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Subject: Who is Garry Scarff?
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May I remind you of a few articles from Garry Scarff, and at the same time wonder if he really is a multi personality type of individual. Now he's back on the same old shit track again.

Here is what Garry had fwd'ed to a.r.s, by exscio@aol.com (ExScio), due to his multi killfiled standard. Ask yourself if Scarff lives up to what he says here:

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Thanks for giving me your attention. Regardless of what you think of the man, or whether you would rather see him barbequed on a spit or treated like a person who really needs help, you should take a moment to read the following. It may explain a lot.

Garry asked that I post this for him (I can't really blame him, though I'm not acting as an apologist either).

It is important because it shows how Scientology victimizes people for its own purposes without regard for the consequences it creates. And most of us would agree that that is the whole point of why we are here.

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 04:15:03 -0700

From: Garry Scarff
Subject: The Real Garry Scarff

I want to thank the people whom have e-mailed me over the last few days and expressed their love and concern, if not exasperation, over the derisive posts on ARS that have been made about me and I have made about others, in kind. It has, indeed, gotten out of hand and I share the blame for it's occurrences. I regret it and I apologize and it will not happen again. I know that I have made promises before and in time, you will know that this time, I am serious.

I have not decided whether to leave ARS and post constructively or leave ARS and try to put the whole Scientology ordeal behind me. I do recognize many things about myself and others on ARS.

First, real recovery whether it be from AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction or cultic involvement, gives a person the chance to tell the truth about who they are, the whole story, everything that brought them to where they are today. For many of us, being honest about our childhoods and adulthoods is a painful and new experience, and not one that I have considered. But I'm gradually realizing that when we get honest with ourselves, do we begin to see the patterns, the behaviors, and situations that keep repeating themselves in our relationships, jobs, illnesses, accidents, etc. Honesty, IMHO, helps us to break the patterns, learn the lessons, bless and curse the past, and let it go. I, regretfully, have not been able to let it go.

As a product of an abusive and neglected childhood, who was always reminded as a small child by an alcoholic parent that I was a loser, an unwanted child and would get nowhere in life, and another parent who walked out on the family, I sought love, affection, affirmation and compliment from whomever gave it to me as a child, as an adult, as a member of CAN, as an operative for the Church of Scientology, and to the present.

Dennis Erlich and Priscilla Coates have often referred to my using the Jonestown Tragedy as a tool to draw attention to myself. They are absolutely correct. That did happen, at a time I was experiencing family problems and conflicted feelings about Scientology have visited the Mission of Davis and meeting some very nice people, and those whom opposed it, confusing to me because I had relatively no knowledge of either. So troubled that my college grades dropped and I was suspended for 6 months from college for receiving one credit out of the required 12 for the term. The Unification Church (Moonies) was hot news back then, and it interested me somewhat, until one of it's front groups, CARP appeared on campus to recruit and I was intrigued and attended their meetings. Later, I read about the parents of two Moonies in a book by a former Moonie, that they lived in Portland and I contacted them. I invited them to my college to talk about their references to the Moonies as a "destructive cult". They later invited me to their counseling center, the Positive Action Center, and we eventually drew close to one another. I came to see Anne Greek as a source of encouragement, love and affection, things I never received from my own mother. By coincidence, I later signed up for Kung Fu lessons at the only school of it's kind in Portland at the time, ignoring the fact that it was owned and operated by a devout Scientologist, and warnings by the Greeks to stay away.

My sessions at the Academy were enjoyable until several days later, Fred King called me at home and asked me to drop by the Academy to see him. I did. Mr. King ordered me into his office and accused me of spying for the Greeks and denounced them as enemies of Scientology. Having come to enjoy the attention I received from Mr. King, to see him like a big brother, I denied that I was a spy but would do anything to stay in the academy as I had no other friends. That day I signed my first declaration handed to me by a member of the Guardians Office, that was in such a hurry for me to sign egged on by Fred King's warnings that if I didn't sign, I couldn't come back to his Academy, I signed the declaration. This started my long "flip-flop" association with Scientologists and critics of Scientology.

Striving to gain the friendship of both Fred King and the Greeks, I played to the whims of both parties. In Fred King, I saw a big brother that I could enjoy time with and in Anne Greek and her husband Adrian (a co-founder of the CFF which later became CAN) I saw as parents-of-sorts. I became emotionally & mentally involved with both individuals. I was aware that the Greeks had an ongoing support group at the Center for ex-cult members and their families. My Scientology friends encouraged me to go, but because I had not been a member of a cult, I would not have been admitted. My Scientology friends said to invent one and it was suggested to me that I use the Peoples Temple because it was the news event of the decade during that period. I was given a plethora of books, media articles and 2 videos if I recall on the Peoples Temple tragedy to train me for my "role" as an ex-cult member, visited Anne Greek one day at the Center, told her about my cultic experience, sobbed about losing my father, and was so convincing to her that not only did she invite me to the support group, but I accompanied her on public presentations. I was told by my Scientology friends that the Greeks would never learn the truth because the congregation of the Peoples Temple killed themselves and there were bodies that could not be identified. My public "testimonies", later to become the subject of international media articles, and TV and radio interviews, was a cycle of deceit out of control. But, I was willing to do it if it meant have the love & affection of both the Greeks and my Scientology friends.

To my being a Scientologist, Dennis Erlich and others are correct if that I have not been a Scientologist in comparison to him, the Youngs or Gerry Armstrong. I was persuaded to sell personal items to take a few courses, was given free assists regularly at the org following a bad car accident and in return agreed to hand out personality tests and direct people to the testing center on Salmon Street, and became involved in the life of the Mission of Davis and the org and enjoying their friendships despite the directives given to me to spy on the Greeks. Later, I was induced to sign a mission staff contract by John Carmicheal, but because I was so involved in college, and did not look forward to another suspension, I faltered on the contract. But, I remained steadfast in my alliance with Scientology, which looking back puzzled me because (1) I was "friends" with Scientology, yet going to cult education forums with the Greeks and trashing Scientology, and (2) I was "friends" with the Greeks warming up to them, spending the holidays at their home and even being invited as "a special friend" by Anne Greek to accompany them to Canada for the purposes of kidnapping their daughter from the Moonies and bringing her back home to the US, and relaying the information back to my Scientology friends. I accompanied the Greeks and another deprogrammer, Diane Benscoter, to Canada, but the effort was unsuccessful. The Greeks found out much later that I had a hand in this failure. After passing on information to the CofS, I was the one responsible for having Diane (then a fugitive with a Colorado warrant out for her) arrested providing the Denver and Portland Police with her home address (Anne Greek paid her bail out of jail). The sexual incident involving deprogrammer Bob Brandybury did occur though Anne Greek begged me not to report it as a crime because they entrusted Brandyberry as the one that would eventually get their daughter out of the Moonies.

As more and more of the public became interested in my "former Peoples Temple" story, I was compelled to melodramatize the extent of my trauma in the Temple. My story was headline news in the Milwaukee Journal (which the CofS now uses as one of it's DA pack items conveniently excusing themselves from any involvement because they are a church) during a CAN Conference there, I was paid to address a college forum in Milwaukee, and was paid by CAN to speak at the Milwaukee Conference (my picture appearing in the following month's CAN newsletter), my story was published in the Congressional Record after deceiving former CAN President Patricia Ryan into believing my story, spoke on National Radio, was the subject of magazine articles and even wrote a chapter in a book published by the sister of cult leader Jim Jones' nurse. Following the conference, the Greeks, whom grew suspicious of me asked me to document for them statements I had made about my Peoples Temple experience. I was becoming unraveled and my Scientology allies weren't much help in alleviating my tensions. But, the Greeks permitted me to remain a member of the Positive Action Center (not knowing at the time that they and the CAN Board had hired a private investigator to initiate an investigation on me). I offered to help Anne Greek do the illustrations for a book she was publishing on "Cults". My Scientology contact gave me a cute picture of a bear sitting under a tree with a book in it's hands, to suggest to Anne to illustrate her book. Anne loved it and paid for the printing of several hundred books with "my" illustration. A week or so later, I received a very angry telephone call from Anne demanding to know where I got the illustration of the bear from, as towards the completion of the final printing of the books, someone in Scientology informed the actual artist that the Greeks were violating copyright laws by publishing the picture without the author's consent, and the author threatened to sue Anne Greek. This Scientology-Scarff conspiracy cost the Greeks thousands of dollars in books that had to be discarded. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter from Anne Greek that I was no longer welcome at the Center or in CAN. Cynthia Kisser advised me that the CAN Board decided to end my association with CAN when their private investigator learned I was never in the Peoples Temple. I was not allowed to attend the CAN Conference that was held months later in Portland (and was strongly advised by my Scientology friends to go anyway and make a big scene) which I did not do saying that I had the flu.

Later, with the direct assistance of the Portland/OSA Director and Director of OSA Int., I participated in a number of operations against the Greeks and CAN.

I later joined forces with OSA in Los Angeles after meeting Eugene Ingram and a host of other higher-ups in Scientology, leaving in 1991 when ordered to kill two people. My participation in Scientology ended; however the influence they had over me didn't.

As one compulsively reaching out for affection, attention and acknowledgement that I am a worthwhile person, I strived to do what was right and just after leaving Scientology, but missed and regretted in some ways, my back on my friends in Scientology. I grew to love Sue Taylor, David Butterworth and others, not realizing at the time that I was simply being used as an instrument of their jobs. That habit has carried on to this day. In my heart, I want to believe Mike Rinder and my other "friends" in Scientology are human, have a good heart, and can be reformed, and it has been this misguided belief that has kept me under Scientology's influence. This was made very clear in role in the German documentary. I was not crying out of fear of Scientology; I cried because I offended Mike Rinder, was very confused with his request to help him to know the plans of the German film crew, I cooperated with him, and then he turned on me reporting me to Egmont. I was hurt, confused and as Egmont could attest if he was here, I was wanting to leave the area with Joe Neal where I was prepared to surrender myself to him. In my heart, I have, I guess, fantasized Mike Rinder as the father I never had. As misguided as I may be, I loved and looked up to Mike Rinder. It was however, Joe Neal, that I called at OSA regarding the German crew's plans, not Mike Rinder whom I was told had gone home. Three hours later, Mike Rinder called Egmont & informed him of my call.

My notariety as an "ex-Scientologist" and "expert witness" in court cases gradually faded as did my contacts with Lawrence Wollersheim, Vaughn Young and Graham Berry. No longer having them in my corner, I reached out again to Scientology.

Two years ago, Jeff Jacobsen invited me to be a part of his picket group in Clearwater. I also met Rod Keller there who informed me that there was some concerns that I was a Scientology spy and he was not going to share any information with me. I blew him off saying I didn't need his information. We picketed, later Jeff made an accusation against me that the Tampa Tribune reporter covering the picket, Pam Waldrip, observed me leaving the area and talking to OSA member Joe Neal. Later, Rod Keller posted that he had called Cheryl in Tampa & that she was angry that Jeff posted this observation, as it never happened. THE FACTS: Jeff was correct in his suspicions. I was in comm with Joe Neal and others at FLAG about the activities at the motel. Pam Waldrip was present when I left the picket with Joe Neal and spoke to him in private behind a building, accompanied by Sea Org guards, providing them information, doing all I could to win Mike Rinder's approval and respect. OSA photographers, in fact, had filmed the altercation I had with the lady Scientologist who hit my face with her sign. Mike Rinder decided to make it a non-issue. I later approached Mike and begged him to talk to me. He was angry that I had turned on Scientology and testified in the Fishman-Geertz and CAN cases causing CofS alot of heartache. After some small talk, Mike told me to write him a letter and he would help me with anything that I asked.

Following the picket, when I left the Howard Johnson's motel, I met Joe Neal and a private investigator down the road who showed me films of the picket and I identified the picketers for him.

I later had conversations with Elliot Abelson telling him that I would do anything to gain back Mike Rinder's respect & friendship. This led to my secret meeting with Elliot, Mike, Ken Long and another Scientologist assigned to "handle" me during a meeting in Los Angeles, which even my own attorney Graham Berry was not informed about. I signed 5-6 declarations (the 5 smaller ones developed from 1 extensive one) for Mike Rinder. I informed him of my contacts, meetings and conversations between the Clearwater Police and the German film crew. Later, after Graham Berry denounced me on ARS as a traitor, I called him, we spoke and I agreed to provide him with a sworn declaration as long as I was able to write it myself versus signing one written by him. He agreed.

During the December 1997 picket, I had some contact with Scientology which has already been addressed on the net. I found Brian Anderson to be a real dweeb and wanted nothing to do with him though we talked briefly several times and he was happy that I intending to carry a picket signing denouncing Dennis Erlich at the McPherson Vigil. After a meeting with Birgitta Dagnell, I dropped the idea. Before the Saturday picket, I was walking down Cleveland to a store to get a Coke when I saw Mike Rinder standing outside the Cleveland Building talking to Sue Taylor. I approached Mike, informed him that I was going to crash the Press Conference and denounce Dennis Erlich. Mike and I shared small talk about my HIV, my wanting to move to LA and he ended our conversation with a long bear hug. He was aware that I was intending to picket but was not bothered by it. He said "If life is so boring for you in Orlando that you have to come to picket in Clearwater, that is OK. You'll come back to us someday, Garry". I attended the Press Conference and the rest has been documented on ARS.

I've had no further communication with Mike Rinder or Joe Neal since then. I met a very nice gentleman in Clearwater who stuck up for me at the Press Conference and offered to help me. He fulfilled that promise without any strings attached.

With this letter, I have no desire or intention of rehashing or worrying about a past that has caused me great torment. Our worries carry alot of power. If I believe there's nothing to be done except wait and worry, I'll spend all my time thinking about the future and miss the present. By living in the present, we see choices to make that can make life better for us right now. The more energy we put into living in the present, into life-affirming and for me, immune-enhancing behaviors, the more healthy we become.

If some people on ARS want to hold a grudge against me or disparage me, I will ignore them and look to those that support me in positive action whom are also determined to live in the present. I am working on stepping out of a victim role and walking into an active state of taking personal responsibility, free of anyone's malevolent influence. Here's hoping that I can do that....

Garry Scarff

ExScio (with the emphasis on EX) - St. Louis area SP

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