Scientology Crime Syndicate

Earthlink Continues To Tamper with ARS
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 18:27:56 -0800

Something wierd is going on and I take great offense at it. The Church of Scientology is well-known and reputed for taking extreme measures against their critics, and it is also well-known that the President & CEO is a dedicated Scientologist as are many employees of Earthlink. Are employees of Earthlink responsible for the non-accessibility to post on a newsgroup composed of Scientologists and Scientology critics ~ alt.religion.scientology? I don't know! I have been assured by members of the Earthlink corporation this is not the case. Yet, I (a former Scientologist) continue to experience problems accessing the newsgroup leading me to use the DejaNews link.

Also, in the last 2 months, unknownst to me, certain individuals have been forging the most offensive, racist and anti-Semitic posts under my Earthlink e-mail address, and crossposting these offensive messages to newsgroups involving individuals targeted by these hateful messages. Yet, Earthlink claims it can do nothing to prevent such occurrences. Also, I am prevented from cancelling these forged messages from the now 13 newsgroups that have been crossposted.

If this offensive activity is not dealt with appropriately in 48 hours, then I will address it to Earthlink in a legal manner and change to another reputable provider.

Garry Scarff

"Excuse me, are you a lesbian? Because you really look like one." OSA goon, CW, 12/5/98


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