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Subject: What got me in; what got me out; what I think now - FWD from Freeguy
From: zinjifar@yahoo.com (Zinj)
Date: 30 Jun 1999 03:23:02 GMT

A friend who got out a couple of years ago and was kind of in a daze ran into some people who let him know he wasn't alone.

He's being very careful for his family's sake at the moment, but wanted to pass his thoughts over the last few days as he discovered how little he was at fault, and how much his situation was exactly what the cult aims for.


if you want help read this to the end please

what got me in, what got me out and what I think now

-what got me in

I got in scientology because I needed to understand, needed to be happy, wanted to be better, be really good, be able to help others, understand myself, understand life and others, be able to have or do what I wanted. I needed to have more control, be more kind, have the good knowledge to be able to use my power at the good place to do good. I want to be free. I want to put my life in the good way, understand and be free of my sadness and my suffering. I want to have the capacity to be able to repair the the bad things I have done to other. I want to understand why I have problems, why I revolt, where I come from and where I go, how to change things, how to change myself; I want to be able to use the 90% of my mental we don't use, want to understand what's going on. understand from where are all this energy , this power, angryness that I have comes from, understand my emotions, understand how to urstand, understand and understand again and always more, find lot of answers to lot of question. I want to BE happy

-what got me out.

I got out because I had seen that their answers are not all exact, they refuse to change of viewpoint, I got out because they hurt me, invalidated me, suppressed, manipulated and because I had see a lot of other people suffer. Because I was not able to feel like an asshole anymore, because they have hurt people I love, because the tell lies and cheat to have your money. Because that LRH superman had done too many errors, he had done too many things not logical. That's the way THEY think or we can say HIS way and not mine. I got out because people suffer in that and become bad. Even if we think that ron had written the truth you can't help a group who make so many bad things anyway.

They destroy a lot of good people to reach what they want. And in doing that it only proves that the purpose is not good. They were making me do the worst thing I can. I wasn't able to be happy a long time because they were hurting me too often or I was hurting me myself. With their help I was asking myself 1000 times if i'm good or bad. I have found myself bad 1000 times, I was in despair. I had no solution and no true help. They are stupid, bad and stupid robots that follow to the letter what the other fucking asshole wrote (LRH). I was following them and I prefer to die that to be like them. I was thinking about death a lot of the time. They are really bad, suppressive. This tech really doesn't work a lot. people fall in a big mental maniputation. Scientology takes people who need help and abuses them. They always have good reason to justify their error; "the tech will be in with the golden age of thech, the execs who had done that are out now, they was suppressive who was trying to destroy scientology etc...". We can say that they are not able to be kind but that will come ;-) They think that a day they will succede to help people but now too many problem (and the problem are just starting for them heheh). So people are not important for them, it's the purpose that is important. They want to save the human race hahahaha they can't even save themselves. They can do annything to succede, they are ready to destroy anybody on their road, like the purpose justify the way. It's like we can't even see that what they want is power and our money :-((( IT'S NOT LIKE THAT THING WORKS.

-what I think now

Help others, talk with them and understand them, help them to understand themselves, to understand how they think, their way, help other to be happy, no opression. From good comes good. If you want to have a purpose , help others save the planet do this with care, compassion. Do the good. Other way will fail. The good gives the good, the bad the bad, love love etc...

The Ron way dont work, he was crazy, bad and psychotic. He must have suffered also so he made others suffer. Listen to others, listen yourself, analyze the data, learn how to anaylyze the data, accept to analyze all viewpoints, open your eyes, all is there and it's easier to find now.

We must be good and not accept the bad in our life. You don't need a group to be happy. Trust yourself, you can understand and be happy.

I hope that all of you will be free of all oppression from any source and to give a lot lot of love. with this way you will be happy (I am) ;-)

You have suffered enough, it's time now to be happy, I love myself and I love you. Love you yourself and pardon youself your errors; it's important. And love other people.

P.S. I want to thanks zinjifar for all the help he gave me, it's really him who have help me to free myself, THANKS and thanks to my wife and my children to help me and to trust me, thanks to everybody who love me for who I am.

To people who have hurt me, I pardon you, you have suffered also and others suffer now, take care of yourselves and of others.

And the more important you can only trust at 100% yourself, so take all the sources you can find, all the data you can from everyone who have data, read sciento book, read what's on the net, on www.xenu.net on irc on www.scientology.org and read and read and talk and try to understand how to understand and you will. The worst thing to do is to stop learning cause someone has said "don't read that they are baaaadddd" you must continue to understand this way, this is the true, this is what will help etc.... if that's remember you something then restart to learn, read, try to understand ....

so be happy and it's a really important thing.


with all my love

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