Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 17:11:48 EST
Subject: Cocksure Hypocrites


Here we see the hypocrites trying to pretend they are holy....too bad they aren't... They inspire a murder (most likely) genreally act like crazed savages...and then imagine that an empty gesture will "prove" something or other. What else is to be expected from morons who imagine that every wrong they have ever done can be magically undone "just by believing"? Their feeble gesture is worse than is insulting.


Widow of Slain Doctor Returns Roses

.c The Associated Press

AMHERST, N.Y. (AP) -- The widow of slain abortion doctor Barnett Slepian has returned a bouquet of roses placed at her husband's office by an anti-abortion leader.

Lynne Slepian included a note saying the gesture was not appreciated.

On Saturday, the Rev. Robert Schenck and two other ministers placed seven roses near Slepian's medical office: four yellow roses for the Slepians' four children, one pink rose for Mrs. Slepian, one red rose for the doctor and one white rose for hope.

"He's a big hypocrite," Mrs. Slepian told The Buffalo News in today's editions. "He never would have prayed for Bart. I don't believe for one moment that he cares one bit about me or my family."

Schenck, she said, called her husband a pig, confronted him at demonstrations and sat behind her in court humming "Jesus Loves the Little Children" just loud enough so that she, but not the judge, could hear it.

So Mrs. Slepian sent back the roses along with a note that said in part:

"How do you have the audacity to place roses in front of my husband's office! How can the same man who called Bart a pig be so gentle and composed? ... It's your `passive' following that incited the violence that killed Bart and took away both my and my children's future."

Slepian was killed by a sniper's bullet in his home Oct. 23. No arrests have been made.

AP-NY-11-03-98 1319EST

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