From: "Fredric L. Rice"
Subject: WHY? Degrade a Child of God that has made a mistake?

At 12:25 1/22/99 EST, wrote:

>Yes there is a reason why I do not answer your
>questions......I answer to God, not Satan or his followers.

Translation: You're unable to answer questions honestly because you know you're unable to be honest with yourself and still try to convince yourself that your master's fantasies are some how real.

The fact is, you realize you've been brainwashed and controlled and you further realize there's no hope of freeing your mind and returning to that thinking, reasoning person you once were before your masters got ahold of you. You had mistakenly thought that you could unthinkingly spout off your master's occult prattle in an E-mail message to me and now be held responsible for your own actions. Indeed, you're trying to blame _your_ inability to think and reason honestly upon your master's "Satan" god.

Typical Christian.

When you can find evidence for your "Satan" god or any of your other goed, be sure to get back to me. Until then, free your mind.

Thanks in advance.


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