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KUSA NEWS, October 8, 1998
Student Beaten in Wyoming

A college student in Larimie, Wyoming is hooked up to a respirator tonight after being beaten, nearly to death Tuesday night. Police and family and friends believe the attack happened because the victim is gay. Two mountain bikers found 22-year-old Matt Shepard about 2 miles from a bar in Larimie, about 20 hours after the attack. He was tied to a fence and his skull had been smashed in about 2 inches. Three suspects are in custody; police expect to arrest more. Doctors don't know if Shepard will survive.

Associated Press, October 9, 1998
Openly gay student critically injured in Wyoming attack

LARAMIE, Wyo. -- A gay student at the University of Wyoming was savagely beaten, burned and left to die tied to a wooden fence outside Laramie, 30 miles northwest of Cheyenne.

Passersby discovered the bloody and unconscious body of Matthew Shepard, a 22-year-old political science major, a mile northeast of Laramie on Wednesday evening. His skull had been smashed with a blunt object.

Shepard was in critical condition and on a respirator at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins. He was last heard from Tuesday evening when he called friends from a bar.

Three University of Wyoming students were arrested Thursday in connection with the beating and were scheduled to be in court today. Authorities said they expect more arrests.

Shepard's body was found by two motorcyclists who at first thought he was a scarecrow because of the way he was positioned on the fence, said Albany County Sheriff Gary Puls.

Police were investigating whether the brutal beating was motivated by Shepard's sexual orientation. He had twice been beaten recently and attributed those attacks to his open homosexuality, friends said.

His small size, open personality and homosexuality combined to make him a target for viciousness, friends said.

Puls, who initially characterized the attack as a "hate crime," was later asked if it was an anti-gay attack. "At the present time we are not confirming that," Puls said.

FEEDBACK from ModMajor96@aol.com:

Ray of Light Project: As part of its response to the latest exgay ad campaign, Human Rights Campaign is soliciting stories from people who have survived "exgay" programs. They are hoping to educate the public about how these programs abuse people.

Anyone interested can plug into the URL at

http://www.hrc.org/ncop/rol/roltell.html and type in a summary of their experience and contact info.


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