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Subject: Basics (of Scientology)
From: "Safe" <Safe2WC@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 13:48:09 -0700

Rob Judd <judd@alphalink.com.au> wrote in message

> Nathan,
> That's like asking to be taught a PhD in one message. It can't be done.
> Read some Scientology books. I'd suggest:
> Scientology: The fundamentals of thought
> Dianetics: The original thesis
> as good basics.
> Rob
> Clear 13611
> Scientologist since 1975

Hi Nathan,

I apologize for Rob Judd's curt reply. He's not known here for his grace and diplomacy. He's a church of Scientologist who is a loyalist to the organization called the Church of Scientology. You'll find most of them here on ARS dodge frank questions and do not confront what critics bring forth.

Realize that the Church of Scientology (CofS) and Scientology are two different subjects.

CofS is an organization of a specific group of dominated Scientologists who have to abide by 271 laws of CofS (which are a "crime" to break). I call them "church of Scientologists" to clarify this group. But there are many Scientologists OUTSIDE this socialist group who are "free" Scientologists. Many refer to them as Freezone Scientologists or "Freezoners."

Only the church of Scientologists believe L. Ron Hubbards words are "holy" and that it is a sacrilege to criticize them. CofS even has an official policy against "joking and degrading." It is an actual crime. They firmly believe that all CofS policy is right and do not take into account Ron's 3rd dynamic case (Rons aberations/insanities regarding groups). Church of Scientologists don't believe Ron can be wrong. They can't confront the possibility because it would shatter their view of him as being the ultimate "OT" (Operating Thetan/Spirit) who figured it ALL out and had it ALL "mapped."

But not all Scientologists believe Ron was a perfect being or a God. Freezone Scientologists believe that Ron has contributed fantastically to the resolution of the problems of the human mind and spirit but they still know that improvements can be made.

So many are what they call "tech finders" who are trying to refine the "science." Any true science can be further refined. So if Scientology is truly a science as it is claimed, then it should be welcomed for further developments. Unfortunately, when Ron died, the CofS dropped the reseach line hat. So the Freezoners have picked it up where Ron left off.

The result has been real improvements in the subject. The subject of Scientology is very broad but the whole idea of Scientology is to know how to improve conditions ... to take something from its current state and make it better than it was. The subject deals with specific "processes" (drills) one does to increase one's awareness and abilities.

The Fundamentals of Thought gives you a good idea of the subject, true. But for specific processes written by L. Ron Hubbard that you can DO, I suggest getting the book "Self-Analysis", "Handbook for Preclears", and "The Creation of Human Ability."

A Freezoner who calls themselves "The Pilot" has written a book called "The Self-Clearing Book" which involves specific processes which you can do all by yourself. This book is free for downloading on the internet. Go to ...


People have found this to be an alternative "bridge" to the Church of Scientology's expensive $360,000 bridge to freedom. It's given hope to lots of Scientologists who've realized they can't afford the church's bridge but want to continue improving themselves.

Besides the cost of CofS's expensive bridge, it is my opinion that the actual organized orthodox church group tends to make church of Scientologists crazier faster than they can personally improve on the bridge. What 1rst dynamic (self) case gain they get ... gets nullified by the suppression of the 3rd dynamic (group.)

In Scientological terms, this is called PTS. Church of Scientologists are PTS to the suppressive upper management of the church. PTS means they are "the effect" of oppression. It is known in Scientology tech that one cannot make "case gain" when they are surrounded by oppression in their lives.

The unfortunate situation is that church of Scientologists can't believe they are oppressed because their communication is censored and so they can't get all the correct information to think clearly. They are also afraid to speak out openly about their disagreements for fear of losing their CofS bridge. They don't realize there are alternatives. This is kept a secret by CofS as much as possible.

So many (like myself) have opted for the Freezone instead of the rigid Church of Scientology organization. It's hard for me to believe that one can become "totally free" (a goal of Scientology) in a fascist organization like CofS. In fact it sounds like a lie (which I believe it is.)

In my opinion, I'd do an independent study of Scientology on your own so you get a non-oppressed view of it.

I hope I've done a fair job for you. As you can see, there are quite a few terms in Scientology so it's not easy to explain in one easy breath.

Yours for clarity and openness, Safe, an authentic, informed NON-CofS Scientologist because CofS's ethics went out.

> Nathan Sparks wrote:
> >
> > Would someone be so kind as to explain to me the basic beliefs behind
> > scientology?
> > thanks in advance

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