.

Meanwhile, an executive from "Scientology Missions International" put out a warning to other churches to compel me to donate my funds on account out-right so the church would experience no loss. The "Commodore’s Messengers from Clearwater, Florida came to me promising that all would be resolved if I would donate the balance in my account to the new church in Russia. I refused strongly as I felt I needed the services those funds had paid for to continue my "Clearing", as the Scientology Salvation is called. But they persisted that I could not continue in Scientology unless I did so. After about two weeks of persistent salesmanship I donated about $45,000.00 remaining on account believing that I was doing what was best for my spiritual salvation.

[A U.S. Judge has determined that the various Churches of Scientology are "Alter Egos" of the one Church of Scientology, and that denial claims that one church is not responsible for violations of another church are merely dodges, and are invalid.]

When a minister/salesman from the mother church in L.A. visited the Austin church and invited me to come to L.A. and promised me that this upper level church would resolve everything if I came, I left a large home I had furnished with $150,000.00 worth of furnishings for myself and my children to have nice surroundings and sought to accept his promise. I managed to sell the furnishings for about $6000.00 in an estate sale which financed my move to L.A.

But in L.A. I met with severe opposition from sources there, and in the Florida church to which I had stopped payments on $200,000.00 worth of checks two years earlier. It was forbidden that I should come around the church anymore. When I persisted, Security was called to usher me off the premises. I persisted for three more years, writing letters that were placed, unopened, into a "deadfile" folder. Over this time I tediously wrote up all the injustices and sent them to the "International Justice Chief". Four days later, the windows were shot out of my car.

All these persons had the opportunity at one time or another to see through the charlatan religion, but they caved-in to coercive, abusive, sadistic implantation under the tutelage of the megalomanic, paranoid schizophrenic, homosexual, sadistic L. Ron Hubbard (documentation on request). This is a highly unstable situation. The lot of them are trapped in a bizarre state of mind which makes for an explosive situation. Scientologists are of a mind to break any law for their "religion". They are continually frazzled by compliance to severe work schedules and payrolls of $30.00 per week. Each of them is menaced with incarceration in Scientology’s own private prison system.

Other losses: An expensive leather Scientology jacket and Scientology gold ring were stolen from my locked room at a Scientology boarding house (only Scientologists were permitted on the premises). My two bicycles, worth about $2000.00 were stolen from the Scientology parking garage where they were chain-locked. The chains were cut by a bolt cutter. Passage is admitted only with a card key given only to Scientologists.

There was never a resolution to whatever reason they were keeping me from my religious progress.

If it sounds preposterous that anyone would tolerate such a sadistic, coercive treatment, consider the similar circumstances of a recruit in the United States Marines Boot Camp, where a similar belief factor leads him to submit to various coercions because he believes it to be for the best interests of his country. Can anyone doubt that religious zeal for the best interests of mankind can surpass patriotic zeal?

Scientology teaches a course called "Hard Sell" teaching that failure to sell Scientology goods and services is the only sin that one can commit. And Scientologists are punished for this sin too frequently. In the Scientology Management Dictionary there is listed the definition of "Commando Sales Team" (listed as "Sales team, Commando"). These teams visited me on more than one occasion and other Scientology salesmen called me constantly, menacing me with rewards or consequences for paying my money to the church. The salesmen come with "Command Intention", meaning they were instructed by the Executive Director of Scientology International to close the sale at all costs. It is an established manipulation in the Church of Scientology to threaten people with eternal damnation if they don’ t comply with demands from the higher levels. This is very effective on members who have come to believe in this charlatan religion through claims of "scientific basis".

Scientologists represent their "religion" to be scientific, and base promises of personal improvement on these "scientific"claims. Coming into Scientology under the guise of a religion begins one level of commitment. But the representations that it is scientific multiplies one’s convictions and gullibility.

One of these claims is that the E-meter (a lie detector) can date and locate troublesome memories, that is, to identify the exact time and place a person received the troublesome memory. Claims are made that these troublesome memories can be dated and located back trillions of years with precision. Demonstrations are offered to "prove" this, such as a pinch test, and actual psychotherapy to improve a person with the aid of the E-Meter—claiming that the psychotherapy gains were due to the E-Meter and to Hubbard’s superior "Technology". [The use of the word "Technology" for Hubbard’s scripture lends more of an aura of "scientific method".] The entirety of Scientology "religious experience" is in actuality psychotherapy—resulting in practicing medicine without a license. So after a time, a reverence for the E-Meter is induced, built on the feelings of personal relief rendered by the psychotherapy-labeled-religion. This provides the basis for the customer to believe he has had a "religious experience". It shouldn’t be hard to understand that this is religiously very impressive. Once the religious nature of the E-Meter is "established" it is natural for the religious customer to assume all that he is told about Scientology. This coupled with regular group and individual coercion induces the customer to believe without question that counselling results in spiritual growth. And as pschotherapy has always been a helpful technique for relieving persons of bereavances and trauma, the relief gained is said to be a result of religious workings. In this way a blind faith is induced which leads one to never question the church or its staff. Subsequently compliance is coerced through Hubbard’s "Ethics Technology" by shaming and blaming the customer into submission to the demands of the "Ethics Officer".

Supporting these claims is the dirivation of the Advanced Technology—which consists of Exorcism of spirits from 75 other planets who were flown here in DC-8’s, from as far away as 750 light years, 75 million years ago, frozen in "glycol". Fifteen Trillion such beings were brought to Earth and destroyed on volcanoes in giant thermonuclear explosions. The lingering souls of these beings are collectively the "boogy men" of the Scientology religion and the only way to steer clear of them is to spend approximately $360,000 to the Church of Scientology.

But did Hubbard learn of this demonic possession through his own spiritual divination? No. Hubbard represents that this was divined through the use of the infallible E-Meter. In his book, "History of Man", Hubbard represents that through hundreds of psychotherapy sessions using the E-Meter, this Advanced Technology gradually took shape by compiling the distant memories of past lives of Scientology customers, as "confessed" in session. The customers did not volunteer the date and places—that was claimed to have been interpolated from E-Meter activity during interrogation of the customer. Hubbard claimed that the story of the 15 Trillion demons was accurately dated and located to have happened 75 million years ago at various volconoes on Earth. He listed the volcanoes by name—compiling a list of perhaps twenty volcanoes which are in existence today.

So Hubbard’s Advanced Technology is claimed to be compiled from the testimony of hundreds of customers, divined by the dating accuracy of the E-Meter. He claims specifically that E-Meter reads are the customer’s reactions to questions of ‘when’ and ‘where’ an incident happened. He represents this procedure to be an infallible science—lending the credence of science to convince his customers. Although belief in this aspect of Scientology is coerced, it is represented to be "scientific". The result of this complexity is to induce in the customer something akin to "allegiance" rather than belief.

However, modern geology has determined that none of the volcanoes Hubbard listed could have existed 75 million years ago. Especially the two "Headquarters Volcanoes", in the Canary Islands, and in Hawaii, definitely did not exist 75 million years ago. In 1967 or 1968 Hubbard had a motorcycle accident in Las Palmas, the Canary Islands. This was about the time Hubbard came up with the "Demon Spirit Technology". Hubbard professed to be immune to accidents. This was embarrassing to Hubbard. It is likely he contrived the story of little boogy men surrounding the Canary Islands to account for his accident—like claiming that the "devil" made him do it. Peter Forde, a college trained geologist has written a treatise on the false foundation of Scientology’s Advanced Technology.

Peter Forde, B.Sc. - A Scientific scrutiny of OT 3 (revised June 1996)

Copyright (C) 1994, Peter Forde; revised version, Copyright (C) 7th June 1996, Peter Forde. This document may be freely reproduced on a not-for-profits basis. For other uses you are requested to obtain prior permission from the author. Note that "Section III OT", "OT3", "Scientology", "L.Ron Hubbard", "Dianetics", "E-meter" and other scientology words are trademark and belong to COSRECI. Written by Peter Forde B.Sc. 54 Underwood Court, Hyde, CHESHIRE UK SK14 3HX

[OT3 is the Scientology document which lays out the basis of the Advanced Technology]

The only conlusion is that Hubbard fabricated the compiled counselling "confessions" into the basis of the Advanced Technology claiming that the E-Meter authenticated the historical claims with infallibility. Hubbard had no way of knowing that his fabrication could later be disproved by scientific discoveries. Hubbard’s Advanced Technology is the lucrative scam of a depleted Science Fiction author. This is Deception and Fraud.

There are other instances of Hubbard’s deception and fraud.

The claim to lead individuals to salvation independently of God is a sham. It is tantamount to building salvation in your back yard with hand tools. It smacks of having been invented by someone who has the ability to participate in spiritual phenomenon—someone like a magician--but excludes God from his spiritual phenomenon and claims it to be his own doing, independent of God. This would be the way for an evil entity to build a group in rebellion against God. It rings of the story of Satan and his followers. Anyone trying to get into the spiritual realm (heaven) through a back door has been likened to a robber or a thief. The Being Who made this comparison, Christ, was said by Hubbard to never have existed. This is told in a recording of Hubbard’s recognizable voice on one of the secret Class VIII lectures ("…There was no Christ."). Elsewhere Hubbard calls Christ a pedophile ("…what is common amongst all the OTVIII documents that I have seen is the slander of Jesus Christ, being a pedophile, a lover of little boys, and a slander on religion…", -Jesse Prince [once the #2 man in Scientology] as told to Lawrence Wollersheim)

Yet Hubbard represents to the world that Scientology is compatible with Christianity. This is a sales tool when assuring Christians of the Christianablity of Scientology. It is deception and constitutes Fraud.

Further quotes:

"The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here. They smell of all the baths they didn't take."

(L. Ron Hubbard, personal journal, 1928.)

"Gentlemen, this is a request for treatment. After trying and failing for two years to regain my equilibrium in civil life, I am utterly unable to approach anything like my own competence. My last physician informed me that it might be very helpful if I were to be examined and perhaps treated psychiatrically or even by a psychoanalyst. Toward the end of my service I avoided out of pride any mental examinations, hoping that time would balance a mind which I had every reason to suppose was seriously affected."

( Hubbard in a letter dated 14 October 1947 to the Veterans' Administration from his Hollywood address.)

[It is Scientology scripture that psychiatry and psychiatrists are evil and are working against mankind. Hubbard and the Church of Scientology have tried to cover up these untoward incidents while expounding the integrity and even holiness of Hubbard. This is deception and fraud.]

Scientology has been promising to refund my money since August 1997. I got calls from them telling me that it is only proper for them to refund my money to me and that the Office of Special Affairs is working on it. The last time I heard from them, Oct 12, 1998, they sent a Private Investigator with a check and an agreement for me to sign. True to their deception and duplicity it was not a refund but was an attempt to pay me a mere $10,000 in exchange for my signature on an agreement that I would never engage in communicating my knowledge of Scientology to anyone. The agreement included a $10,000 penalty I would have to pay for each violation of this gag agreement. This is an attempt to gag me and to cancel my First Amendment Rights. I rejected the offer flatly as it was not a refund. This is representative of Scientology’s sadistic manipulation.

For your inspection, I have tape recordings of these phone calls from OSA, declaring their admission that they should return my money, via their Private Investigator. It is probable they were doing this as a procrastination to exceed the Statute of Limitations.

The harmful, destructive Church of Scientology has been defrauding the Internal Revenue Service and citizens in scores of other nations.

There is information that Scientology has a "plant" in the IRS, so please take care that no one in your office might "misplace" or "misdirect" this letter and act on it before there can be any offers of bribe, blackmail, or extortion.

Copyright 1998, David Alexander. Liberal use granted to the authorites and to critics for the purpose of prosecution and litigation. Copyright violations by Scientologists will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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