From: "Fredric L. Rice"
Subject: WHY? Degrade a Child of God that has made a mistake?

At 15:21 1/21/99 EST, wrote:

>He answers for his sins to God, not to us.

1) Who?

2) Which god?

3) Do you have any evidence for this god?

>Leave him alone and go read your bible.

4) Who?

5) Which bible? I've read a great many. Do you have a specific bible in mind? Do you have a specific piece of a specific bible in mind?

> God forgives, do you think you are higher than God?

6) Do you have evidence that this god of yours "forgives?"

7) What do you mean by "higher?"

If you would, please provide some answers so that I might help you divest yourself of some serious problems in logic and education.



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