Dallas Morning News, September 6, 1998
Letter: True humanity

Re: "A Lesson in Kindness - Bar company provides support, gifts for adopted grade school," Aug. 30.

What a tremendously heartfelt and touching story concerning the owners/employees of JR's Bar & Grill on Cedar Springs helping out the students of Sam Houston Elementary School. I cried when I read how they are unselfishly helping the children and giving back to the neighborhood.

My grandmother taught for many years at Sam Houston Elementary and would tell us how she wished she could do more for the poor families. Kudos to Donald Solomon and the others for an incredible show of giving and community spirit. I only hope that Trent Lott and his ilk will read this story and understand the true meaning of humanity.


Letter: Why is this allowed?

As I was reading my Aug. 30 paper, my wife pointed out to me the story about the gay bar which had adopted Sam Houston Elementary School. I am shocked that this is allowed. Though it is a very kind and generous thing to help children, where the help comes from ought to cause great alarm from everyone.

This is not hate mail. It is one thing to hate something just because you might not like what someone says or does or their skin color. It is altogether different when there is clear danger.

First, I am shocked that such a wealthy city in the United States won't take better care of its schools. Then I find it shocking that an alcoholic beverage company would be allowed to have anything to do with the welfare of children when alcohol contributes to the destruction of much of our society anyway. An overwhelming amount of domestic violence is caused by the use of alcohol. But, worse, that homosexuals are allowed to be near children, at school. Children truly aren't safe anywhere!

Homosexuality is a very destructive lifestyle physically, spiritually and morally. What if a group of Plano heroin dealers decided to adopt a poor school? Should anyone be alarmed? Would anyone be alarmed? Homosexuality is every bit as destructive as heroin addiction! Don't think for one minute that the homosexual community will pass the chance to push their philosophy on the innocent minds every chance they get.

It's past time for sensible people to stand up against this destructive lifestyle and to stop the legitimizing of it.

If you are gay, I don't hate you. I do hate to see lives destroyed. Furthermore, I ask you to think carefully about what you are doing and to be honest first with yourself and then with God.


Letter: Who will follow JR's lead?

The religious fundamentalists could take lessons from the children at Sam Houston Elementary. Through these children's eyes they see people who show kindness and compassion. They see individuals who care about them by giving of their time, talents, and money.

Before we label and name call, let us ask ourselves, "Where have all the religious groups been this whole time for the children at Sam Houston?" It will be interesting to see who follows the lead of JR's Bar & Grill and helps support the remaining six poorest schools in the district. -- LINDA PEREGRINE, Mesquite


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