Wed 19 May 99 20:16
By: Sean McCullough

GP> The last time there was a "Gay Pride" parade/march.
DH> That has nothing to do with recruiting. It has to do with attempting
DH> to become familiar enough to escape persecution.

> Rather ironic, then, that the Gay Pride marches are a large CAUSE of a
> lot of persecution, isn't it?

> I understood the Homosexual Lobby's position was, "What we do in the
> privacy of our bedrooms is only our own business!"

> Gay Pride marches parade a bunch of people who are either openly
> claiming to enjoy sodomy, or are people who sympathize with practicers
> of sodomy thereof.

> If there were no gay pride BS, there'd be no reason for hostility
> towards homosexuals. . .

> Before you spout off about how gays want to be able to casually talk
> about their sex lives at the water cooler, just as straights do, I don't
> do such, and have no interest in hearing sexual exploits from straights
> OR gays!

> I wish EVERYBODY would just shut the fuck up about their sex lives. . .
> enjoy yourselves, but why do *I* have to hear about it? >I< don't
> fleeping CARE!!!!

Now that George has delivered PROOF POSITIVE that he's a latent homo.....

slack -- s.

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