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(third edition, January 1, 1995)


The reports continue to come in to FACTNet.

The reports listed in this questionnaire were not written by FACTNet . They were either sent to us or found by FACTNet personnel in already public materials. FACTNet has compiled editorial summaries of the material to represent what has been reported thus far about certain dangers of Scientology and to encourage those with additional or better information to share what they know. We do not have the resources to investigate each report that we receive. We can only list the reported allegations as a starting point for other investigators.

This is a questionnaire with only one question: "What do you know about _____?" The collective experience of those who were there, when brought together and shared, will help end the abuse.

As you may realize, it is not easy to gather information on this subject. Incomplete reports may serve as reminders to others and result in more complete information. We must use the incomplete reports as a starting point. We apologize for any errors. The sheer volume of information and the fear surrounding Scientology make some errors inevitable. We do not intend any discourtesy to the victims of Scientology and we want to correct any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in this data.

Any inaccuracies will be corrected upon receipt of documentation that a report contained herein was, in fact, inaccurate. FACTNet has received a number of denials and Scientology form letters, but not one single documented report of error in these reports. To balance the subject as best we can, in this edition we are starting to report even the undocumented denials. Given both sides of an allegation, the reader must conduct his own investigations and draw his own conclusions. Additional requests for correction will be posted on the FACTNet computer bulletin board.

We believe the subject matter of this and previous questionnaires to be a widespread problem which affects both individuals and the public interest, and we continue to ask for your help.

Organization of this material

This is a cumulative questionnaire. It contains all names that have been reported to us since we started this project, including corrections and denials. Please notify us if any material you have submitted is not reflected here.

There are three "keys": DATE, NAME, and SUBJECT. It is not possible to list the material in three different sequences simultaneously. Our compromise is as follows.

All three keys are listed on the first line of each entry in this format:


Entries for which we have dates are in date order from recent to old. Entries with no date are in alphabetical order by last name. Items with related subject matter can be located by text search on the "subject," which corresponds to our best guess of the report's topic such as suicide, attempted suicide, etc. There is a category "cancer" (because there were so many) which most often refers to lack of treatment, hence a form of negligence. "Negligence" is another category to which "cancer" might be considered a subset.

The SUBJECT listed for each entry is for categorization purposes only. It is a short summary or best guess of the allegations made in the report. No representation is made that the SUBJECT keyword is a complete or accurate description of the facts of the case.

Those entries containing (xxxx) represent requests from the sources to remain anonymous or confidential.

The list is in four parts. Part One is in DATE ORDER. Part Two is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Part Three is miscellaneous and combined lists. Part Four contains entries which have no name or date.

Corrections to entries in earlier editions are incorporated into the text. When the same case was reported by multiple informants, separate entries were made for each significant report. When multiple cases were reported by one informant, separate entries were made for each case. Multiple reports of the same case are indented and numbered.

Denials and demands for retraction are handled as additional reports, including documentation of facts if any such exists.


1994 Gunnarson, Vicktor death Vicktor Gunnarson died somewhere between the 3 and 7 of January of 1994. Vicktor was the individual aquitted in the assassination in Sweden of Olav Palme, the high ranking Swedish politician. They are tracking Gunnarson's connection to Scientology. Detectives found a number of Scientology books at his place of residence. A reporter mentioned something about a $2 million offer to assassinate Palme being found or implied somewhere in his records.

1994 Strawn, Dana child abuse ...I found out that my husband slept with my 13 year old daughter, had performed oral sex on my 11 year old, and perhaps I will never know if he touched our 4 year old...

...I was told by a person at OSA Int that even if my husband was declared, I would be declared if I turned him in. I was also told by this person that if I turned him in, that my children would be taken away from me by the "welfare department" down here...

1994 Jean-Luc Barbier (Swiss) medical neglect After my purification programme I became very sick with my throat and the C/S gave me a lot of assists without results... In fact now I cannot continue to play the saxophone and the flute and I have a chronic inflammation because I had receive no a adequate medical assistance.

...More, when I was at Flag for OT 1 to OT 7 (february to june 1989) I had received, during my OT7 course, a no-enturbulation order for enforce me to become a WISE member because one of my employee was also staff scientologist...

1994 xxxxx medical neglect Despite [my sister's] diagnosis of bi-polar disorder she never expressed suicidal ideations. But grave harm could have befallen her if, in her acutely psychotic state, my brother and sister-in-law had managed, as planned, to ship her out of state... As Scientologists, they were totally against psychiatric intervention...

[They] arranged for her discharge against medical advice and without psychotropic medications. When we returned she had "gone underground" and they would not reveal her whereabouts... Shortly after this incident he and his wife and their two kids went to Georgia... leaving [my sister] alone in their house. While alone, her psychosis gained momentum and in the grip of visual and auditory hallucinations she began calling us for help. We responded, she ended up in the psych unit again and a couple of days later my brother and sister-in-law stormed into our house demanding to know what had taken place... A few days later my mother and I received letters of disconnection, couched in the terminology of the church and we have not seen them since.

If they had been successful in their attempts to ship her to Richmond anything could have happened to her. She no longer had a support network there, had a few hundred dollars and was totally unemployable. At best she would have ended up in a psych unit, at worst she could have been robbed, raped or killed...

1994 Weber, Michael stress I have regretted selling my business to this day. Most of the money went to Flag... I still dream consistently about Scientology, sometimes every night, and I have been out of the group for nine years.

1993 Argue, Michael psychosis In 1993, Michael Argue had two psychotic breaks. He became involved in Scientology in 1971. His first break was in the 1980s while doing OT levels at the LA Organization. He is living on Family Benefits (disability pension) for chronic depression. He is on Prozac for depression and valium and states that he looks forward to bodily death to escape his situation in life.

1993 Kapuler, Cheryl OT levels Cheryl Kapuler completed OT8, came back, and almost lost her house. Then she broke her ankle one week later. Last yr her husband Allan died (1993) of cancer.

1993 ??? Mercer, Stephen psychosis Mercer, 33, was killed in a gunfight that began when deputies tried to serve a court order for mental evaluation. Mercer's father, a 57 year old former Republican state lawmaker and 1986 gubernatorial candidate, was also killed in the shootout. Phone messages left by Mercer make repeated mentions of a name that sounds like "Elron"-- a possible reference to L. Ron Hubbard.

[The photocopy of a newspaper article from which this data was taken contains no date, no dateline, no location, no name of newspaper, or anything else that would identify the source.]

1993, Sept. Bonora, Frank suicidal (1987) Feeling despondent, I had thought of suicide as I returned to my apartment that night. Instead, I decided to just leave the group, never to return... For one week in September of 1993, I was hospitalized for depression.. I experience recurring and intrusive recollections of the events that occurred while in Scientology. These thoughts often keep me awake at night and, therefore, I suffer from insomnia. I feel foolish that I fell into this trap and responded to Scientology manipulation. In contrast to my friends who have families, homes and careers, I believe that the new attitudes and resulting actions that were induced by the techniques used by Scientology caused me to lose my family, employment, opportunities, and emotional harm.

1992-3 Toddhunter, Susan cancer 1) Sue Todhunter was about 46. It happened around 1992-93. Her brother-in-law, George Ward is now out of Scientology and lives in LA. (suspected "end-of-cycle" auditing)

2) Sue Toddhunter, OT5, was audited extensively while known to have cancer. She died recently.

3) Her brother, Ralph, was in the ASHO Sea Org. I think he's still in Scientology. I do not agree that "end-of-cycle" auditing was involved.

1992-3 Solari, Cam OT levels; cancer Cam Solari, a Class VI auditor, died of breast cancer while on OT VII.

1992 Luell, Mickey negligence Mickey Luell, a Scientology course supervisor, died of a flu but was at the time involved in Scientology auditing and processes. FACT's source is suspicious that Scientology prevented or discouraged his getting proper medication.

1992, Oct. Baker, (first name unknown) suicide A person with the last name of Baker committed suicide somewhere in Europe.

1992, Sep. Delgro, Hedi threatened suicide Hedi Delgro, at East Grinstead, probably September 1992. An isolation order was written on her after she became psychotic and threatened or attempted suicide.

1992 name unknown attempted suicide FACT's source described a young guy who tried to commit suicide in early 1992 at the Gold Scientology Center. He was in his teens to early 20s. He was a junior of a guy named Ulf who was a foreigner, maybe from Sweden. This guy was in the mixing group with the sound people. He had brown hair, puggy and boyish looking, obviously young. Something happened to cause him to attempt suicide at the Gold Center.

1992 name unknown suicide In 1992 a Toronto male public pc jumped off the Bloor/Dansforth viaduct.

1991 Echavarria, (first name unknown) suspected suicide (Reported in "Scientology Faces Two New Suits" in CAN newsletter) Maria Echavarria's son died unexpectedly in Clearwater, Florida. Scientology owed her son some $50,000. There is suspicion that the son may have committed suicide, and the death was not just accidental

1991, May Simon, Karen suicide Karen Simon died by hanging herself in London England in May 1991, shortly after she refused to sign a Sea Organization contract. She was preparing a negative report on Scientology at the time of her death.

1991 Coenan, Marianne psychosis Marianne Coenan was locked up in Pomona in 1991.

1991 Eichorn, Manfred attempted suicide Manfred Eichorn attempted suicide at East Grinstead in 1991, then was "baby watched."

1991 Confleti, Ezio possible attempted murder Ezio Confleti, a Toronto public pc, in 1991, possibly was drugged to induce a heart attack. He did not die.

1990-2 name unknown attempted suicide or death 1) A young guy at the Gold Land base died while taking high doses of hydrogen peroxide as part of some brain research project. They had to get an ambulance out to the Scientology Gold Center to haul him away. There was quite a commotion to get his body out of there.

2) An attempted suicide at Gold center. A young male drank hydrogen peroxide and an emergency crew had to pick him up.

1990, Sept. names unknown suicide Reported by the October 21, 1991 "DER SPIEGEL" and reprinted in the Newkirk Herald Journal. The last two paragraphs report a drug therapist who knew of two addicts who committed suicide after leaving Narconon, where the purification rundown was done. They committed suicide just after they left the program.

1990, Sept. Keel, Pius suicide Reported in October 21, 1991 DER SPIEGEL Pius Keel, 22, Germany, threw himself under a train after Scientology got all his money.

1990s Petschek, Cladia suicide A women named Cladia Petschek committed suicide. She was a mission staff member, and she committed suicide in Canada within the last 4 years. She was still active in Scientology.

1990 (last name unknown), Bob suicide Bob was a real estate agent who lived around the Utica, Michigan area. He committed suicide in 1990 while receiving Scientology services.

1990 Friend, Roxanne cancer Roxanne Friend was told she wasn't ill and needed more auditing when she had cancer. In 1990 she refused auditing, was declared psychotic, and kidnapped to Flag.

1990 Lottick, Noah suicide Noah Lottick jumped to his death in New York, May 11, 1990, one block from the 46th St. Scientology org .

1990 Mooney, Ed negligence Ed Mooney, Cl 8 and OT8, died at age 37 of aneurysm about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag in the fall of 1990. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he'd get better. He was in a hospital - but not a really good one. His wife, Patty Mooney, remarried about 6 months later in LA.

1989 Wakefield, Margery attempted suicide 9 April 1989, Margery had started in treatment with a counselor at Northside Center, and was being seen by Dr. Dagon for medication. However, her functioning on the unit continued to deteriorate to the point that her relationships with her peers disintegrated and at one point she became totally unable to work on the unit and left work early. On this occasion, she apparently made a suicide gesture and was subsequently hospitalized. Her suicide attempts are directly related to past Scientology auditing.

1989 xxxxx sleeping disorder In 1989 I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder called Fibrositis, but now in 1994 the same set of symptoms is labeled a rheumatoid disorder, Fibromyalgia. I have suffered the symptoms of this disorder for many years and had a major attack after I left the Church of Scientology. The whole affair of the RPF, the stillbirth, and then the harassment that occurred afterwards took its toll. I have had repetitive nightmares which have as their main theme trying to escape and not being able to. I believe the nightmares could have contributed to the general sleeping dirorder which I still have and which I am currently under a doctor's care for...

When I had symptoms of this nature when I was in the Sea Org of course the symptoms proved I was PTS. I do remember at one point I was labeled Type Two PTS, and I was never sent to a medical doctor for an evaluation. Had I known about this disorder earlier I may have been able to develop better strategies for dealing with it, but the Church of Scientology doesn't recognize stress related disorders as being a medical problem, but rather an ethical one, which in turn created even more stress...

1989 Leube, Michael suicide Michael Leube, a 10-year Scientologist and sea org member committed suicide in July, 1989.

1989 or 90 name unknown coverup of death An older male sea org member died at Flag between November, 1989 and April, 1990. A former Flag sea org member overheard a GO/OSA agent talking about keeping the death quiet.

late 1980's Jane Winkler suicides? No location reported. OT7.

late 1980's Sandelwies, David suicide 1) David Sandelwies committed suicide after Scientology threatened to reveal confidential information in his PC folders.

2) Same name? David Sandwies

late 1980's Trout, Gene suicide 1) Gene Trout, OT7, L10,11, 12. From Chicago, originally old OT VII.

2) A new report says this name "should probably be Gene Traudt."

1988 name unknown attempted murder Although the targeted individual did not die, in 1988, Milan Nekuda, who has some association with Scientology, tried to kill a woman.

1988 Kelly (?), Patrice Vic suicide "The European," August, 1990 reports on a Scientology-related suicide which occured two years ago. "He had spent thousands of francs on self-improvement courses but had despaired when the Scientologists demanded a further Ffr35,000 ($7,000) for a special 'purification' course."

1987-88 Schafner, Bob suicide or accident 1) Bob Schafner was on OT3 and having problems. He rode a bike under a truck, dying instantly, in 1987 or 1988.

2) The guy that was run over by a truck while riding his bicycle, who FACT's contributor thought was a suicide on OT3, was Bob Schafner.

3) I have written several letters, the latest on 13 October 1994, to Lawrence Wollersheim notifying him and your corporation that FACTNet is advertising, selling and distributing false information about my late husband, Robert Schaffner. These materials are being sent through the U.S. mails. I have recently learned that these statements are now being promoted on a vast scale through FACTNet's link into the Internet computer bulletin board system...

1987 Argue, Michael attempted suicide In 1987, Michael Argue attempted suicide after his marriage break-up. His wife was in Scientology too.

1987 Hutchinson, Carol child abuse I was having lunch in the restaurant at Flag. An adult came into the room leading a large group of children - about 15 or 20 if I recall. The children were silent, rigidly in line, very serious in demeanor. They looked tired, unkempt and sad, not at all like normal children age 6-13.

They went through the cafeteria line where I was surprised to see that they were given one scoop (slightly larger than an ice cream scoop) of what looked like scrambled eggs. That was all. It was plopped on their plates very unceremoniously.

They were directed by the adult with them (it seems to me that this was a very young adult, possibly an older teen) to a large table where they stood around it. They were given the direction to sit and they did so very quickly. They were given the direction to eat. They looked like starving animals as they shoveled the food into their mouths. I can't remember if they had anything to drink or not...

1987 Smith, Rita suicide Suicide at East Grinstead in 1987.

1986-7 Filisky, Betty cancer 1) The first Solo NOTS completion (what Scientology calls honest) was Betty Filisky. She was also highly trained. She died of lung cancer around 1986 or 7. She was the ex-wife of John Filisky.

2) John Filisky's first wife, Betty Filisky, was first Solo NOTS completion and died of lung cancer, I think right after her "world tour" as the latest great success of NOTS auditing. Her son, Rick Filisky, is still in the Sea Org.

1986 Steve Fishman inducement to suicide This former GO/OSA operative reports that after he was caught by the government in 1986, he was ordered to commit suicide to save Scientology from being exposed for crimes he had committed on their behalf.

1986 Martine (last name unknown) suicide ...a doctor of 26 years old committed suicide. She did not support the break up of the family.

1986 xxxxx inducement to suicide ...whilst I was discussing with two Scientology registrars ... the possibility of my getting a refund of monies which I had paid to the Church of Scientology, they told me that 90% of people applying for a refund from the Church of Scientology eventually committed suicide. This (together with the fact that people who apply for refunds are ostracized and demonized as "Suppressive Persons" and "Enemies of the Church" by the Church of Scientology) had a very intimidatory effect on me, and caused me to be too frightened to attempt to get a refund from the Church of Scientology until more than two years after I had left Scientology, by which time my fear of the Church had started to decrease slightly from its former fever pitch. (At first, on leaving Scientology, I felt so badly affected psychologically that I was taking Ativan tranquillizers and my brain felt like it was split into two opposing halves...)

1986 Merdith, Alan suicide 1986 in Van Nuys, CA

1986-8 Moro (Klinger), Cat psychosis Between 1986 and 88 Cat Moro (Klinger) became psychotic while on auditing and was taken to the home of wealthy Scientologist, Marshall Goldblatt, and kept there for months while she was psychotic. Her husband, Jim Moro, and she were both in the OSA/GO. Jim was in charge for tax task force which helped get them their IRS tax exemption.

Apparently, after 3 or 4 months at Goldblatt's, Cat was transferred back to where she could be watched all the time and became a folder administrator at AOLA. These incidents all occurred between 1986 and 88.

Maggie Butterworth is the person who supervised the situation with Cat Moro, the security risk who became psychotic.

1986 Rimando, Rodney CORRECTION suicide 1) Rodney Rimondo jumped to his death at the L.A. org in 1986.

2) Rodney Rimondo jumped out a window at either the Celebrity Center or the LA Organization. Irene was the mother who allegedly got no settlement from Scientology.

1985 or 86 Hippe, Laura suicide 1) Laura Hippe, the woman who committed suicide, was a two bit Hollywood drama teacher who taught many Scientology actors and hopefuls. She was Skip Press' girlfriend. Apparently Skip Press, who is very good friends with Heber Jentzsch, the president of the Church of Scientology, got together with Heber and created a shore story to cover up and to direct attention away from the bad PR of Laura Hippe's suicide. The GO/OSA went to wherever Laura Hippe had been and altered or removed all evidence that would implicate Scientology in the death, before the police arrived and did their police report. Laura Hippe taught acting in 1984-86.

2) Laura had been to a Chaplain's Court to handle some problems between Skip and her. She came home afterwards and took an overdose of drugs. I'm sorry, but I don't remember what year this was.

3) Laura (last name unknown), girlfriend of Skip Press, committed suicide in 1986 or 1987.

1986 name unknown psychotic A young man in his 20's jumped from the Manor in Hollywood, though the report does not say that he died. He was a new recruit. There was a shore story alleging that he was a CIA operative sent to discredit Scientology by killing himself.

1985 Field, Bud murder 1) A Florida boat broker Bud Fields' home was infiltrated by Bonnie Mott, whose real name is Yvonne Shirley Mott. Her post was the Authorization & Verification Officer for the Commador Messenger Organization (CMO).

2) Bonnie Mott infiltrated the Bud and Leigh or Lee Fields' home as a governess. She was ordered by Marty Rathburn, one of the heads of the Scientology Intelligence Agency, to murder Bud Fields because he wouldn't sell this boat (Free Winds) that Scientology wanted to Miscavige. After Fields was murdered, the boat was bought by Scientology within a one week.

3) The murder of Bud Fields in Florida in 1985 allegedly was ordered by Marty Rathburn, a Scientology executive.

1985 Johnstone, Lee suicide Lee Johnstone was baby watched. He was a member of the Guardian's Office Staff in 1985 before he flipped out and committed suicide in East Grinstead.

1984-? name unknown suicide Hawaiian mission holder was physically thrown out of his mission by three or four missionaires. Shortly thereafter he committed suicide.

1984-5 (last name unknown), Jean-Marc suicide 1) In New York; some connection with Celebrity Center; involved with a girl who had joined the Sea Organization. He had pockets full of Scientology promo when he died.

2) A person named Jean Marc (last name unknown) committed suicide near NY Celebrity Center in 1984-5. He was involved with two women in the Sea Org. He was found with Scientology promo in his pocket.

1984-85 Kugler, Ryan attempted suicide Ryan Kugler was an adolescent (about age 10) when he tried to commit suicide at Delphi, Oregon by hanging himself. He was kicked out of school but then was admitted to LA Delphi about 1986 and Oregon Delphi about 1988-1990. He is still in Scientology now & works for a Scn company.

1984 Baker, David. suicide David Baker was Technical Secretary at St. Hill, OT 3, when he committed suicide at East Grinstead in 1984.

1982-84 Lionini, Paolo cancer 1) At Ben Kugler's Florida condo, Paolo Lionini -- a staff member at Delphi Oregon -- died while on lines at Flag. Poalo wrote the book called (?). He died in Clearwater, FL between 1982-84 at 100 Pierce St #602. He was getting auditing at Flag while he had cancer.

2) Someone died of cancer at Flag Poalo Lione, 1982-4, while getting auditing.

1983 Cloud, David Orin death 1) David Orin Cloud died on June 5, 1983 in a car accident. He was in LA for auditing before he died. He thought he was going to die. FACT's source said his comments were, "He thought he was going to die, because he was just giving up." She doesn't know much more. He was thirty years old. He was involved with the Better Baby Institute. He was involved in Scientology for 8 or 9 years beginning in 1977.

2) David Orin Cloud died in a 1983 car accident after being depressed and receiving Scientology services secretly.

1983 McCann, Terry Purification Rundown - death Terry McCann had his retinas detach while on the purification rundown from all the sweat outs and whatever they were putting him through. He went blind from this. He went into a depression from this and died or committed suicide.

1983 xxxxx Purification Rundown - injury I nearly died on the Purif at the Boston Organization. I didn't know it at the time. I had a heat stroke in the sauna, stopped perspiring, teeth started chattering, and things kept blacking-out on me, visually. I put on all of my winter clothes and went back into the sauna (I was by myself at this point, as there was only one other guy on the Purif with me, and our schedules weren't quite the same), and I still felt freezing cold. I climbed from the basement to the second floor (lots of stairs) where the D of P told me that "the way out is the way through," and that's what came back from the CS, too. If the Admin who was supposed to see that I got back into the sauna, hadn't violated orders and forcibly pushed me into a cool shower, I might well have died, "just following orders."

I had another heat stroke, or at least heat exhaustion (I had different symptoms, and the diagnosis varied between the two), in 1990. My last doctor suspected that I have hypothalamus damage - which can be neither tested nor treated. He checked my electrolyte reports from the last heat stroke, and he said that they didn't seem in a low enough range to have caused the damage he suspects. I've been too embarrassed to tell my doctor about the Purif heat stroke - it may be where I started having these problems - but I can't do a whole lot about it anyway.

When I had a heat stroke on the Purif, the D of P was Jeannle Scoglio, the C/S was either Ken Serino or Rick Siegal (spelling?) at Boston Organization. The Admin who pushed me into the shower/saved my life was Rich Gerard. Otherwise, I'd have died all alone in that sauna in a lonely corner of the Boston Organization basement. I believe that all of these people are still in Scientology, and most are still at the Boston Organization, Day staff.

1982 Brewer, Ed negligence Ed Brewer was involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology Staff members were in the car with him. They left him in the car to bleed to death while they went back to the Scientology organization to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they didn't know what to do. They didn't want to create a public relations flap for Scientology. When they did this, they failed to call for medical help. Brewer literally bled to death pinned in this car.

1982 Salonen, Ari attempted suicide Our report said that Art Salonen attemped suicide in 1982 in Finland.

1981-2 Spheeris, Jimmie death 1) Jimmie Spheeris, musician, died in an auto accident on approximately July 4, 1981 or 82. At the time he was on the Philadelphia doctorate course and getting auditing. He was a homosexual and was being given a lot of stress about being a homosexual and being in Scientology courses.

This somehow may link into the homosexual pressures that Travolta has been put under involving Scientology. It may not. The implication from the contributor is somehow the stress and pressure that Shpeeris was put under was connected to Scientology and his death. His sister was director Penelope Shpeeris.

2) Another report says he died while swimming or surfing.

1981-3 name unknown suicide An individual (name unknown) jumped to his death from the Hanover bank building in New York City circa 1981-3

1981 name unknown uncertain Chuck Newton called himself "Detective Chaz Dee" when he'd go snooping. I remember him telling me about a guy who lived near Willows or maybe Marysville, and both he and his dad were OT's.

1981 Findley, Terry psychosis One day in early 1981 another staff member, Terry Findley, "went nuts." Richard (Fischer) arranged a brigade of various staff members to take turns "baby watching" her around the clock in the hotel they have on Hollywood Blvd. Richard took his turn, too, and I used to bring him his meals there. Sometimes I brought meals for her, too. Terry was completely nuts and out of control at the time. She stripped off all her clothes, allowed her beautiful long hair to get matted, filthy and tangled, and was very destructive - throwing things out of the 6th floor window, screaming obsenities to people on the sidewalk below, like "IS THIS SCIENTOLOGY?? YEAH, FUCK!! TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT SCIENTOLOGY! FUCK!!" Richard saw to it that she was discharged.

1981 Maxwell, Robert and ????? cancer 1) Robert Maxwell. Robert & his dad were Flag public. Anyway, xxxxx said that Robert's father developed terminal (I think) cancer, but didn't have to quit auditing because he heard (at Flag? I think so) that you could cure cancer by drinking rocket fuel, and he did, and it cured the cancer, and he kept getting his auditing. I don't know what happened to Robert or his dad after this, which was around 1981, I think.

2)...The information referenced above is false. My father has never been diagnosed as having terminal cancer nor did he drink rocket fuel to cure it. What's more, this information makes us sound like a couple of idiots.

On March 31, 1994 I wrote to F.A.C.T. Net requesting that they remove my name from their literature and that they confirm to me in writing that they had done so. I have received no response to that letter from F.A.C.T.Net...

1981 Arlene S. Heller attempted suicide Ms. Heller describes the stress Scientology put her family through, which caused a mental breakdown and suicide attempt in September of 1981. Her daughter was a member.

early 1980's Franklin, Hugh suicide A man named Hugh Franklin, who was an independent C\S at the advanced organization of Los Angeles (AO), committed suicide after being paralyzed by a mugger while he was trying to raise money for Scientology.

1980-1 Doucette, Gay suicide In 1980, I received a call from Gay Doucette. She had left the Riverside Scientology Mission. She related to me that she had given all she owned to Scientology. When her money was gone she was persuaded get a loan on her home to continue with Scientology. When she could not repay the loan she lost the house. Her father, who had given her the house or paid the down payment for it, was in a rage. She said several men had kept her in a room trying to make her sign over the house to Scientology. She had due cause for a suit aganst Scientology. It was in big trouble over loans in Riverside but she was not strong enough to stand up to the pressure of a suit. I gave her what support I could.

I wanted to talk to her father but she was against it. I put her in touch with another former Scientologist. Gay was unmarried so Doucette is the family name. I think she had a brother named Jim. She came to a CFF meeting in Culver City and may have visited our house. I spoke with her by phone several times. When I called sometime after Sept 81 I was told she had taken her life. Riverside is a long way from Redondo Beach so I cannot research Riverside records for date of death. This is the best data I can provide from memory.

(later addendum) She lived at 68c Colridge (sp?) Ave in Riverside 92506. This is old data.

1981 name unknown suicide (Reported by the actual C/S of the person who committed suicide) A female doctor from Flint, Michigan committed suicide. FACT's source remembers the person having problems with her boyfriend. "This woman is still involved in doing some auditing. I don't know if she is yet willing to admit the upsetting influence auditing can be and the coercive influence."

1981 Streim, Melvin psychosis I went to junior high and high school (Belmont, MA, Class of 1969) with Melvin Streim. He went to Harvard, and I went on to my life. I saw him again in early 1981 at the Boston Foundation Organization, where he was on staff, probably Estates. He was completely spaced and barely remembered me, though we'd shared years of classes ("accelerated" and AP) together, usually sitting just two seats away. He vaguely remembered the name of his best friend (they were best buddies for at least 6 years) when I mentioned it. His second job (moonlighting) was as a bag boy at the Star Market on the Cambridge/Watertown line. He was getting worse and worse in Scientology, forgetting to shave, dressing in dirty clothes, and generally out-of-touch with reality. They off-loaded him around 1983 or 4. I don't know what happened to him. I tried to find his family in Belmont, but they've either died or moved. I didn't work very hard on that, but I've felt badly about him. Mel was always a bit of a misfit in school but he wasn't nuts. When he was off- loaded, he was definitely schizophrenic, and broke. How does a former Harvard student, end up as a bag boy? Tragic.

1980-81 Hubbard, Mary Sue attempted suicide Mary Sue Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's wife, is reported to have threatened or attempted suicide in 1954 and also in 1980-1981.

1980-82 Hubbard-Horwich, Diana psychosis 1) In 1980-82 I was corresponding with Diana Hubbard Horwich who was definitely close to the edge in late 1980 and early 1981. I wasn't in great shape, myself. We kept exchanging hopelessly inane letters about the weather. I don't have any positive proof, but we had an understanding, a certain undercurrent where we were both severely stressed. I'll bet you can find people with more definite info. I can just say, yes, absolutely, she was having a very difficult time back then.

2) (re: LRH family incidents in general) I was close enough to have known about some of these supposed incidents and recall none of them; it is possible that they were hidden from me.

1980-81 Newton, Chuck psychosis My ex-husband, Chuck Newton, went nuts on audited NOTs. He was not very stable to start with, and he kept "going PTS" by "having problems" at work, problems where he just couldn't stay faithful, etc. He was miserable, and his behavior was just out of control. One night, he beat a litter of newborn puppies to death with a shovel. He felt that his behavior was out of control. We moved, but it didn't seem to help. We sent him to Flag to "get handled." He reached a "flat point" on audited NOTs (meaning: he ran out of money) and he came home completely bizarre. He sat and watched Cable Network News almost 24 hours a day. I don't know when he slept . . . .

1980-81 Karr, Dale psychosis 1) The woman my ex-husband is living with is Marilyn Fox. Her last husband--I'm trying to remember his name--Dale Cart or Karr, I think. Anyway, he was an ethics officer at some mission around LA, and in the mid-1980's. He cracked up one night and kidnapped Marilyn's two children plus the one they'd had together. He took off to another state. I don't know if she ever got the children back again, or what happened. I know that only one child is living with her, and the other two are still young enough to be at home, but they aren't with her. This is fuzzy, but I'm trying to think of everthing in case my pieces fill in the gaps of someone else's memories.

The people who will talk about Dale Karr/Carr are Marilyn's first husband's family, since her first husband was the father of two of the children who were kidnapped. His name is Chuck Peden, his mother is Lorena Peden, and his sister is Jonna or Janna Jones (Mrs. Steve ? Jones), all of Chico, CA. They don't want to talk with me anymore, due to my connection to Chuck Newton, who Marilyn's living with.

2) A FACTNet correspondent inquires if the "Karr" talked about here is actually Clark Kerr, and if so, his sister is Barbara Wiseman who is still in Scientology.

1980 Duchette, Gay vulnerable and bilked Gay Duchette had left the Riverside Scientology Mission. She related to me that she had given all she owned to Scientology. When her money was gone she was persuaded get a loan on her home to continue with Scientology. When she could not repay the loan she lost the house. Her father, who had given her the house or paid the down payment for it, was in a rage. She said several men had kept her in a room trying to make her sign over the house to Scientology. She had due cause for a suit aganst Scientology. It was in big trouble over loans in Riverside, but she was not strong enough to stand up to the pressure of a suit. Gay was unmarried so Duchette is the family name. I think she had a brother named Jim.

1980s name unknown vulnerable and bilked Jean (Mrs. Paul) Discher (then D of P, Boston Day Organization) told some woman from Maine (he hasn't remembered the name yet) that she would die if she didn't buy a certain service.

early 80's Clark, Robert cancer Robert Clark, tech sec fdn. in the Adelaide Cof S, had throat problems. He had been undergoing such treatment as being locked in all night because his stats were not up. He had been coerced into leaving his wife and selling some of their property to send money to Flag. Bob developed the cancer in the Organization before he left. I am in contact with his ex-wife who is a prominent musician recently retired.

1980, June Sanford, Jan child abuse I was told by the FBO that I was in direct violation of an L. Ron Hubbard order to not have any more children, that he refused to pay any of my expenses, that I should consider getting an abortion, and that I would have to go to a County Health Clinic for services. As it turned out, I had a stillbirth June 8, 1980.

early 80's Vigeland, Eric psychosis Eric Vigeland was in Scientology in Boston in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I worked with him on "The Show," a covert Scientology "free concert" at which we distributed Way to Happiness booklets. Eric had been a psych case, I think. He inherited some money, gave it all to the fund to help Mary Sue in the USGO/FBI lawsuit, and got a bunch of auditing as a "reward." He was not a very stable person, and even by Scientology standards, he should have been shown the door. Scientology knew Eric was not stable when they took him in, and it's not rlght to take every cent from someone who is ill-equipped to survive on his own in society. I expect that's why his parents left him the money, so they wouldn't have to worry about his care when they were gone.

around ‘80 Hubbard, Diana threatened suicide Diana Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's daughter, OT7, is reported to have threatened suicide around 1980.

late 70’s or early 80’s Wilson, Willie B. psychosis Willie B. Wilson, on OT 3 in the late 70's or early 80's. He was a wealthy Texas oil man.

1979 Marshall, Jolee psychosis 1) In 1979, Jolee Marshall went psychotic on NOTS. Many many people back in '79 were going psychotic on NOTS, NED for OTs, and it was being suppressed. She died a few years later.

2) Jolee Marshall went psychotic on NOTS.

1979 Colletto, John and Diane murder/suicide 1) John Colletto, SO staff, became psychotic and suicidal while on OT3. Very shortly afterward he shot his wife, Diane Colletto, to death. This occurred in 1979 in front of ASHO in LA. Shortly afterward he killed himself. The GO made great efforts to keep the whole event silent.

2) John Colletto and Diane Colletto. As it was told to me, John had threatened Diane and she had been assigned someone to escort her for her safety. John got to her anyway, forced her into a car, drove somewhere, shot her, then cut his wrists. Your version may be more accurate. This was a truly great tragedy as Diane was brilliant and wonderful. I believe, however, that John was not in the SO when this happened. He had been declared a couple of times previously by SO missions, and I believe he was still out of the organization, though I'm not sure.

3) He was the Glendale mission holder and he wasn't out.

1978-9 Griffin, John suicide John Griffin committed suicide on OT2 in Dallas. He left a suicide note. His wife's name was Avel Griffin.

1978-9 name unknown suicide The man who was in charge of Op-Z for the Portland Organization jumped to his death from the Freemont bridge in Portland. Specific details are unknown.

1978-9 name unknown suicide Ernie (last name unknown) was a Scientology suicide in 1978 or 1979 in LA.

1978 Brown, Leila Laten suicide Leila Laten Brown, or Lila Leighton, (26 years old at the time) jumped from an apartment building several blocks from the San Francisco Scientology Organization. She had been receiving services there. Before commiting suicide, she went to the home of another Scientologist (FACT's source doesn't know the name). Her boyfriend at the time was a Doug Arth, who was also a Scientologist.

1978 Brown, Lila Leighton suicide Lila Leighton Brown jumped to her death in San Francisco while a public PC in 1978.

1977-8 Klein, Keith suicide 1) A Keith Kline or Klein from the Detroit area killed himself by gunshot in the middle 1970s. He had done 'processing' and 'training' there and some courses in L.A. FACT's source remembers a Keith Kline or Klein who was a staff member, class IV auditor, and course supervisor on the ASHO briefing course who committed suicide. Keith's father committed suicide and he became very depressed over this. Keith got auditing at ASHO for this depression and suddenly left and went to Detroit where his family saw how depressed he was and possibly put him in a mental hospital. Then he came out and committed suicide.

The question surrounding this individual is that the auditing that he had may have aggravated his suicidal tendencies when he was already depressed about his father's suicide. The Guardian's Office was notified by Ron Neuman that he believed his friend was in trouble and suicidal. Ron notified the police.

2) Keith Kline, a person from Detroit who had money, worked for Ron Neuman. He was on OT 3 when he committed suicide.

3) Keith Klein (sp?) was an ASHO Briefing Course supervisor in 1977-8. The GO called him back for more auditing because they knew he was suicidal after auditing on family problems. He left staff, was put in a mental institution by his family, and then killed himself.

1977 or 78 Churcher, Rex assult While I was in Alaska, I received a disturbing report that my ex husband (Rex Churcher) had been jumped in a dark parking lot, beaten up, and left with a broken jaw. No motive, no robbery. I found out years later that Scientology’s "Guardian's Office" had agents who did this sort of thing to critics or enemies.

late '70s name unknown suicide A guy committed suicide in Royal Oak, Michigan.

late 1970s Gervais, Gloria psychosis Gloria Gervais (spelling?) was found wandering down the middle of Beacon Street (major, heavy- traffic street in Back Bay Boston, where the Organization is) while on auditing.

late 1970's McDonough, Jack psychosis Also there was Jack McDonough (again, spelling?) who was another person seeing space invaders all around, and that's while he was the Academy Sup, Boston Day Organization.

late 70's name unknown psychosis While I was at St. Hill an unknown woman was secretly escorted home to Germany because she had become mentally ill on the OT levels. I was told by a friend who was on staff. I don't remember which one though.

1977 xxxxx multiple sclerosis I pleaded with my seniors and the crew C/Ses for auditing to address my condition [M/S], but I was refused. Instead, two C/Ses, Russ Barrigan and David Ziff ordered me to do the purification R/D - twice. So I spent endless hours sitting in the sauna. Unfortunately, extreme heat affects people with M/S adversely and I didn't get better - I got worse. I didn't know this fact at that time, but I feel that those in charge should have known.

1977-1982 Mayer, Scott neglect According to Mayer: "Staff members were always ill-fed, ill-clothed . . . . I had an abscess in my tooth and I was being audited for it. I'm ready to go to the dentist, and I was being audited for it. I spent about a week, week-and-a-half, doing . . . what they call touch assists to get rid of the pain . . . . And, finally . . . I was just delirious and--well, there wasn't any money for medical is what it boiled down to . . . . I went to the dentist . . . he told me I'd just made it . . . if it had been another day or so, I wouldn't be here to talk to you."

1977 Hubbard, Quentin alleged murder 1) Quentin Hubbard died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 1977, from a hose hooked to the tailpipe of his car. Quentin was L. Ron Hubbard's second son, OT7, and a Class 12 auditor.

2) xxxxx is a former member of the intelligence division (B1) of Scientology. Spanky says Kennedy saw the Quentin Hubbard files. From what he saw in the files he believed that L. Ron Hubbard ordered the death of Quentin Hubbard once he reached the hospital, and was alive, after his suicide attempt. The reason he thought Hubbard had his son murdered (reading the reports from the people in Los Vegas) even though they were vetted he saw what he firmly believed was an operation to end the embarrassment of Quentin Hubbard.

3) This also parallels with another report we got where xxxxx said that Quentin Hubbard was going around the Land base telling everyone his father was insane. This could have provided the motivation for Hubbard (L. Ron) to take care of his son after he attempted suicide.

4) Another BI GO person who was OT on the Los Vegas Quentin Mission believed this same situation: that Hubbard's son was taken off life support or something like that.

5) Vaughn Young believes Quentin Hubbard was dead on arrival at the hospital. [So there is some conflict about what happened. Vaughn has looked over these reports.

Quentin Hubbard lived after he tried to commit suicide in Las Vegas, but allegedly was murdered in his hospital room by Scientology members]

6) Quentin's girlfriend before his death (abt. 1976) was Sue Berstein, a CCLA Div. 6 reg. (If Quentin was gay, then he was bi-sexual or Sue was a shore story. But she was definitely in love back then, and I remember Q sending her flowers.) We used to jokingly say her name so it sounded like "Super Steen" so I don't know if I have the spelling right. But Quentin seemed to fail at everything. He just loved airplanes, period. He was secretly taking drawing lessons from Larry Gluck at the beach at Flag, so no one would know if he failed. Also, his former bodyguard (Scandinavian name . . . I don't remember right now) said that it definitely was not a suicide. I have my own way of piecing together the story, and I agree that it might not have been suicide. But I don't have anything vaguely resembling hard evidence.

7) Another report states that Quentin flirted with many staff members & FCCIs. I don't think this was a real relationship (with Sue Berstein). They weren't allowed unless married.

8) I was told by a source very close to the family that he was found naked in the car and that it "was not murder." I confirm the report of earlier suicide attempts while in the SO. He was put in isolation for several weeks after his 1974 suicide attempt to "destimulate" and eventually then put on the RPF.

9) About Quentin Hubbard. Dennis Erlich has written that he was Quentin's auditor and that Quentin was going around declaring that his father was insane. Not long after that he was found dead.

10) Arte Maren was the Intelligence missionniare handling the public relations around the Quentin Hubbard death in Los Vegas.

11) Dennis Erlich was the last person to speak with Quentin Hubbard before he left Flag. Erlich actually performed a cramming function on him.

12) Bruce Raymound was the B1 guy who did the dirty work on the Quentin Hubbard death situation in Las Vegas. He is the guy who would know for sure and who would have been most involved in the dirtiest part of the coverup or the actual murder.

13) Quentin Hubbard attempted suicide before he actually killed himself. One such attempt was a drug overdose

1976-77 Moss, Linda (Peterson) child abuse Linda (Peterson) Moss lost a baby while auditing on OT3 or OT3X in about 1976 or 1977. It was her former husband's baby, Jack, who is now declared.

1976 Fenton, Becky inducement to suicide In the Boston Organization around 1976, Becky Fenton (Mrs. Bill Fenton, Jr.) was told that since she refused to have an abortion (so her husband could use the obstetrician/childbirth money for services instead) then she ought to go kill herself and "get it over with." Becky is probably still upset about being told to commit suicide. Becky lives around Brewer or Bar Harbor, Maine. I can probably locate her, if it's of any help. She has never done any major services, but her husband keeps wandering in and out of Scientology. His parents are Scienos.

1976 King, Noel psychosis 1) Noel King went over the edge on OT3. He gave up an enormously successful career at a resort in the Bahamas, and moved to LA to be a full-time Scientologist. He was treated like a god, since he still had lots of money from the sale of his assets. Noel stopped being able to sleep properly while on OT3. I went for a walk with him in the middle of the night, down to Hollywood Blvd. He told me that he kept seeing himself being pulled into some sort of force field, and then back out of it, and he couldn't stop these pictures from flashing, and he couldn't sleep properly.

This was around 1976. He also thought he'd been Jesus Christ and Napoleon, in previous lives. I don't know what happened to Noel. I saw photos of him in early Flag promo showing the diningroom, but when I asked about him in 1988, no one at Flag seemed to recognize his name.

2) I remember him at Flag. He seemed to live there for at least a year or two -- '76-'78.

1976 name unknown threatened suicide I remember that one of my Cl IV intern auditors at CCLA was graduated solely because he successfully talked one of his pc's in from a ledge on the building. At some point mid-session, she had gone nuts and decided to kill herself. I don't recall my auditor's name; I had him for just a couple of sessions, and they graduated him & he was gone. (Did they get him out of there to hush the tale?)

1976 xxxxx psychosis I went nuts on Power and Power Plus./ Right over the edge. I thought I was moving through space, and that I didn't have my "new ability" under control. I'd be driving down the Hollywood Freeway, and I'd find myself in downtown LA, with no idea how I got there. Then I started itching all over, under my skin, like an allergy. My nerves were shot. I was the Acting ED of Larry Gluck's school, while he was at Flag, and I was rapidly losing my hold on reality. I went to ASHO to tell them that I was PTS or something. They put me in session, told me I was a "completion," and routed me out. No Reg cycle, nothing.

I could barely scrawl the success story. I was in a daze. I quit Larry's school a couple of days later, and went back to Northern California, where it took me months to be able to function normally again.

1976 name unknown psychosis There's a guy in LA . . . he's well-known among "old timers" because he sits in Bob's Big Boy restaurants, writing pages & pages of reports to Scientology about space invaders & such. In 1976, I was introduced to him by Gary Rist, at the Big Boy in Glendale(?) and he was quite mad. He'd supposedly gone nuts on OT3.

1975-6 Rist, Gary psychosis I remember Gary Rist, a staff member at CCLA, had a breakdown. He had a major crush on me and kept going on drinking binges; HCO asked me to keep an eye on him. I went with him to visit his father one weekend, up at Bear Lake where his father owns a motel or something. Anyway, Gary got drunk and was physically abusive. I had a terrible time getting him back to LA, but I got him there, took him to SEA Organization berthing, and dropped him there. Regardless of HCO orders, I wasn't taking physical abuse. I don't know what happened to him. HCO never said anything about him again, and I never saw him at CCLA. The Disney Alumni Club might have a current address for him. Scientology - and his untreated alcoholism - ruined what had been a promising acting career.

1975-6 name unknown suicide A married man with money from the East Coast (PA or NY) shot himself to death after auditing OT levels.

1975-- Wilson (Kaup), Shirley various Shirley Wilson, ex-wife of David J. Kaup reports suicide attempt (1977), disruption of family (1978), and denial of needed orthodonic treatment to her daughter (1982).

1975 name unknown suicide In 1975 a man in LA shot himself to death with a rifle while on OT3.

mid 70s Gerrold, Bobby (JARRELL) cancer 1) Bobby Gerrold (spelling?), a good friend, died of cancer. I'm not certain when, but it was probably in the mid-to-late 1970's. He was at least OT3. Near as I can tell from accounts, he postponed medical treatment, kept getting auditing, and when he was obviously dying, they told him he couldn't get anymore auditing. By then he was bankrupted by the auditing, and it was too late for medical intervention anyway. Bobby was originally from Texas, I think. I knew him at Alan Walter's Salt Lake City mission.

2)... Bobby did deny himself medical care at the consternation of the C/S and all his friends. (Scientologists to the one of them.) He also withheld health information from the same. If you knew Bobby you would have known that the man was very stubborn. He was finally forced to receive medical attention when his health was failing and by order of his case supervisor.

Bobby received auditing until the day he died. He was never denied auditing. The statement he went bankrupt is absurd as Bobby never had anything to bankrupt. He also never paid for auditing. All his auditing was done as part of a co-audit or for free by his friends.

Robert Maxwell could supply you with further details as he was there with Bobby throughout his last days. He was also Bobby's best friend.

mid-70s name unknown psychosis Some pc was crawling across the floor at reception in mid-1970s CCLA, making weird whimpering noises. Yvonne apparently saw the woman on the floor and cheerfully said, "Oh, that's just (name)." This was an enduring anecdote at CCLA, showing how "big a being" Yvonne was, and how tolerant CC was of "eccentricities."

1974 Dardano, Robert psychosis I became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1974. In March of 1974 I was routed off the Church of Scientology staff for being PTS Type 3. PTS Type 3 is a Scientology term which classifies persons to be insane if they are anti-Scientology.

1974 names unknown murder At what was known as Old AOLA Organization on Brendo Street, two advanced organization staff members were found murdered in the trash bin behind the building.

1974 Harris, Travis psychosis Travis Harris became psychotic while auditing on the Apollo in 1974.

1973 Anderson, Kirk psychosis I was not at the mission the day (between July and October 1973) Kirk Anderson came in with a shotgun and threatened the SLC mission staff because we were alienating him from his new-Scio wife, Yolanda. However, I was there the rest of the time when Kirk and Yolanda first came in, through when Yolanda left for the SO. Yolanda is the same person mentioned in "the informer," who's child was a victim of terrible Scientology childcare and I have her mailing address somewhere. Kirk was the ED of the Salt Lake mission for years, and I suspect he's still on staff there.

1973 Dalton, Jim psychosis Jim Dalton supposedly had drug flashbacks from going too quickly onto the mucusless diet in 1973. He was a Scio in Salt Lake City and Geri Knight (ED) told him that the mucusless diet was what he needed. I answered the phone at the mission a couple of times when he was talking about the visions he was having . . . . The mother of his son, Martha Tatum (new last name?), is an exec in Denver . . . . Others who knew that he'd gone nuts and he was on orders not to come into the mission: Dick Cook (course sup), Geri Knight (gd), Frances Godwin (D of P), Chuck Newton (course sup/auditor), Jay Gibson (auditor), Dave West (auditor), Hazel Dominguez West (auditor, course sup), Joe Duncanson (estates), Lindy Duncanson (public), Charlotte Sandoval (public), and others whose names I've forgotten. Hazel is still in Scientology and is a cab driver in Salt Lake City, and I've already mentioned Frances and Chuck. Joe & Lindy Duncanson are FSMs in Colorado.

1973 Surrey, Steve psychosis Steve Surrey kept having psychotic breaks, while he was the ED of Alan Walter's Salt Lake City mission. He'd be screaming his lungs out during sessions, begging for someone, anyone to help him. His auditor, Geri Knight, swore that he was just running out dramatizations, as if this was really good for him. I think Steve is still happily in Scientology.

1970's Robertson, Bill psychosis 1) "Capt. Bill" (LA Organization and AOLA, 1970's) is on your list. Surely he had a family somewhere who watched him go insane in Scientology. In the research of this rundown on Flag, Captain Bill Robertson had numerous psychotic breaks.

2) He's been dead several years now.

early 70's name unknown criminal acts In the early 70s, an older gentleman, a staff member either at the Mission or the Scientology Organization had a heart attack while he was in the building. The staff members were afraid that it would reflect badly on Scientology so they took his body out of the organization where he died, stripped him naked, stripped him of his ID, (she wasn't quite certain if they stripped him naked but is sure they took his ID) and put the dead body in a trash dumpster several blocks away.

1972 Gutmann, Mike suicide A set of twins were involved in Scientology and one of the twin brothers, Mike Gutmann, committed suicide.

1970's Breedlove, John instigation to suicide John Breedlove was at Scientology's Flag land base in the 1970's. He told his mother he was told by Scientology to commit suicide and that Scientology could get anyone to commit suicide if they wanted. He did commit suicide after he left Scientology.

1970's Patterson, Randy suicide Randy Patterson, former husband of Laurie (Best) Patterson, shot himself to death while on a Solo auditing level, probably the 'clearing course.' This was in the 70s when AOLA was located at the present celebrity center annex.

early 1970's Schaeffer, Paul suicide FACT's source knew of the suicide of a friend of a friend who had just left the group. His name was Paul Schaeffer. At the time, I was told that he got "messed up" because he left the group.

1971 Meister, Susan suicide or murder 1) Susan Meister had a very intense argument with Hubbard before she committed suicide in public on the decks of the Apollo. FACT's source was standing on deck on watch at the time and saw it all occur.

2) An article in the LA Times, Tuesday August 29, 1978, "Scientology Mystery" talks about the Miester suicide.

3) Arti Marren is reported to have been involved in the coverup of Susan Meister's death.

4) A new report disagrees with the "intense argument" part of the above report, because "in those days NOBODY had intense arguments with Hubbard."

1971 Hart, Robert attempted suicide Our report said that Robert Hart attempted suicide in 1971.

1970-71 Burner, Charles inducement to suicide xxxxx, a former high-level Scientology exective, was ordered by Hubbard to reverse audit enemies of Scientology if there was opportunity to do so. The purpose was to induce psychosis or suicide. He was actually sent on a mission to capture Charles Burner, a former high level Scientology auditor who had started a group called the Abilitism. According to FACT's source, he was ordered to capture or reverse audit or murder Charles Burner.

1970-71 Pruitt, Wayne suicide Wayne Pruitt (Pruett) from Missouri ????? jumped from the Elks Bldg in Hollywood or the McArthur Park area around 1970-71. The building may not be there now. He was receiving Scientology service at the time; he is believed to have been on the upper OT levels.

1969 Sharp, James and Gaul, Doreen CORRECTION 1) Doreen Gaul and James Sharp were teenage Scientologists murdered in LA. John McMasters, the first Clear, disassociated from Scientology in part because of these deaths. He felt that the vindictiveness of Scientology's actions were somehow connected to the deaths.

2) This is a suggestion to drop this from the original mailing. Doreen Gaul and James Sharp. I think you're on very thin ice here. From all evidence, they were victims of some LA satanic cult. They were found naked, circa 1969, with their eyes gouged out. James was an incredibly sweet kid from the midwest whose father, Don Sharp, also a very nice man, was in LA doing advanced courses. I'm unaware of anything linking Scientology personnel actions in any way to this tragedy.


1969 Esterman (Chaleff), Sally cancer 1) Sally Challeff, a Scientology staff member, was allowed to die of treatable cancer.

2) She did have a positive pap smear in 1969 which then reversed after auditing. This may have given her false confidence in auditing as THE solution. I know that her sister believes she could have been saved with proper medical care but I believe she's under the impression that Sally herself rejected this. Months before her death she was in Mexico in an "alternative" clinic. An Sea Organization recruit had been assigned to assist her. Incredibly, [her son] was never informed of any of this. When he found out, she kept giving him the impression she was getting better, so her own denial was very high. I would appreciate any information you may have that she was actually denied proper care.

3) Sally Esterman Chaleff, a 20 year Sea Org member died a painful and slow death of treatable and operable cervical cancer. She was denied almost all care that could have saved or extended her life.

4) On April 6 and again on October 10, 1994 I wrote to your organization concerning the libellous flyer you publish, advertise and sell entitled 'Death, Psychosis and Scientology.' By these letters I put you on notice that this publication contains lies about the death of my ex- wife, Sally Esterman Chaleff... Moreover, I have recently become aware that your distribution and promotion of this flyer containing the lies about my ex-wife is being accomplished not only through the U.S. mail but also through the use of telephone wires via the FACTNet and Internet computer bulletin board services. Your continued publication and distribution of this information continually aggrevates and upsets me, the more so as it is clear that you are doing this with full knowledge that your statement about me is false...

Circa 1969 name unknown attempted suicide A person on OT levels jumped from the 10th floor of a building in LA, landed on a car, and incredibly only broke his arm. I believe his name was Mike, but I don't recall last name.

1968-9 McEwan, Vicki psychosis I witnessed several incidents of degradation and humiliation. These were at the hands of a person named Drew Schmidt who was the first Class VIII sent there (Hawaii)... This was very stressful, and one person, Vicki McEwan (the Registrar) went nuts afterwards as a result...

1968-9 Griswold, Burt abuse Burt was an attractive, 40ish man who was our resident Class VI... Drew (Schmidt) called one of his special musters and berated Burt in front of everybody. Then he had Burt strip off all his clothes except his pants, and ordered Mike Soper and two other men to pick Burt up by his arms and legs, and swing him and throw him into the creek that ran alongside the Org. I'll never forget seeing Burt's 10" long pink scar, still fresh from the recent (appendicitis) surgery, flashing in the afternoon sun as he sailed through the air with arms and legs flailing, to land in that filthy creek with murky, black, brackish water (during low tide you could see rusty cans and broken glass on the bottom)...

1968 Stewart, James suicide 1) James Stewart jumped to his death in Edinburgh Scotland. He was on OT3, a class 7 auditor, and the Executive Director of the Durban Org.

2) James Stewart. At the time, Sea Organization penalties were: Liability, 24 hours sleep deprivation; Doubt, 48 hours sleep deprivation. The two penalties were cumulative. Stewart was in at the Advanced Organization in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had injured himself and was assigned Doubt. In my estimation, the sleep deprivation drove him over the edge. As reported in the mailing of Jan. 3, 1994, Stewart jumped to his death in Edinburgh Scotland. He was on OT3, a class 7 auditor, and the Executive Director of the Durban Organization.

1966-67 Nieman, Malcolm negligence Malcolm Nieman (lives in London) had a close brush with death. He contracted meningitis, and was audited for many hours, getting worse by the moment. My husband and I found him unconscious on the floor (that evening) with severe diarrhoea and vomiting. We got an ambulance to rush him to hospital. On the way to hospital the ambulance driver indicated to me that Malcolm was going to die. He didn't, but it was touch and go for a while.

1966 Kennedy, John murder John Kennedy died in 1966, in Rhodesia, allegedly while cleaning his gun. He was a Scientologist who had strong conflicts with the local group and had left Scientology to set up his own mental health institute.

1960 Halprin, Dick suicide Dick Halprin committed suicide in the early 60's. He was the author of The Whole Track Security Check.


????? Aaron, Grace CORRECTION "not an attempted suicide" Grace Aaron took an overdose of sleeping pills on OT V. She is a highly trained field auditor for Narconon. She says it was a mistake, not an attempted suicide. The C/S wanted her to handle it.

????? Anderson, Yolanda child abuse Yolanda [ Anderson] is the same person mentioned in "the informer," whose child was a victim of terrible Scientology childcare.

????? Atherton, Warren negligence Warren Atherton, an ex-Scientology member in Detroit who died, is said to have died because of not taking medication for a medical condition.

????? Axel, John assult xxxxx told xxxxx about the beating of John Axel. There is a backup report about this beating in the minutes of the San Francisco Mission Holders meeting -- where Scientology was actually dumb enough print up this incident and distribute it. Apparently, John Axel was also beaten by, I believe, David Miscavige or other high level Scientology executives.

????? Balentine, Brad psychosis Brad Balentine, a member of the guardian office, one of the GO/OSA Intelligence Operatives, became psychotic.

????? Barnett, Flo murder Flo Barnett a.k.a. Miller died from several gunshot wounds. She was David Miscavige's mother- in-law. Just before her death she was reported to have had an argument with David Miscavige and threatened to go public and sue Scientology

????? Barney, Carl psychosis 1) Carl Barney went psychotic on the Apollo and was guarded by three other people on the ship. Carl Barney had been made to sit for months doing "blinkless TRs." One of the periodic extremes Hubbard took no responsibility for. I heard that at one point he was strapped to his chair.

2) Carl Barney was locked up aboard the Apollo after he became psychotic.

????? Bear, Debbie child abuse Miscarried while working on the RPF. Actually had the miscarriage while digging a ditch and started bleeding. She ran to the head RPF guard and told him she had to go to the hospital. The guard told her to go back to the ditch and keep digging. And she miscarried right there in the ditch.

????? Binion, Sam psychosis Sam Binion or Benion became psychotic while on OT3. It is reported that Heber Jentzch was involved in physically restraining him and ripping off his clear bracelet so he wouldn't give Scientology a bad name.

????? Bonnin, Michael death Michael Bonnin died during auditing on the upper levels.

????? Box, Theo & daughter Jenny child abuse While I was an auditor in the organization the daughter of a scientologist was brought to my house to have somewhere for constant care as she had become mentally ill and was being protected from the medical profession and from her mother who was a nonscientologist. The GO was involved. There was to be a roster of people to be with her but it didn't eventuate. Her father was here much of the time and at other times she was left with me. She wandered off when I was alone with her and ended up in a hospital. In her "condition" she talked of her personal relationship to LRH and a whole scenario of past and future events around this theme. She was being audited. The father is OT7or8 and still in the Organization, I think. His name is Theo Box. His daughter was Jenny.

????? Brewer, Ed neglect Ed Brewer, an LA sea org member was left to bleed to death trapped in a car. He was left without medical attention and without calling for help while other staff members who were with him went back to the Guardian's Office to get instructions on what to do so the accident would not create a PR flap.

????? Brigliatto, Mario CORRECTION attempted suicide #81 on page three of the January mailing had no last name. The name is Mario Brigliatto.

????? Broeker, Annie psychosis 1) xxxxx CSed Annie Broker when she had a psychotic break in auditing. When last this staff member saw Annie Broeker she was being audited quite a bit. She remembers a lot of screaming and yelling coming out of the auditing rooms on a daily basis, and she sensed something was wrong.

2) I think she left Scientology and maybe returned to a long RPF cycle at Gold.

????? Bruemmer, Melanie cancer Melanie Bruemmer (re' MICHEALS ) (also named names of Perkins & Schaffer ) died of ovarian cancer. She was class IX and Senior C/S Foundation at the San Francisco Organization.

????? Charlton, Pam child abuse Pam Charlton had a baby that died while she was in the Sea Organization

????? Casissu, Maude (a new suicide) suicide

????? Confliti, Luigi negligence Luigi ? Confliti he didn't speak much English but he was denied medical treatment by Scientology when he really needed it.

????? Cooper, Paulette inducement to suicide There is a lot of information in FBI records and elsewhere that Scientology operatives tried to get Paulette Cooper to commit suicide.

????? Crane, Steven suicide at East Grinstead

????? Crichton, Alan vulnerable and bilked Alan Crichton lives in Maine and New York City. He's a former institutionalized mental patient who inherited a lot of money. It's managed by a trust fund so he can't go through it too quickly. Nevertheless, he wanders in and out of being extremely unhappy with Scientology. He's had his OT levels delivered by an auditor, since he isn't allowed to see the confidential stuff. He's a brilliant artist who fights depression, and he's not getting the care he needs in Scientology. His wife, Lorna, is practically rabidly in favor of Scientology, and actively takes services. They give lots & lots of his money to Scientology...

???? Cruise, Tom psychosis Tom Cruise (the actor) became psychotic during auditing. Cruise was on OT3 and Scientology had to bring him back to the base because he looked so bad.

????? Davis, Bruce murder, psychosis 1) Bruce Davis is a convicted member of Charles Manson's "family." At one time he was Foundation Staff at St. Hill. Vincent Bugliosi's book on Manson asserts a relationship between Davis and a murdered teenage Scientologist.

2) One of the convicted members of The Family [Manson’s] was Bruce Davis who was at one time foundation staff at St. Hill (according to someone I know who was there at the time). In Vincent Bugliosi’s book on Manson, called "Helter Skelter," there was an apparent relationship between Bruce Davis and a murdered teen Scientologist.

????? Delgro, Heidi assult See document from HCO Scientology Sea Organization Ethics Officer, September, 28 1993 dealing with the isolation watch of Heidi Delgro.

????? Dennison, Larry suicidal Larry Dennison reportedly became suicidal after completing OT 8.

????? Dewhurst, D. suicide D. Dewhurst, a public PC, committed suicide in his car behind the Vancouver, Canada Scientology mission.

????? Douglas, Martina suicide Martina Douglas committed suicide at East Grinstead, England.

????? Dubron, Jeff assault 1) Jeff Dubron, the former AGPR, was apparently paid a substantial amount of money. He didn't name it. But I got the impression that we talking between $50,000 and $250,000 by the GO to remain silent. Apparently, Jeff broke his silence and was beaten up by someone whom he attributes to Scientology. So Jeff is being real tight lipped now.

2) Jeff Dubron and Jack Williams were sent to a chaplin’s court over business problems. Jack had money so Jack won.

???? Eichron, Manfred attempted suicide Manfred Eichron was baby watched and attempted suicide.

????? Ellison, Robert "baby watched" psychotic He would wander down the street in his underwear if no one watched him. Instead of contacting his parents, he was guarded day and night; some of the time "we" kept him at the Apsley Arms Hotel where a lot of Scientologists lived. Hotel owned by Scientologists, one of them being Cal Wigney. The last thing I recall being told was that some "high level staff members" had taken him to the airport, minus any org identification, and just abandoned him there, hoping the "men in white coats" would deal with him.

????? Eltringham, Hana (now Hana Whitfield) psychosis

????? Emery, Randy OT levels; brain tumor Randy Emery ( Staff at Sterling Management ) died of a brain tumor. He was on the OT levels ? and a class IV staff auditor.

????? Leslie Epstein psychotic episodes 1) I have .just been informed that you have included rny name in your revised and updated list of people who allegedly "became psychotic".

Your source of information is completely and utterly unreliable. Furthermore I find this alleged statement about myself completely ridiculous. This person, the source of your informnation, could not possibly supply you with a date or or even an approximate date. The reason that there is no date supplied is simple .- it isn't true that I became psychotic ever. I have never been psychotic not now...

On the contrary, Scientology has done nothing but make me much more aware and the benefits from my participation, in it would take more time and paper then I arn willing to devote to responding to the outrageous and ridiculous allegation.

2) Your organization is currently advertising, selling and distributing a libellous statement about me: that I have undergone "psychotic episodes" while on auditing. The statement is contained in your document entitled, "Corrections and Additions to the January 3, 1994 Questionaire: ‘Death, Psychosis and Scientology.’"

...Moreover, I have recently become aware that FACTNet now advertises and sells this material extensively through the Internet computer bulletin board services. Realizing the scope of your distribution of this deliberate lie about me exasperates [sic] the upset and distress which I felt upon learning of your lie in the first place...

????? Erikson, Mick psychosis Mick Erikson became violent on OT 6. As far as I know, his wife still has him barricaded in his house to prevent him from violently attacking someone.

????? Fairchild, Fred psychosis From the Detroit Organization, Fred Fairchild who was the ED on and off again in the late 60's early 70's had some real rough times mentally, psychotic or not I do not know. I remember hearing tons of rumor line of extreme alcohol and drug abuse after leaving staff, and he was Clear and possibly OT 3.

????? Fishman, Stephen psychosis

????? Fisk, William J. murder The Seattle Times reports that William J. Fisk was murdered by Russell Johnson at the Seattle org during class. The story says it was because Fisk was having intercourse with Johnson's wife. Johnson's wife was a Scientologist and Russell was not. Fisk had bragged of being able to control Johnson's wife.

????? Fuller, Karen death Karen Fuller died on course while on OT3.

????? Fuller, Sandy attempted suicide 1) Sandy Fuller attempted suicide. She was a full OT. (There is another Sandy Fuller listed below.)

2) This is to inform you that information being circulated to the public on your "FACTNet" computer bulletin board service about me is false and defamatory.

You have distributed a piece called "Death, Psychosis and Scientology" in which I am named under the heading of, "Allegations of Attempted Suicides While Receiving Scn Services."

It is obvious that you have not bothered to verify your information. I have never "attempted suicide" at any time in my life, and certainly not while receiving Scientology services. The Scientology services I have received have been highly beneficial.

????? Fuller, Sandy #2. negligence According to a report from a third party, Sandy almost died due to lack of medical care while she was in Scientology. (There is another Sandy Fuller listed above. There are probably two Sandy Fullers in Scientology.

????? xxxxx child abuse 1) There is a study on miscarriages and birth deformities among female Scientology staff members, particularly in the Sea Organization of Scientology. This was done because even internally they were alarmed at the number of babies being born deformed, with extremely low birth weight, and with a lot of difficulties.

2) There have been many problems with Scientology babies born at the Scientology-owned "gentle birth center" in Glendale. See articles in the Glendale Leader.

????? Gallop, Siama cancer 1) At St. Hill, Peter Gallop's wife, Siama (spelling may be incorrect), developed cancer. Peter was away on a mission of some kind (they were both in the Sea Organization). She trudged through the snow on her own getting medical help. She had paid for OT levels and NOTS. How much she had done is unknown. She hadn't had NOTS. She didn't recieve any auditing help in her illness or in her dying. Evidently she hung on to the body way past the time of leaving, because she was afraid of not knowing how to leave under the influence of drugs.

2) Several months ago I wrote to FACT.NET complaining of false and distorted statements which your business made about the death of my late wife, Siama. These statements are included in your publication, "Corrections and Additions to the January 3, 1994 Questionnaire, ‘Death, Psychosis and Scientology.’" I received no response. Moreover, FACT.NET continues to advertise and distribute these lies. I understand that you are now selling this publication on the Internet computer system. This is irresponsible in the extreme and a blatent disregard of the truth. It is also very upsetting to me that your organization continues to disseminate these lies about the tragic death of Siama...

???? Garrison, Chris psychosis Chris Garrison is another person who had a complete character transformation at one point in Scientology, where they "broke" his spirit. I don't know if he went over the edge, or what. Chris is still in Scientology after a failed deprogramming attempt by his family.

???? Geary, Dorothy psychosis 1) Dorothy Geary became psychotic in San Francisco.

2) Another report says Dorothy Geary was in her 20s and places her in Hemet.

???? Godwin, Frances psychosis 1) Frances Godwin (who was briefly married to Bobby Gerrold, the guy who died of cancer) went nuts on the ship, during the researching of XDn. By her own account, she sat in her bathroom for weeks and her parents couldn't get her to come out. Alan Walter is the one who went to her home and talked her out of the bathroom. Frances is a successful field auditor in LA and is dating a guy not yet really in Scn..

2) I have been notified that I am a subject of your more recent newsletter. I have attached the copy of what I was sent. Since you have stated that you intend to clean up inaccuracies of your data I request that you withdraw the incorrect and slanderous information about me immediately.

Although it is true that I was briefly married to Bobby Jarrel (not Gerrold) and did Xdn research on the Ship, I have never gone "nuts" nor have I ever locked my self in a bathroom for weeks. (Actually, I have been known through out my life to spend an unusually small amount of time in the bathroom for a female. The only excessive time I have ever spent in a bathroom was when I was a teenager and sneaking cigarettes although we are talking under an hour and certainly not weeks.)

My family would be more than happy to attest to this matter. I should be noted that my father, brother, and sister are not Scientologists and would have no vested interest in saying otherwise. I did know Alan Waiters quite well but at no time did he talk me out of a bathroom in my parents home or any other bathroom. In fact Alan Waiters has never talked me out of any room nor have I locked myself in any room for any unusual amount of time...

????? Griffin, Ellen OT levels; cancer Ellen Griffin died of breast cancer on OT VII. She was a Class VI auditor and an FSM

????? Halliday, Otis & Betty cancer I knew both Betty and Otis Halliday in 1968-9. They had a successful franchise in Houston, Texas. I once visited them there. Otis did die of cancer, but I did not hear it was sudden. Of course, cancer can appear to kill quickly because it may not be found until it has spread out of control. No one ever said the Org was trying to take over his franchise though, of course, it’s very possible.

????? Hancock, Adam accidental shooting A Delphi grad shot himself - by accident with gun loaded with blanks at a Scn acting class. He is a paraplegic now and church tried to get his wife to get all his money and disconnect from him.

???? Harman, Isobel psychosis Isobel Harman went to St. Hill for OT levels. She had been on staff in Melbourne in the early days and then in Adelaide. She was energetic, competent and very knowledgable. She returned from St. Hill after being sent home while still on OT 2. She appeared to be completely disoriented and irrational. "She" was missing. The condition calmed and she is living quietly but according to her husband, Ray, the real person is "still not there."

???? Hartwell, Adell neglect Adell Hartwell was promised by recruiters to be given special auditing and proper medical care for her illness. No treatment was given, and her condition was growing progressively worse. One day I worked without eating. It was 102 degrees in the shade: By five-thirty I just got deathly ill, and I told them I had to leave. And I staggered quite a ways . . . . I fell in the ditch; it was like I was drunk. Another time I complained I had to go home because I wasn't being treated. I was thin and bleeding and in quite severe pain, and they took me right in and put me on the Meter. The next night they had us scrubbing the barn; we started at six o'clock and we scrubbed that barn until four o'clock in the morning. Anybody that ran a fever was immediately put out of commission.

But anybody that was ill and not running a fever, they were made fun of and ridiculed.

????? Hautek, Sheila Marsh CORRECTION cancer Sheila Marsh Hautek was involved in a credit card scam and also was allegedly coerced into buying auditing when she had cancer cycsts. Apparently what is called the "Hubbard Executive Secretary" ran up her credit card bills to keep getting more auditing while they knew she had cancer. She died during auditing. SHE MAY HAVE DIED. THIS IS NOT KNOWN.

????? Hester, Jim suicide Jim Hester, Miami, Florida

????? Howie, Bill psychosis Bill Howie, on OT3. He was a high level, long term Sea org executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.

????? Hubbard, L. Ron psychosis 1) L. Ron Hubbard became psychotic while auditing on OT3, and had many other psychotic episodes according to defector affidavits.

2) L Ron Hubbard threatened to commit suicide if one of his girlfriends didn't marry him. Later during his auditing on various levels he went through suicidal periods.

????? Hubbard, Sara Northrup inducement to suicide One of Hubbard's first wives, Sara Northrup Hubbard, appears to have been coerced by Hubbard to try to commit suicide to protect his reputation.

????? Jentzsch, Yvonne cancer 1) I was at CC when Yvonne Gilliam was running it. Heber was hanging around . . . a folk singer. I heard that Hubbard and Sci wouldn't spend a dime on medical care for her and tried to audit out her cancer and then told her that it would take to much auditing and that it would be easier for her to just leave her body.

2) A report from a recent defector implies Yvonne actively resisted doing the EOC but was forced to do it. She reportedly was having major problems with her husband, Heber Jentzsch, and with L. Ron Hubbard. Since she was such a popular executive, the EOC may have been politically driven to stop a doubt/PR/security problem in the highest levels of the group.

3) She died of a tumor in, I think, the brain. She was brought to Flag much too late and was not auditable... There was no effort at Flag to force her to have auditing. I know of no problems she was having with her husband or with LRH, but there is no way I could be sure there weren’t...

???? Kaplan, Murray Don psychosis Murray Don Kaplan is a SO member who was deprived of sleep for 72 hours in Edinburgh. He was on OT III and had a psychotic break and was put on "baby watch." It's my evaluation that the sleep deprivation drove him over the edge.

????? Kapuler, Virginia cancer You might add to your list Virginia Kopuler or Capular who had cancer soon after leaving the ship. As her condition became acute, she went to Mexico to get some help from a Phillipino faith healer and while he indicated she had let it get too far, he did some work on people on NOTS in AOLA lives and many of them flocked down. The A/G AOLA was in the process of declaring them, and was reported to have made the remark "she (Virginia) would be better dead than get such healing. We got a by-pass of her from the LRH Comm on the ship so the declare never got done or was soon suspended.

????? Kretz, Wendy cancer Wendy Kretz or Krentz lived in the Los Angeles area. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and chose not to receive chemotherapy, but Scientology auditing instead. Needless to say, the cancer killed her and left her husband with three small children.

????? Ladd, Andy vulnerable and bilked Andy Ladd gave most of his inherited money to that front group. Concerned Businessmen of America (?) and his background hasn't really prepared him to be able to earn much of a living. He and his wife are vehemently in Scientology.

????? Larson, Don assault Don Larson was beaten.

???? Lee, Martha ??? psychosis xxxxx wouldn't tell me very much, because her brother is in such fear, but he apparently went completely mad on Scientology services and had to be institutionalzed. His wife (still Scio) divorced him and he lost all rights to his kids. He's recently remarried and is piecing his life together, and is afraid that if he speaks out, he'll jeopardize any future chance of regaining custody of his kids.

????? Lee, Dr. ??? psychosis Dr Lee performed some sort of illegal operation on someone for cancer under the direction of the church when he was in Scientology in a motel near Clearwater, FL. Then he was put on the RPF. He became severely psychotic on the RPF. According to the last report, Lee is living something like a street person, still quite psychotic, in the mountains of San Bernadino, CA.

???? Lewis, Geoff psychosis Geoff Lewis (the actor) became psychotic during auditing.

????? Lewis, Peter psychosis & suicide Peter Lewis, the ED of the LA ORG, went psychotic and tried to kill himself and was incarcerated by fellow Scientology staff members at a house several blocks from the LA ORG (I believe for several weeks) until he stabilized.

????? Loughgran, Tom parkinson's disease Tom Loughgran - right after OT VII he suddenly became ill with Parkinson's Disease - class VIII

????? Magerowski, Jann Borowski psychosis 1) Jann Borowski Magerowski, NOTs, still on staff at Bsn Organization-Day, has been seeing leprechauns in her apartment for years. She also talks about spaceships like they're an everyday occurrence. Well, I've seen UFOs, too, but she's talking in entirely different, off-the-wall terms. She seems the most stable person in the world when you meet her socially, even on a daily basis. Once she feels that she can trust you, then she starts telling these completely wild tales, in all seriousness. I think she's multiple personality; the two personalities I've seen were immensely likeable, but the one who sees leprechauns is a little scary, nevertheless.

2) I have not received any rep~y to my ~etter of Apri~ 6, 1994, in which I demanded that you retract the false and s~anderous statements which you printed and circulated about my wife, Jann Borowski Magerowski.

As stated in my previous ~etter, the a~ ~egations you made abo~.o~t my wife are completely groundless. I w._-.u~d expect that you wou~d at ~east ~ave the decency to respond to ~;'~y ~etter...

????? Magerowski, John psychotic episodes I wrote to you on March 23, 1994 concerning false information which you have circulated about me, alleging that I had "psychotic episodes while on auditing." In my letter, I demanded that you retract my name from this document and from any further lists which you may publish...

????? Manson, Charles psychosis Charles Manson had 150 hours of auditing. The GO hid this information but it showed up in documents seized by the FBI.

????? Many, Nancy child abuse xxxxx mentioned Nancy Many, who also while on the RPF (which is like the Scientology gulag) gave birth to a baby with respiratory problems.

????? Mauerer, Phoebe inducement to suicide

????? McKee, (first name unknown) cancer Brown McKee's wife died after trying to treat cancer with NOTs auditing, and waiting too long for adequate medical care.

????? Miscavige, (first name unknown) suicide David Miscavige's sister, who was an OT7, committed suicide.

????? Miscavige, Ron (David Miscavige's father) depression 1) Ron Miscaviage, OT7, married to Loretta Miscavige (an auditor and nurse), suffers deep depression from behind closed doors. He seems happy and joviel in the ideal Scientology character, but he suffers quite a bit from depression.

2) Ron Miscavige was charged with assult and rape in his home town in Michigan. Allegedly, David brought in the church’s legal team and muscle to handle the situation. He was not tried. Ron Miscavige is a staff member who also suffers from severe depression.

????? Morris, Debby cancer Debby Morris breast cancer on OT VII - class IV auditor

????? Myersdorf, Sandra cancer GO member died of cancer in her 40's. Medical neglect of staff member suspected.

????? Newton, Chuck vulnerable and bilked Chuck Newton gave nearly all his money to Scientology, even traded his Jaguar XKE to Alan Walter, and Alan used the mission's commission slips to let Chuck get auditing in LA. We were convinced by Richard Stewart (the great financial expert . . . . HA!) and by ASHO, AOLA, and Flag, to embezzle farm income and give it to Flag for services. No, they didn't use the word "embezzle." They said, "Take control of your money," and "manage your flows." We nearly ended up in major trouble for that, once the money was gone and we discovered that we'd done something illegal. I don't recall the names of any of the regs involved. It was only about $17,000, but we had a very difficult time setting things right once we realized the illegality . . . we'd already given everything else to Scientology.

???? Payton, Vicki threatened suicide Vicki Payton or Fayton - told me she was considering dropping her body after the Key to Life Course. She is OT V and ex-Sea Organization. She was "given a wrong indication" in a Flag Ethics cycle. AOLA audited her for a year after her husband wrote up a complaint and sent it up lines. She divorced her husband and left her job after Key to Life.

????? Peterson, John attempted murder An attempt was made on the life of John Peterson, formerly one of Scientology's leading attorneys.

????? Pignotti, Monica CORRECTION psychosis IN THE JAN 3 MAILING MONICA WAS LISTED AS AN ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. THIS WAS FACTNet’s ERROR. Her affidavit refers to psychotic episodes while on the RPF ("complete nervous breakdown") but not attempted suicide.

????? Pinion, Spanky child abuse Spanky Pinion specifically mentioned that while she was on the RPF, she had a three pound baby. She had it rushed to the hospital. The medical officer said to tell the hospital that she was indigent so that Scientology wouldn't have to pay the bill. It was a Medicare fraud issue. Spanky believes the reasons for the study on miscarriages, also mentioned earlieer in this list, was done because Scientology would not spend any money on prenatal care and was working staff day and night, not feeding them, and putting them under such extreme stress. And that was why they were having so many problems with staff members babies.

????? Price, Ellen cancer Ellen Price - Meagan Shields thought she had very suspicious breast condition Ellen was in a co- audit for FPRD - class VI, ex - staff auditor, OT IV. I am very (the word very was underlined a couple of times) concerned about Ellen. She didn't want to check out the condition with a mammogram and was trying cleanses to deal with it.

????? Prueher, Terry N. attempted murder Although he did not die, Terry N. Prueher was told Scientology had a contract on him and was later involved in a shooting where a bullet grazed his forehead.

????? Toni Przybylski psychotic episodes Your organization has defamed me by stating in a publication that I "had psychotic episodes while on auditing." I wrote to your organizaion on March 23, 1994 and demanded a retraction of this wholly false and unfounded statement, but I have received no response.

Moreover, I have learned recently that you continue to promote and sell the document containing this lie -- and that you now do so not only with the use of the U.S. mail but also through the F.A.C.T.Net and Internet computer bulletin board systems...

80's Riddel, Betty child abuse & purification rundown Betty Riddel is still a loyal Scientologist in the Organization. In the early 80's (dating is not reliable) she went to Flag. She had promised her son some of her time for a long time. She asked him to go to the US and they would have a holiday. When he arrived he had been enroled in a course with money borrowed in his name. At some time after finding this out he left and came home. He was worried about debt and felt betrayed. He went "mad" and began beating his father and screaming at him to read dianetics etc. His father was and is retired due to illness and maintains the family home. He couldn't be handled at home in his violence and was put in a mental hospital, let out drugged and has had return visits to the hospital as an inmate. Their young daughter also despairing of attention and of constant breaking of agreements to outings and time together when in early teens began taking drugs and became a heroin addict. She was brought to me for a day when 'at her best' by a freind. She put all the light globes on the roof and without undies did handstands in front of guests. She was in the habit of running naked in the streets and stealing alcohol, etc., etc. She told me she had begun to eat her bedroom and when calm talked as a very young child walking around the house crooning to a teddy bear. Before the drugs she had the condition of being unable to eat (I have forgotten the label) At school she had excelled. Both young people had been constantly pushed to do courses or to have auditing. I don't know what they had had apart from the Purification Rundown

????? Roberts, John Purification Rundown John Roberts became comatose and died while on the purification rundown at East Grinstead.

????? Robertson (first name unknown) psychosis An individual named Robertson shot DMSO into himself while psychotic.

????? Rosenblum, Ann psychosis Ann Rosenblum became psychotic while on the RPF.

????? Rubineck, Brian death xxxxx reported that a Brian Rubineck died. He was a former guardian office member.

????? Running Bear, Arthur intentional distress Reverse auditing was done on Arthur Running Bear. He did become psychotic from the auditing.

????? Russow, Lola and Bert psychotic episodes I wrote to you on 26 July 1994, demanding that you take immediate action to remove any reference to my parents, Lola and Ben Rossouw, from your flyer and from your computerized bulletin board service.

I am hereby reiterating my demand that you take immediate action to remove the false information on my parents from your published materials and computerized bulletin board service...

????? Sams, Jan child abuse Jan Sams from Dallas had a deformed baby while in the Sea Organization.

????? Seffers, Van Purification Rundown - death Van Seffers died on the purification rundown. This is a new report since the Jan. 3 mailing that reported Van died at Flag or on his return to Europe.

????? Schnehager, Quentin suicide 1) Quentin Schnehager, a Copenhagen staff member, hung himself just before a Sea Org mission was to arrive in his organization.

2) Another report says this name should be spelled "Schnehage."

????? Smith, Homer psychosis Homer Smith states that he became psychotic on the solo OT levels, but he said he was auditing these on his own as a renegade, outside of Scientology. This could point again to the danger of using these materials when people are in trance state and it is suggested to them that they are "more than one person."

????? Smith, Rita Crane, Steven suicide Rita Smith and Steven Craine (or Crane) are reported to have committed suicide at East Grinstead.

????? Stein, Barry psychotic episodes I received your severely unacceptable form letter response to my request that you delete my name from your mailings and bulletin board service

I am sure that you are well aware that accusing someone of having ‘psychotic episodes’ is a severe and libelous defamation of character, and that you have done so with absolutely no provocation whatsoever on my part - we have never met nor have we had any mutual dealings of any kind...

????? Stouffer, Mary cancer GO member died of cancer in her 40's. Mary Stouffer was the assistant guardian in the Sacramento Organization. Staff medical negligence suspected.

????? Tate, Jill (Higgins) possible child abuse Jill Tate (Higgins) has 4 or 5 kids. She was pregnant with twins and miscarried one in the last few months.

????? Vigeland, Eric vulnerable and bilked Every cent of his inheritance to Scientology. He should never have left psychiatric care.

????? Vilinsky, Phil purification rundown 1) Phil Vilinsky died at the La Quinta in Florida. Actually during auditing, the auditor didn't know what to do. Apparently, Scientology failed to relate exactly how he died to the family; they created some sort of shore story. But, he was on the purification rundown when this happened. xxxxx is aware of this situation, and it is believed that xxxxx is aware of a lot more deaths and situations like this.

2) Phil Valinski died during auditing at La Quinta in California. Scientology withheld information from his family, according to reports.

3) You falsely alleged that my father, Phil Vilinsky, died "during auditing" and that "Scientology withheld information from his family." My father was very dear to me and I was immediately notified by members of the Church when he died, at the age of 62, of natural causes. Your insinuation that there was foul play is disgusting, and in all honesty I must say that only a really sick mind could have printed such a lie and continue to print it despite evidence to the contrary.

4) On October 13, 1994 I wrote Lawrence Wollersheim putting him on notice that the pamphlet entitled "Death, Psychosis and Scientology," contains false and demeaning statements about the circumstances surrounding the death of my father, Phil Vilinsky... I now repeat my previous demand made to Mr. Wollersheim that this material be withdrawn from your publication and that a formal statement of retraction be issued to correct this falsehood which you have disseminated...

????? Voorhies, Dave psychosis 1) Janna Moreillan who is in Seattle and a class 8 auditor since the 50s, is somehow connected to Dave Voorhies. He previously lived in Seattle, Washington and was drugged with Thorazine and told it was vitamins when he was going psychotic on OT 3.

2) Dave Voorhies, in Seattle, Washington, became psychotic on OT3 and was given thorazine which the Scientologists told him was vitamin B.

???? Wakefield, Margery psychosis &neglect I tried to do this for many years: I sat in my room, and did everything as I had been trained to do. What I actually believed I was doing was talking to these "demons" and convincing them to go away.

When doing this auditing I experienced a number of really weird things. I started getting incredible headaches. In addition, I started to have terrible nightmares, and I would wake up in the middle of the night just sweating and shaking with terror. I was getting sicker by the day. I had to call up my doctor, who was himself on 0T 3 at the time, because I was getting so sick. I really thought I was going to die.

I finally begged for some help. I was sent in to see a man called the Director of Processing. He told me I needed an even higher level of auditing than OT 3 to cure my problem. This was called New Era Dianetics for 0T's (NED for 0T's for short). Their plan worked fairly well. For the first few weeks after I arrived in Madison, I was totally psychotic. I was in terrible mental pain for weeks. I fully believed that, not having completed NED for OT's successfully, I would probably die or be taken over by the demons. I felt like I was, literally, fighting for my mind. I went through unendurable and indescribable agonies. I was in a complete state of shock. I could not deal with what had happened to me. My mind just wouldn't function at all. I couldn't understand anything that was written for a period of time. When I would listen to the television or radio, I would hear the words, but it was as if it were a foreign language. Conceptually, my mind would not interpret the sounds.

????? Welch, Bruce psychosis Bruce Welch was locked up on the Apollo for weeks after he became psychotic.

????? Wollersheim, ??? (Lawrence’s father) heart attack Lawrence Wollersheim believes that Scientology harassment was a major factor in his father's heart attack.

????? Wollersheim, Lawrence attempted suicide Lawrence Wollersheim attempted suicide immediately after receiving L-12 and other upper level auditing.

???? Wright, Alan uncertain There are two Alan Wrights. One is very well and successful as a Ron's Organization teacher. The other one signed papers, and his house was taken from him. All his money was sitting with a meter and all available materials that had been sold to him and he said, as I remember, that he couldn't have the services he'd paid for as he was an illegal PC. Some of the materials and the meter were brought to me to care for. xxxxx was concerned at the conditions that he was living in and the fact that he appeared suicidal.


????? information only various A former high ranking C/S and long time Sea Organization member reports:

*Informant has intimate knowledge of the sexual perverted conduct of L. Ron Hubbard in Casa Blanca

* Personal knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard's psychotic behavior at the Villa Lori in Morocco * Knowledge of the executive use of coercive force on Scientology staff members * Knows about things called the Truth Rundown, the Black PR Rundown, and Rollback procedures

* How to audit a pre OT or pre OT to a complete psychotic break; how actually to induce those in people

* Knowledge of the coercive tactics, fear tactics, and intelligence and counter-intelligence, and espionage methods used in Scientology and how Scientology uses auditing secrets for coercion * Knows how to use Scientology to make someone crazy without their knowing it

The following people he personally knows to have had psychotic episodes while on auditing. Some of the people on the following list are still in the Sea Organization.

CHRIS SILCOCK (John Travolta's auditor)
STEPHINE SILCOCK (Priscilla Presley's auditor)


????? (last name unknown), Joe negligence A guy died at Royal Oak, Michigan from a medical condition while receiving auditing. Death subject's name was Joe (?) and that he lived in Pontiac, Michigan and went to Royal Oak Scientology center for his services.

????? (last name unknown), Mark suicide Mark was a member of the Key Out Players and an HQS course supervisor at Celebrity Center who killed himself.

????? (last name unknown), Michaela suicide A girl named Michaela (in her 30's) committed suicide a few years ago. Her dad was actor Dennis Patrick . She did colonics. She lived in Los Feliz. She dabbled in Scientology and had lots of Scientology clients.

????? name unknown suicide A French industrialist jumped to his death while receiving Scientology auditing. He was quite wealthy.

????? name unknown murder An individual named Brown was killed. Steve Fishman connected him to a Scientology project called GOLDCORE.

????? names unknown suicide Switzerland has a number of suicides related to Scientology. One report alleges that a Scientology staff member threw a child down a cliff.

????? name unknown suicidal Chuck Devoe’s wife reportedly became suicidal after completing OT 8.

????? xxxxx inducement to suicide FACT's source refers to a person who was induced to commit suicide. She had attempted suicide four times. She had some sort of auditing about Jesus incidents which helped forward her suicide. Apparently she was sent a hand-written letter from a Scientology case worker named Sue MacDonald which implied that she should commit suicide.

????? name unknown (illegible in OCR) ??? Upon the advice of my attorney, I am hereby repeating my demand to you that my name be immediately removed from all of your publications and computerized bulletin board service.

Your expectation that I will submit the "proper form" is absurd, as you must know. The false information you published about me was completely unfounded and was libellous.

I do not intend to allow this ongoing libel to go uncorrected, and I do not intend to follow your unjustified rules for getting it corrected. I expect to receive confirmation from you by return mail that all references to me have been removed from your computerized system...

????? name unknown (illegible in OCR) ??? It has come to my attention that FACINET is distributing literature containing my name in connection with some project concerning possible lellaI action against the Church of Sdentology.

I have not given FACTNET permission to use my name, nor do I have any intention of doing Furthermore, I strongly object to your me of my name in connection with this or any other activities FACINET might choose to undertake, ._.

????? name unknown suicide A girl or women in Dearborn, Michigan became suicidal during auditing. Scientology stopped auditing her and made her sign a waiver and made her use her credit cards to buy a whole bunch more auditing and run up all kinds of bills on the credit cards.

????? name unknown suicide An older woman from Switzerland jumped to her death off the pier in Clearwater while on the OT levels. Immediately after her suicide the GO sent a bunch of people to the RPF.

????? names unknown psychosis Two Swedish public PC's, one from Stockholm and one from Malmo, became psychotic after Flag sec checking.

????? name unknown suicide A London public PC threw himself in front of a train while depressed during auditing.

????? name unknown psychosis An affidavit from a former high ranking auditor states that if staff members became psychotic on the OT levels they were sent to the RPF. This may indicate an attempt to cover up Scientology- induced psychotic episodes within the organization.

????? name unknown suicide An army officer watching a demonstration of how to use an E-meter to find subversives committed suicide shortly after the demonstration.

????? name unknown murder The Franchise holder from Stuttgart Germany was summoned under duress to Flag and then died in a salvage operation while in Florida.

????? name unknowb suicide A friend of Ari Salonen's committed suicide in Stockholm.

????? names unknown psychosis According to an ex-Sea org member, it was a common occurrence both on the Apollo and in Clearwater to have staff and RPFer's who became psychotic locked in the bathroom.

????? name unknown suicide or murder A women said her cousin was pushed off a building by Scientologist many years ago and that she is afraid to say anything more about it. Apparently Scientology found out she was going to file a lawsuit and sent in a plant to subvert the lawsuit.

????? name unknown inducement to suicide A bogged Toronto public pc became psychotic and was sent a letter implying that suicide was her best road out.

????? names unknown psychosis Paulette Cooper's book mentions an individual who became psychotic and suicidal on OT3 and committed himself to avoid suicide Cooper's book mentions another individual who threatened suicide but didn't because he was afraid it would invalidate Scientology. Robert Kaufman (author of "Inside Scientology") is also mentioned in Cooper’s book.

????? names unknown suicide Paulette Cooper's book reports a person who left a suicide note emphasizing that it had "nothing to do with Scientology."

????? names unknown suicide Hubbard claimed that a publisher committed suicide by jumping from a window after reading Excalibur, the early version of the OT Levels.

????? name unknown Purification Rundown - death A gentleman in Washington state died on the purification rundown.

????? names unknown psychosis Ann Rosenblum's affidavit tells about GO/OSA members bragging about driving 2 defectors/critics into a mental institution with nervous breakdowns.

????? name unknown suicide There is a report that an individual who had just gone clear committed suicide in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

????? name unknown murder A real estate broker died mysteriously in the Clearwater Florida area. Prior to his death, this individual had an argument with David Miscavige over some property Miscavige wanted to buy from him. He was not a member.

????? name unknown suicide coverup 1) A person, name unknown, drowned in a bathtub at Flag. The GO/OSA apparently went to the guy's room and sanitized it in the sense of removing anything that would incriminate Scientology before the police arrived to do their investigation. They created a shore story that he fell down in the bathtub, and that's how he died (FACT's contributor was there at the time). There was a tremendous hush hush about anything having to do with this guys death. The implication from FACT's contributor is that the sanitized room stopped any meaningful investigation by local police.

2) The person we mentioned in our first questionnaire who drowned in the bathtub at the Flag Land Base was actually from Germany, so that is an additional piece of information.

3) There is also a report of a woman who "drowned" in a bathtub at Flag.

4) The woman who drowned in a bathtub was a man whose name I forget. He was a German, and had been very improperly allowed on to NOTs which he could not run... This was in 1980.

????? name unknown airplane crash I was told that the First Officer of the Air Florida 737 that crashed in the river in Washington, DC was on OT III. There was a mission sent to hush up the fact that he was a Scientologist.

??? name unknown purification rundown A woman given the protective pseudonym "Allison" by Corydon in his book tells of almost dying on the purification rundown.

??? name unknown purification rundown A Scientologist named Christopher (last name unknown) died on this rundown. Scientology (Western Division) was reported to have quickly settled a wrongful death case with his family. An ex-GO/OSA member recently reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon's 3 counties to cover up this case.

??? name unknown purification rundown A Scientologist in Washington state, name unknown, died on the purification rundown.

????? name unknown suicide Fact's source lived with a young man for approximately a week, in LA, in the '72 time frame. They were taking Scientology courses. He was in his 20's, about 5' 8" tall with dark hair and eyes. The source later saw him at Flag, Clearwater, FL in '76 or '77. The source heard later from the ED of Detroit Organization. Patty ? (last name unknown) that he was receiving auditing in Detroit, but he had badly stalled and was in a lot of trouble. He was sent to Flag to get cleaned up; he was seriously overrun. When I saw him at Flag, he was under constant care and looking at rocks. He was sent home 3 weeks later to Detroit. A couple of months later, he hung himself from a rafter in his garage. His best friend was on staff, and his name was Mark. Pattie, the ex ED would know them. He might be from the Flint, Michigan area.

????? name unknown psychosis A Beverly Hills pediatrician who joined the Sea Org and then became psychotic.

????? name unknown suicide Jim (last name unknown) was found dead in Queens, N.Y. while on an ethics handling.

????? name unknown intentional distress A former NOTS C/S reports that he knows of individuals who were ordered by the GO/OSA to "reverse audit" security risks.

????? name unknown negligence A child was run over at the Scientology nursery in Clearwater. This may be a covered up negligence situation.

To the reader:

Only by assembling all of our personal recollections concerning the individuals and circumstances mentioned herein will it be possible to pierce any possible Scientology coverups and prevent possible future calamaties. It is a miracle in many ways that the reports mentioned in this questionnaire have squeezed through the cracks of Scientology's secrecy structure, intelligence agency procedures, and practice of destroying incriminating documents.

If you are a current or former Scientologist or work with or know current or former members, please review these reports. If you recognize any of the names or have any other information, please contact us immediately. Send your information (even in preliminary form) to: Scientology Investigation, c/o F.A.C.T.Net, 601 16th St. #C-217, Golden, Colorado 80403, U.S.A.


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