NOTE: The "child of god" the cultist is talking about is the pedophile Jimmy Swaggart. - flr

From: "Fredric L. Rice"
Subject: WHY? Degrade a Child of God that has made a mistake?

At 23:59 1/22/99 EST, wrote:

>Don't need my Master's to kick in.......

Yes, your programming would appear to be complete.

>God will answer in own own way with you.

Translation: Lacking any evidence and being unable to answer questions, petty occult threats are attempted in a vain and desperate need to divert attention away from the fact.

>You are just a baffling person who has no proof or knowledge, just
>someone who loves email with an argument. Sorry, I don't argue.....God is my
>shield in all things...
>QUESTIONS...... HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

When you find evidence for any of your gods, you'll let me know, won't you?

Thanks in advance.


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