Once in a while a cheat comes along and states -- seemingly without any guilt or concern for the consequences -- a lie so blatant that it brings renewed amazement among cult watchers as to just how low cult leaders can get.

Several years ago there was a spokesman for the Ku Klux Klan on television who's remarks about blacks were indistinguishable from the statements made by this cult leader offered below. Said KKK spokesman said that they didn't hate "niggers," they were just trying to "expose the nigger for what he is."

Review the following interview of cult leader James Dobson by Larry King. Afterward I'll have more to say about this "humanitarian."

Larry King Live

Conservative Christian Leader Dr. James Dobson Discusses "Focus On The Family" Aired May 6, 1998 - 9:00 p.m. ET


KING: How do you feel about that constituency that is gay that feels they, too, have the right to be a family? They didn't choose to be gay -- I don't know how we chose our sex. Why should they be condemned not to have -- why can't two gay people raise a child?

DOBSON: Well, Larry, I think there is a moral issue here, because I take my moral standards from scripture, that's the only basis for judging behavior that I have. But even in that situation, I -- have less a problem with a person choosing to do what I think is wrong, because a lot of us do, and I've been guilty myself as opposed to activist groups who are determined to push an agenda that is harmful to the institution of the family. That's where I weigh in.

KING: But as you said, if you stand up for something, no matter what public opinion is, you stand up.

DOBSON: That's right.

KING: If we can assume that nobody chose their own sexuality -- I didn't choose heterosexual, I assume -- I don't know if you did choose it, how you chose it. But they didn't choose homosexuality, how can they be blamed for something they had nothing to do with it?

DOBSON: Well, I don't -- I'm not in the position of blaming people. And if you listened to my broadcast through the years, despite what some homosexuals have said, I have never attacked anybody. I have never condemned anybody, I believe there should be dignity and respect for every member of the human family, including those with whom I disagree. But when it comes to advocating policy, I will support that which I think is healthy for families and for the country.

KING: And you would probably admit that there are many gay conservatives, many gays in the Republican Party? It's a Democratic issue.

DOBSON: Certainly are. They have people of all types in the Democratic and Republican Party.

The audacity to demand that this cult leader never demonized or expressed his hatred against homosexuals is expected. His ignorant belief that one may select one's sexuality is also expected. The evil, however, of glibly proclaiming homosexuality to be some how "unhealthy for families and the country" is a new low for this cult leader. Such hate rhetoric is both irresponsible and "demonic!"

As for his mock concern for family, this cult leader was caught in the mid 1980's repeatedly fucking his radio partner's wife -- not a criminal offense, of course, yet the resulting blackmail and fraudulent mishandleing of cult money which culminated in the break up of Dobson and his partner certainly was; crimes which he was required to answer for and which were fully disclosed by the Los Angeles Times in a multi-part series investigating the cult.

So much for "protecting the family." How many of his cult followers even know about his past? Make a guess how many would even care.

As for the hatred of innocent millions of homosexuals, review my coverage of the cult from the inside in Some Truth About Focus On The Family.

The evil of some Christians knows no bounds.


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