Here's an interesting piece. Many times when bigots review text written by those who advocate equality for everyone -- something which is supposed to be guarenteed by the United States Constitution -- the bigots assume unthinkingly and automatically that the person advocating equality must be gay -- or black, or Mexican, or female or whatever the bigot is trained to hate.

Here's a case in point.

Once I was told that I wouldn't be demanding equal protection under the law for gays if I wasn't myself gay. When I pointed out the immorality of speaking out against injustice only when it's directly focused upon the one being oppressed, the claimant fell predictably silent. That's a shame because it is without doubt that the claimant didn't learn from her embarrassment.

To: frice@raids.org
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 03:36:18 EST
Subject: In Doubt of murder

I' m sorry you feel that way,

I will pray the lord that he turns you from that life style, I understand in todays culture where there is no right or wrong. That it seems like Being Gay is ok. But Jesus came to save the sinner, from sin, Homosexuality is one of the sins that Jesus came to save us from. I can't the pressure you have on your mind to live this way, but the devil comes to blind the minds of people. Jesus is a light. You may not be ready now, but when you feel like there is no else there is Jesus, He came to save that which was lost.


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