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Wulfen - www.total.net/~wulfen/scn/ wrote in article <3719479b.0@news2.lightlink.com>... > I'm posting this for an ex-Toronto Scientologist. He's the guy who's
> been giving us doughnuts at the last two pickets. In his own words:
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> Scientology and Me
> Twenty Eight years Later
> This is what happened to me at the Church of Scientology of Toronto.
> Their headquarters was a large house on Avenue Road, near Davenport,
> that burned down within days of their move to the current Yonge
> Street location.

> The sinker was a process called "The book and the bottle". I'm not
> sure if I can recount the exact process accurately, but details are
> available elsewhere on the internet. Here's the trick; Again a
> repetitive set of meaningless commands must be carried out until the
> end product is reached. The end product is the soul leaves the body.
> Scientologists call this exteriorization. There is no description of
> what exteriorization feels like, you decide for yourself. One of two
> things should happen during this process.

Yes this Book and a bottle goes like this. What you have is a book on one table and a bottle on another ( these two items aren't important but it is really just two objects) and your co-partner commands you (tone 40) to go over and pick the book up. And when you do he commands you to put it down. Then he acknowledges you. Then he commands you to walk over there and and pick the bottle up and then put it down and then acks you. This is to go on and on and on and on and on until the person......~and get this~....until the person can do it willingly, w/o objection and it is no problem for him to do this item. He is supposed to do it effortlessly and is supposed to like it. Actually the EP might be exteriorization but at this stage of the game there is no way to tell if you can exteriorize or not. This is part of, or is, ( memory failing me) standard operation procedure 8C or SOP8C and is considered an objective process. You usually take the objective processes right after the purif.

LRH said that people actually critisize him of hyptnotizing people but this in 'reality' draws out hyptnotism and is beneficial. Actually what this process does is make a person able to do repetitive tasks and learn how to take commands w/o objecion. I can imagine him using this when people didn't take his commands the way he liked them to. I actually blew before I got done the book and bottle. It was too creepy and I had too many ARC breaks with staff. I would say the only thing that kept me in Scientology for as long as I was there was my desperate situation and the few people who I couold relate to. Some were my age and I was familiar with the area they used to live in and the people whom he hung out with. Other than that, there wasn't much there keeping me. Thank god I didn't have a great deal of money. Who knows where I would be.

> Either you get sick and
> tired of it and you will leave (blow) and the scientologists will
> pressure you to return, or you will decide that you have left your
> body at which point you'll have to also admit to yourself that
> scientology is a scientific process, concerned with the human soul
> that will deliver what it promises.

Yes, perhaps this is a turning point in Scientology where it is a test of whether you will stay or go.

> Granfalloon
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