To: Ken Carl
From: "Fredric L. Rice"
Subject: evolution

At 22:38 12/9/98 -0500, Ken Carl wrote:

>You criticize Christianity for holding un-provable beliefs

Actully, only a few percentage of Christians attempt to impose their religious beliefs upon the populace. The remaining majority who accept the fact that faith should be enough I have no problems with at all.

>when you are just as guilty.

When you can find any examples of where I'm "just as guilty," I do hope you'll manage to set aside some time and provide some specifics.

>You support evolution yet it is only a theory, and has
>yet to be proven.

That's a rather curious statement. How do you explain the fact of evolution, then? While it's true there are a number of theories which seek to explain evolution, how do you explain evolution?

>There is NO evidence that the evolution as described
>by Charles Darwin has ever taken place and in fact it defies the laws of
>thermodynamics in tremendous ways.

Your religious leaders forgot to inform you that the Second Thermodynamic Law applies only to closed systems. If you can manage it, take a walk outside some bright morning, look up, and notice that bright ball of burning gas. It's called a "Sun" and it is part of the thermo system of the Earth and thus Earth is not a closed system.

>How about the law that says that all
>matter moves from order to chaos?

You're thinking of entrophy. And entrophy doesn't say that all matter "moves from order to chaos." Entrophy describes the overall trend of a system as a whole to seek an un-ordered state. Pockets of order are obviously allowed since they obviously exist -- the Sun which I mentioned previously is an example of chaos combining to form order.

>How does this support evolution.

Well, without entrophy, there would be no arrow of time and as such life probably couldn't exist -- certainly not in the forms we see it.

>So get off your pompous horse and support your own theories and then you
>may have a leg to stand on. You sound like the uneducated fools that
>you berate in your article!

You might wish to actually learn something about which your religious masters have been lying to you about. Any number of popularized books are available at your local library if you desire to educate yourself.

As the Chairman of The Skeptic Tank, I would be willing to expend a little time with you by offering the ISBNs of several books which could be of invaluable assett to you.

Just let me know.


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