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Ingo Heinemann:

Statement given on 23.4.99 in the building of the National Assembly in Paris.

Ladies and Gentlemen, because there are only very few Germans here I gave my script to them and speak in English to you.

I am speaking for the German umbrella organization AGPF Campaign for Intellectual and Psychic Freedom.

17 other organizations are members of the AGPF.

In Germany, new cults started about 1970. It was Friedrich Wilhelm Haack who first informed a broad public about this topic.

Like many people he had problems with the terms sect or cult. So he 1974 called it "Youth Religion". Since then a lot of terms have been suggested.

None of them were adopted in the colloquial language. But we have to use the colloquial language if we want to reach the public.

About 1975 the first organization to provide assistance and information on cults was founded in Germany. Shortly before, a similar organization was founded in France.

The AGPF was founded in 1978. Shortly after nearly 1000 people died in Jonestown in Guyana. Among them 276 children. The press is still talking about mass suicide.

There are about 30 organizations in Germany that deal with cults.

These organizations have three missions:
1. to help
2. to inform the public
3. to cause changes.

To cause changes: For that a lot of suggestions have been discussed and are still discussed.

Important changes are caused by laws.

Therefore the AGPF suggested a law in the year 1984. Nobody considered this suggestion.

A law is not a total solution.
A law cannot eliminate the problems.
As everybody knows, murdering is prohibited. Inspite of that, people are murdered.

But a law can cause changes. Thats what we want.

The AGPF is neutral. We dont concern ourselves with religion or faith.

But: 90 % of the cults sell something. So they make contracts.

Often it is impossible to find out
- what was sold,
- whether the contract was fulfilled or not,
- who pays for damages.

So it is impossible to determine, whether the customer was defrauded.

In Europe there was a similar problem with vacation offerings. Such trips consist of many components: transport, accomodation, food, for example.

Nobody was responsible if something went wrong. Always the others were the culprit.

Today we have a European traveling law. The Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours.


Some cults are very rich. Often they keep the money they should have given back to the customers. For Scientology, I estimate, this are millions of Euros a year.

Some of these cults use the money to fight against criticism. To fight against the critics and the governments.

And to prevent consumer protection.

Therefore a law is necessary. A European consumer protection law.

A law for the psycho market, which has existed about 20 years.

What do I mean with psycho market?

In the psycho market, psychological services are sold with psychological methods.

Psychologial services and methods can be useful and they can be harmful.

The Australian Anderson Report of 1965 says:

"... the evidence shows (Scientology ) to be psychology practised in a perverted and dangerous way by persons who are not only lacking any qualifications which would fit them to practise psychology but who have been indoctrinated and trained in beliefs and practices which equip them to do no more than apply dangerous techniques harmfully and indiscriminately.

Control scientology by controlling Psychology."

Anderson said this in 1965.

He added: "The practice of scientology is a business, and its attraction lies in the opportunity it affords for making money."

This business belongs to the psycho market. I think, it is not necessary to control psychology.

But it is necessary to regulate the psycho market.

In Germany there was a bill in the Bundestag. At the end of the legislative period it was not enacted into law. Now it has to be started again.

The german bill does have a very complicated name, which I cannot translate: "Lebensbew=E4ltigungshilfegesetz". But the subject matter is very easy. It is a contractual law.

There are the same problems in all European countries. In no country there is such a law.

Therefore it would be wise to make a European law.

Of course such a European law is not a real law. It is a directive which must be made to a law in the different countries.

I do not want to repeat what should be in such a law. Mrs. Caberta talked about that yesterday.

Only one point: Such a law does not have to do something with religion.

Such a contractual law deals with proposals, money and contracts.

No sale, no contract.

Tomorrow we discuss, which recommendations this assembly will make.

I beg you:

Please vote for a European law for psycho contracts.

Autor: Ingo Heinemann 1. Version 27.4.99



TIME January 27, 1997: "Says Ingo Heinemann, of the Bonn-based Campaign for Intellectual and Psychic Freedom, a parent's committee: "Consumer protection is already the law for medical or food items, and it's time that the state regulates the psycho market as well. These organizations can take away people's ability to protect themselves." Various German states have heeded this advice, but there are also voices raised against intervention, calling it at best unnecessary, at worst discriminatory." (Rod Usher: Religion - Cult Control. European governments search for ways to contain the growing influence of religious sects without endangering freedom of belief).


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