Scientology Crime Syndicate

EarthLink.NET is a Scientology front company, origionally created and financed by the Scientology crime syndicate through money given to the cult by some of Hollywood's high-paid actors.

Numerious individuals who have worked for this cult front company in the past have come forward to describe the fact that EarthLink's help desk's employees (all Scientologists as you'll see at the end of this list) are ordered to claim that the Scientology crime syndicate doesn't own and run EarthLink.NET. (See comments by ex-exployees of EarthLink.NET on The Skeptic Tank's web site.)

The fact is, EarthLink.NET and RelayPoint.NET are both Scientology crime syndicate front companys that work very hard to hide the fact and work very hard to down-play the financing and origins of their companies.

The fact is, the security of one's e-mail which flows through these two companies is highly suspect and users who subscribe to either of these services should consider very carefully the history of the Scientology crime syndicate.

dkleins@earthlink.net Diane Klein
brucejg@earthlink.net Bruce J Goldman - Boca Raton, FL
cheys@earthlink.net Carol Heys - Pasadena, CA
dkleins@earthlink.net Diane Klein - Carlsbad, CA
draemr@earthlink.net Michael Tilse
hanse@earthlink.net Hans Eisenman - Los Angeles, CA
jjm@earthlink.net Jack Molisani
jneberhard@earthlink.net John Eberhard - El Monte, CA
locomp@earthlink.net Ned Hoover - Palo Alto, CA
mgale@earthlink.net Marie Gale - Charlotte, NC
mobrien@earthlink.net Michael O'Brien - Los Angeles, CA
nopsyx@earthlink.net Dennis Clarke - Los Angeles, CA
pero@earthlink.net Alice Pero
petermead@earthlink.net Peter Mead - Tujunga, CA
riggs@earthlink.net Riggs Eckelberry - Topanga, CA
theta_data@earthlink.net Randy Tobin
helpdesk@earthlink.net Aleksey Tsalolikhin - Los Angeles,

Click here for some additional truth about the Scientology crime syndicate: XENU.NET

This web page (and The Skeptic Tank) is in no way connected with nor part of the Scientology crime syndicate. To review the crime syndicate's absurdly idiotic web pages, check out www.scientology.org or any one of the many secret front groups the cult attempts to hide behind.

Further facts about this criminal empire may be found at Operation Clambake and FACTNet.


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