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Subject: Helnwein the Scientology Liar
From: GSNews
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 20:41:02 -0400

This is part of Gottfried I-am-not-a-Scientologist Helnwein's daily calendar. Helnwein stated he is unjustly being accused of being a Scientologist. Due to his lawsuits, there is a German court decision saying that he may not be called a "Scientologist" or a "minister of Scientology" as those terms may be considered disparaging in Germany if not true.

More information is still being sought on this matter.

[xxxx] indicates information which has been blacked out of the original.

Note: Germans write dates in day.month sequence, so 12.3 symbolizes March 12.


Helnwein Appointment Calendar 1992

12.3. Impact Mag - pull Address because of "patron" letter
20.3. Richard in Freewinds office 9-10 a.m.
22.3. Loredana 6.30 a.m.
23.3. Janet Weiland Meeting Hamburg - Vice Pres. SCN
27.3. 10 a.m. Reed Slatkin
3.4.  call OSA Rainer Weber
5.4. Adelheid arrives
20.4. Dr.Reinking - because of operating secret for staff member
29.4. call Rainer Weber
16.5. Kurt F. arrives
7.7.  Fly to S.F.
13.7. Mtg. w/ Lisa Marie, Diana Venegas, David Miscavige
23.7. End of Term UK
23.8. Fritz Spohn visits
7.9. OSA INT appointment
8.9. begin term Greenfield School
22.10. mtg. Bloebaum
17.11. Raschidi, Kurt F.
26.11. Raschidi, Kurt F.

12.12. Mtg. Kurt Weiland in Munich - 10 p.m. in CC birthday party Addresses: Kirstie Alley, [xxxx] Louise Ave., Encino CA, 91316 phone: 818-986-[xxxx]; Amanda Ambrose, [xxx] Orange Ave.,Clearwater, FL,34616 home: 813-447-[xxx]; Kurt Fliegerbauer, Zugspitzstr.9, 8133 Feldafing; Greenfield School, Public Sec.

Linda Scandrett - Principal Margret Hodkin, phone: 0044-34282-[xxx/xxx]; Arthur Hubbard, [xxx] Morrisonstreet Apt. [xxx], North Hollywood, CA 91601 phone: 818-508[xxx] or confid. 508[xxx];Jochen Knewitz 0711-[xxx];

Helnwein Appointment Calendar 1993

28.1. call Tom Voltz 0041-1-98[xxx]

31.1. Raschidi 10 p.m.

14.2. handle Disney, call Gallery in Vienna for Arthur, Karen HollE4nder for DM appointment, call Gerhard Haag anrufen, OSA Cyril

17.2. call OSA, Guardian + Visa news, Janet Weiland 9 a.m.

23.2. LA Day 213-660 [xxx] ext. 23, 213-383[xxx] call Dept.Senior CS, Ann Snyder for mtg. Tues or Wed., 1.30 a.m. meet Lisa+Priscilla Presley

7 a.m. Jeff Pomeranz 24.2. 9 a.m. meet Janet Weiland, call Michael Stoller, 4 p.m. Ann Snyder CC

INT, call Arthur 28.2. 9 a.m. Michael Stoller evening, call Gerhard Haag 07153 4[xxxx]

1.3. Sandcastle Dinner Party 6.30 pm

2.3. Gerhard Haag in Stuttgart, DFCsseldotf CC 4.-12.3.93, James Dean for

Chat - Sandcastle reception

11.3. fax Robert
12..3. call Haag
20.3. Renate CC LRH Birthday, Jane Hayton UK IAS - membership (IASA)
22.3. Stuttgart Gerhard Haag, Jane Hayton - IAS membership
26.3. Haag plus Waki arrive afternoon, Kurt+Veronika, Evi + Toni
29.3. Rainer Weber 0172-89[xxx] + Doro
1.4. Fax Michael Stoller, Haag 11 a.m.
3.4. Gabriele Buhre und Werner arrive
4.4. Roland Stahl arrives evening
5.4. Roland Stahl
9.4. Elsa + Jochen arrive
10.4. CC Study + E-Meter Repair, children UK, Check out Brigitte Bardenheuer
17.4. CC Study
19.4. Kurt + GH Olsnitz
20.4. begin school term England
24.4. Kurt Fliegerbauer 6 p.m.
26.4. meet Tom Voltz 11 a.m. 00411 - 984 - [xx] GH in Vaduz
27.4. Gottschalk
2.5. invitation art meeting at MiDFelbeck Ludwig Museum Cologne in priv.

Room, 8-10 people from us, Fallheier (2), Kurt+V. (2), Peter (2), ME4ckler

(2)- appointment 9.5. Arthur Hubbard Exhibition in Wiesbaden 11 May '93

6.5. meet Janitschek in Vienna, Expansions formula: 1. Create good policy 2. See to it that one can easily become familiar with it. 3. Energetically ensure that it is followed. 2.7. Renate in CC, call Susi Tschupp 813-461[xxx] ext. 85[xxx] 6.7. in CC Duesseldorf 7.7. in CC 8.7. Cyril ORG 089-3860[xxx] 9.7. in CC 14.7. CC 16.7. CC Duesseldorf 22.7. CC Study, Cyril 0041-1- 241[xxxx] ext.716,Dirk Weber arrives 24.7. im CC going away party 27.7. 2 p.m. Weiland 0761-500[xxx] heretic letter 28.7. Rosy Mundl, meet Bluemel 4th floor (Pizza Hut)Munich, Dr. Bitar-Vollmer 02641-2[xxx], pay for 3 Lithos Rechnung: Tom Steiner,c/o Weber, Wirthstr.21, Munich 2.10. CC Duesseldorf 3.10. call Lorraine Bulger 8.10. call Mario Herold 0341-31[xxx] 9.10. in CC Duesseldorf, call Rainer Weber OSA / Kurt + Veronika 10.10 Study CC, Les Craine 415-435-[xxx] 883 3000-[xxx] Mueller Martin 22.10. Mercedes und Ali arrive UK 5.11. with Janitschek in Vienna 6 p.m. his 65th b-day. 8.11. call Mario Herold 9.11. call Rainer Weber, Kurt +V. 22.11 GH to Brigitte Bardenheuer, call Freewinds 823 447[xxxx] Ingrid T. 1.12.

Helnwein Appointment Calendar 1994

20.2. call Fliegerbauer 27.2. children back in Greenfield School 4.3. Mario Herold with son Sohn + wife there 17.3. Reinking pictures / AP Herold 6.4. Fliegerbauer 30.4. CC dedication 8 p.m. 4.5. call CC Wien 17.5. call Mario Herold 27.5. call CC 17.6. Lisa room 662 18.6. CC Duesseldorf 19.6. CC Duesseldorf 24.6. Fliegerbauer 0375 - 47[xxx] 9.7. Mercedes CC 16.8. Mercedes Folders 17.8. Mercedes to Tampa 18.9. get Adelheid letter 21.9. call Mario 28.9. Herold ! 30.9. Meeting with Mario in RaststE4tte A 24 linum Bruch nach Potsdam 5.10. Cyril UK 25.11. call Lisa MJ 23.12. Mario AP for "Mig 23", FLAG Reception 813-461-[xxxx]


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