From: Rod Swift
Subject: Re: WHY? Degrade a Child of God that has made a mistake?
To: (Fredric L. Rice)
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 15:02:54 +0800 (WST)

>> Yes there is a reason why I do not answer your questions......I answer to
>> God, not Satan or his followers. If you don't mind, may I ask you a few
>> questions?
>> 1. Why do you not beleive in God?

Because no substantial, credible evidence exists to purport washing my mind of the illogical claims of such a non-entity.

>> 2. What has God ever done to you to make you have so much hate in your heart?

This is a loaded question. Have you stopped beating your wife? You assume I have "hate" where none exists.

>> 3. Have you ever attended church?

Yes, numerous.

>> 4. Were you brought up by your parents to beleive that God does not exist?

No. God was never mentioned in my house. My parents gave me free choice to do whatever I wanted with my brain.

>> 5. Are your parents still alive to see what Satan has embedded in their childs
>> mind?

Another loaded question. Have you stopped sexually assaulting your children?

>> Just for the record, please understand that you are not talking to an
>> "un"educated person.

No doubt you have received *lessons*. Whether you learned anything is entirely different.

>> Graduate of Michigan State University and Penn State.

That's nice. Totally meaningless in the whole "educated" stake of things. Some evidence of your non-"education" includes your obviously biased line of questioning to the point of loading questions (as indicated) above.

>> Not trying to be smart or brag, just tired of you thinking that you need to
>> educate me on God or any other subject.

I'd rather educate you on your complete inability to question what you hold as fundamental. That's one of the most important barriers people must break through to *learn* -- that they must approach all issues with the ability to reason and understand without bias.

If you can't put your religion aside and question whether there truly is a god or not, then you're not educated but brainwashed.

>>Hey, remember.......God Loves You, He's watching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it when God gets to watch me having sex with my boyfriend ... even though he doesn't really exist.

After all, if he did, wouldn't he do something about it?

What an *impotent* god.


P.S. I'm the gay!


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