From: "Aileen W Price"
Subject: Response to homophobia
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:04:30 -0400

Again I am amazed at the ragings of those that are homophobes. So called Christian right wingers and other fundamentalist religious fools are constantly involved in preaching that God hates Fags, and that homosexuality is a sin and unnatural. Do any of you even know what a sin is? There are different natures for different lives. How dare you say that a homosexual is unnatural. No homosexual choose to be homosexual and even if he did make such a choice you all really do confer a tremendous amount of self-actualizing power on pre-pubescent boys to be able to mold themselves as they see fit.

If this is the case, then homosexuals are clearly supernatural - and if so where the hell is the power of this God of yours. He really does seem quite weak! Again if you are not homosexual, if you do not want to have anal sex, then DON'T. What takes place between two men, especially two men that are of a different nature than you is quite simply none of your business. This, fools, is the pivotal point of righteousness, something you'd not know if it beat the crap out of you, that a man must attend to his own business, study the life of Socrates and learn something.

Besides there are many gods. Homosexuals have their own gods, their own spirits. Your GOD did not form us in his image, but ours did. And look at how powerful our gods are, that they took the seed created by your god and made it in their image, because obviously we did not come into being by the consent of foolish, evil, homophobic heterosexuals. We did not choose to be what we are and did not choose to be born, but neither did you.

It is not your responsibility to choose your children, only to care for them, whatever you are given, and to raise them up in the way THEY should go, not the way you think or believe they should go. You all are so unrighteous, wicked, unbelievabling violent, and pompous and deluded enough to believe yourself justified. By the way only you can pay for your own crimes - justice will not allow an innocent to suffer vicariously for you. Go get real you criminal vermin.

You really do not know how close you are to being destroyed. I swear by all the powers of the fierce rainbow that girds this planet's skies, I'll stand before the judgement seat of the gods of rectification and see you drowned in another global catastrophe - the deciding factor WILL BE how you treat homosexuals from now on. Don't believe me, be stupid enough to tempt this fate. I'm dreadfully serious - can always start over! In this vast universe of worlds do you actually think everything is supposed to resemble you?


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