Some Christians just hate the fact that there are honest Christians which don't harbor the petty little bigotries they have. When honest Christians speak out against bigotry and hatred, the extremist cultists strike out in anger and resentment.

Baptists Want Gay Order Nullified

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The Southern Baptists voted Thursday to ask Congress to nullify President Clinton's order prohibiting discrimination against civilian federal employees because of their sexual orientation.

Delegates at the denomination's annual convention rejected by 1,071 votes to 1,005 an amendment that would have asked Clinton's own Southern Baptist congregation to consider disciplining him unless the president rescinds his May 28 executive order.

Clinton's executive order added homosexuals to the list of groups protected from discrimination.

``Homosexual politics is masquerading today as civil rights, in order to exploit the moral high ground of the civil rights movement,'' said the resolution, which passed overwhelmingly.

``Homosexuality is immoral, contrary to the Bible and contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian moral standards, and the open affirmation of homosexuality represents a sign of God's surrendering a society to its perversion.''

The resolution said government should not give special legal protection and endorsement to homosexuality, nor should it impose legal sanctions against those who believe homosexual conduct immoral.

In signing his executive order, Clinton said: ``Individuals should not be denied a job on the basis of something that has no relationship to their ability to perform their work.''

The defeated amendment was proposed by the Rev. Wiley Drake of Buena Park, Calif., who said he was ``sick and tired'' of explaining to prostitutes and other sinners how Clinton can remain a Southern Baptist.

``I think we need to go on record that President Clinton should be dealt with by his church,'' Drake said.

Clinton's home church is Immanuel Baptist church in Little Rock, Ark.

Herb Hollinger, vice president in the church's executive committee, said it would have been extremely unusual for the denomination to suggest that a local church discipline a member.

``I've never heard of it. It would be anti-Southern Baptist,'' he said.

Each local Southern Baptist church is autonomous.

It was Drake who proposed an amendment on Wednesday that would have cited Clinton by name in a resolution affirming that immoral behavior by public officials should not be excused. The resolution passed overwhelmingly; Drake's amendment was defeated.

Drake also was behind a resolution last year to boycott Disney for extending health insurance benefits to homosexual partners of employees and for welcoming gay groups at its amusement parks.

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