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[Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a psychologist(?) of dubious mental stability who has her own radio advice call-in program.] - unknown

Fredric L. Rice comments:

When "Dr. Laura" rants about being mad, I couldn't agree more. She most certainly appears to be. Perhaps the homophobic bigot ment to say "angry" instead of "mad" in the following hate- filled rant.

What makes this hate-filled bigot angry is the fact that she's a homophobic bigot and she's trying to draw attention away from the fact that she's an adultress, a pornographer, and a fornicator.

They always scream the loudest, it seems, when protesting their own guilty natures.

What makes her angry is the fact that people like her are finding it rather difficult to suppress and oppress innocent people any more in the United States. All these bigots can do is rant and scream in impotent anger as they watch the objects of their insane hatred and bigotry get treated as equals -- something that just happens to be an ideal we hold sacred in the United States (an ideal that Republicans don't seem to hold dear any more, I might add.)

Leave the United States, Dr. Laura. Spew your hatred and spittle in Iran where it's more in keeping with your petty little bigotries and embarrassing delusions.

Dr. Laura:

Barnard College

I'm going to take on Barnard. More than that, I'm going to take on the gay and lesbian activists because I've had enough of you. Not that this will keep the activists from misconstruing what I've said, but I didn't say I've had it with gay and lesbians. I just wanted to make it clear that I am sick and tired and fed up with the tyrannical power of the gay and lesbian activists. And most of you people are so gutless to confront it because you know how they name call and you know how powerful and hostile they can get and you crumble like Barnard crumbled.

First, a potpourri in the newspapers today. This was in the Los Angeles Times ' an article by Robert Scheer, a syndicated columnist (so this is everywhere), supporting Michael Huffington, the Republican Candidate for the Senate in 1994 who came out as gay. Who cares? I don't care. Arianna knew and she didn't care. So, I don't care. I feel sorry for his kids and the fact that they got a divorce. There is a sentence that is a blatant lie and I'm ready to prove it' Scheer says being homosexual is clearly not a lifestyle choice designed to interfere with the freedom of others. I contend that's been twisted into a major interference with heterosexuality which is now the bad guys automatically.

Listen to what happened at Barnard. It turns out that there are brochures (Barnard students must not have enough school-work to do if they can go perusing the stack of brochures that are sent out) and evidently one of the brochures boasted that the graduates of women's colleges were more likely to marry and have children than women graduating from co-ed colleges. Well, the lesbians took offense to this.

It's a fact but facts are not relevant to activist groups ' I am so angry about this I cannot tell you. Barnard is the sister school of Columbia, I did my graduate work at Columbia. If I were there now I would be picketing Barnard for being weenies, wimps and just giving it up, to the pressure of these lesbians ' I'm really tired of this happening at the university level.

The students saw the statement that the college did not value lesbians as it valued other students. What kind of moronic crap is that? A Barnard senior said it was 'a slap in our face.' Huh? It was under the section, Alumni Achievements, along with the fact that women's college alumni account for 30 percent of the highest-ranking women in corporations. I'm surprised the lesbian activists didn't go after that too because aren't corporations the evil empire? Why didn't they go after that? We don't want that piece of information out either.

A representative from Barnard said that the real message we wanted to send is that women can have it all. Ppplllttt! They can have satisfying work lives and satisfying personal lives and their satisfying personal lives can come in many different varieties but the lesbians said 'No, this is a smack in the face to lesbians, we don't get married, you're insulting us.' That bit that Shear says about not interfering with the freedom of others is damned well interfering with the freedom of normal, regulation heterosexual people, or the backbone of humanity. If they're not, then the plants take over the planet because we're not going to reproduce. We cannot assert that women can be married, have children, get an education of this superior level without insulting a few lesbians?

I'm sorry, hear it one more time perfectly clearly: If you're gay or a lesbian, it's a biological error that inhibits you from relating normally to the opposite sex. The fact that you are intelligent, creative and valuable is all true. The error is in your inability to relate sexually intimately, in a loving way to a member of the opposite sex ' it is a biological error.

People who are gay or lesbian are not to be hated or attacked. I spent most of my career supporting groups like Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays because I didn't want families to throw out their children simply because they were gay or lesbian ' they are still decent and functional human beings or maybe they're not because that indecency goes everywhere. A bunch of guys having sex after leaving bars with each other is indecent. Likewise, a bunch of heterosexuals leaving bars with each other and having sex with each other is indecent. I don't care which way it flies.

I am enraged that Barnard crumbled under this crap. A slap in the face to lesbians? They have a problem! They have an error. Be kind and compassionate but don't eliminate the reality of heterosexuality so they won't feel bad.

Damn! I am so mad. I don't support the activist gays and lesbians anymore. At the time that I did, I was supportive of the reality of gay and lesbianism and supportive of families embracing their family members and being kind and compassionate. I was warned about this and I ignored it. See what the activists do? They take it to the point where they want to bury heterosexuality as hetero-sexist now. I am hetero-sexist because I support marriage between a man and a woman.

I'm hetero-sexist because I think the best opportunity for a child to grow up is in a loving, healthy, heterosexual family. I am now a bad thing because I support that.

It's not an achievement that a school produces intelligent, competent women who value marriage and children. The gay and lesbian activists at Barnard said 'that was bad' and Barnard crumbled. You parents of lesbians, send your daughters to Barnard ' you parents of straight girls, there are other opportunities.


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