Greer over the edge

Sheppard Gordon:

In the following posts you'll find an extremely bizarre assertion by Dr. Steven Greer, posted on the Internet on February 23, 1998 (it also appeared on Greer's website) before being quickly "pulled" at the urging of his associates.

In it, Greer claimed that, through telepathic communication, he learned from aliens that US Special Forces were at that moment unsuccessfully attmpting to storm an alien base under Colorado's Blanca Mountain using deadly sarin gas -- and that it backfired on them.

Soon after this nonsense was retracted, a man named Steve Moreno contacted everyone he could find who had read it in an effort to HOLD the story as he was afraid that it would reflect poorly on Dr. Greer.

Following a repost of Greer's report, I've attached Moreno's request for a cover-up, followed by a reply to that request.

Greer, a longtime UFO fantasist, rules a UFO group called CSETI, which goes out at night and essentially prays to aliens, hoping that their mental thoughts will reach the aliens and cause the aliens to fly overhead and perhaps land. Even worse, Greer claims to be IN COMMUNICATION with the aliens telepathically. Brother Blue amusingly and accurately identified Greer's mumbo-jumbo, quasi-scientific-sounding explanations of the groups telepathic attempts as follows:

BB> Though employing such kewl-sounding techno-babble as
BB> Coherent Thought Sequencing, Koch-Kyborg Pyramidal
BB> Visualisations, Photon-Talk, etc. ad ridiculum -- in an
BB> apparent attempt to make their bizarre Modus Operandi
BB> somehow more palatable to those who nosh only at the
BB> Buffet of Club Science -- the long and short of it all
BB> is that they spend a great deal of time 'thinking happy
BB> little thoughts' to attract the clever space aliens
BB> who, occasionally appearing in space ships DISGUISED TO
BB> LOOK LIKE 747's, after zooming countless light years
BB> through the cosmos to reach this blue ball-of mud way
BB> out here on the outskirts of the Milky Way, are
BB> apparently incapable of landing safely without the aid
BB> of Eager New-Agers 'vectoring them in' with
BB> high-powered flashlights.
BB> It's all very scientific, you see.

Thanks to Brother Blue for forwarding this latest story to me.

Here's the report which was quickly pulled:

CSETI website> Nerve Gas Attack on ET Base Backfires
CSETI website> on Covert Forces
CSETI website>
CSETI website> http://www.cseti.org/position/addition/sarin.htm
CSETI website>
CSETI website> February, 1998
CSETI website>
CSETI website> A recent attack by covert forces with a deadly
CSETI website> Sarin-like nerve gas on the ET spaceport under
CSETI website> 14,345' Mount Blanca, Colorado ended in disaster
CSETI website> when the attacking forces were overcome by the
CSETI website> gas and a quarter of the personnel involved had
CSETI website> to be medically evacuated. The airspace over
CSETI website> Mt. Blanca, which was annexed by the Military
CSETI website> in 1997, remains restricted to civilian air
CSETI website> traffic.

And the main course:

CSETI website> Phone Interview with Dr. Steven Greer:
CSETI website> RE: Sarin Gas Attack on "ET Spaceport"
CSETI website> Inside Blanca Pk.
CSETI website>
CSETI website> (As posted on the CSETI Web-site 2-22-98)
CSETI website>
CSETI website> During the second night of
CSETI website> Ambassador-to-the-Universe/CSETI training
CSETI website> in The San Luis Valley last June, Dr Steven
CSETI website> Greer claims the CSETI group experienced
CSETI website> 1000's of strobe lights all over the
CSETI website> western side of the Blanca Massif during
CSETI website> the second night of their " training
CSETI website> session."
CSETI website>
CSETI website> (This description IS consistent with
CSETI website> reports of thousands of old-time
CSETI website> "switchboard light" type lighting arrays
CSETI website> that stretch back into the mid-1960's.
CSETI website> These reports are all from the westside of
CSETI website> the Blanca Massif, where the CSETI group
CSETI website> was "training." See page 79-80 in The
CSETI website> Mysterious Valley, St Martin's Press 1996)
CSETI website>
CSETI website> According to Greer, around "30 people [in
CSETI website> the CSETI group] saw ET craft flying"
CSETI website> nearby. Greer, and late-director Shari
CSETI website> Adamiak, went up the trail alone, and
CSETI website> "remote-viewed the ET's inside the
CSETI website> mountain." Came back down the trail to get
CSETI website> the group and all went back up to spot
CSETI website> where they had RV'd on the trail. People in
CSETI website> the group saw Greer disappear in a "gold
CSETI website> light" which seemed to be coming from above
CSETI website> them. Then, a "semi-circle of a dozen ET
CSETI website> elders; all different sized," that were
CSETI website> visible w/ naked eye, surrounded Greer who
CSETI website> seemed to then disappear. ET's "communed"
CSETI website> with Greer. They said they were "under
CSETI website> attack in the mountain by covert military
CSETI website> forces." Greer claims communication lasted
CSETI website> about "20-30 minutes."
CSETI website>
CSETI website> A "couple months later" (Greer has promised
CSETI website> to ID the exact date for me), a
CSETI website> professional helicopter pilot from the
CSETI website> region who knows the area well, received
CSETI website> "an emergency call" to evacuate injured
CSETI website> members of "special-forces" group and
CSETI website> immediately flew out to help. He got near
CSETI website> the location and was told it was "an
CSETI website> accident involving sarin nerve-gas." The
CSETI website> pilot refused to transport the injured
CSETI website> troops because of the gas danger. He then
CSETI website> reported the incident to CSETI/Greer, who
CSETI website> calls the pilot "a very legitimate source."
CSETI website> The pilot did not know why the troops were
CSETI website> there at Blanca, or how they became gassed.
CSETI website>
CSETI website> (Seems strange that the
CSETI website> wilderness-designated area around Blanca
CSETI website> may be being used illegally by military
CSETI website> troops.)
CSETI website>
CSETI website> Greer said that he was being vague on the
CSETI website> web-site in an attempt to try and
CSETI website> corroborate this story from additional area
CSETI website> witnesses or military/intelligence sources
CSETI website> with further information, thus no name of
CSETI website> the pilot, or a date.
CSETI website>
CSETI website> I have contacted the four sheriff's
CSETI website> departments in and around the three-county
CSETI website> Blanca region, and am contacting sources in
CSETI website> the Red Wing/Malacite area where quite a
CSETI website> bit of activity has been reported over the
CSETI website> past five months. I will continue checking
CSETI website> around, hospitals, EMT's, law enforcement
CSETI website> etc., for corroboration of this fantastic
CSETI website> claim and I will inform interested parties
CSETI website> if I receive confirmation of these claims.
CSETI website>
CSETI website> Dr. Steven Greer's e-mail address is
CSETI website> CSETI website>
CSETI website> Christopher O'Brien
CSETI website> tmv@amigo.net
CSETI website> http://home.amigo.net/tmv

And now for Steve Moreno's attempted/unsolicited damage control:

From: Steve Moreno, Founder & Managing Director, Psi APPLICATIONS http://psi-app.com


In the better interest of the overall research community along with the amicable stage which has been set for Congressional Hearings, the following statement and request is issued to all responsible parties in possession of the interview and report regarding Blanca Peak and the related interview with Dr.Greer.

Pleas allow me to introduce myself and what this is all about. I am Steve Moreno, Managing Director of Psi APPLICATIONS. Psi APPLICATIONS is a Non- Profit Foundation which is staged to serve as a middle ground and clearing house between the diverse elements which exist in the fragile World we live in. More specifically this involves the dynamic differences between our existing current time paradigms and all new future time horizons, which are presenting themselves upon us in many forms and manners. In bridging this middle ground we hope to aid in expanding science, knowledge, and a better understanding of the universe we all live in. A great part of my research has been devoted over the years to the UFO/ETI enigma. I believe this field encompasses all aspects within all other considerations. It also possibly presents the greatest challenge and benefit to the entire human race. This is how I have become acquainted with Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI along with many other fine researchers, investigators, organizations, and reporters, whom all serve within this same positive vein.

All of us in fact, whom demonstrate any type of interest and desire to know truth, do so with a strong commitment related from a non material virtue. Active pursuers of truth hopefully make a living while doing so, but it is difficult, and sometimes it is done under the extreme duress of existing off on the side of mainstream society, while risking ridicule, rejection, and as well a possible 'branding'. All this to be received from the very humanity we are striving to serve. Through our functioning in this stress we try to correlate, compare, and examine everyone else's 'chest of wares'. In the process we sometimes unconsciously chastise and demean each other when the slightest opportunity presents itself. We do so without regard or realization as to the damage that we also do to ourselves in the process, as we are all a part of the whole.

What we really need to realize is all the common grains which we share. Such as the fact that we are all in essence, 'pioneers of future truth', serving to wake up humanity's sleeping mind and idle state of existence. Though we have many times remained segregated and operating in an unorganized chaotic fashion, we have all still accomplished much. If we can learn to become united, supportive, and respecting of each other, within all of these regards, we could create an even more powerful and surefire success.

So is the nature of UFOlogy and the current juncture point at these crossroads herein. Steven Greer has made substantial gains for all of us in creating a serious stage of consideration and review by Congress of the UFO/ ETI reality and cover-up. Many others have also helped and contributed to this stage, and also have extreme investments of time, energy, and resources committed to it. The potential success and convening of these Hearings would serve a great benefit to all of us, as it would become a wake-up call to humanity throughout the World. That call would announce that indeed we are not alone in the universe after all. I feel this is when the World can begin to unite, advance, and evolve forward in a positive direction.

Therefore, after discussions between myself, Christopher O' Brien, and Steven Greer, it has been realized the posting, information, and issued interview were all done out of context, and in haste and confusion. Dr. Greer was not aware of the true nature or impact this was creating until he talked with Christopher. With limited time to spend, and in an alarmed and brief fashion, he explained the related details and events to Christopher. Complications arose as it was misunderstood that Dr. Greer intended this to be released out just as it was given in this brief overview.

Christopher O' Brien is a very respectable and well known investigator. This particular geographical area is his own backyard. He stands to be commended for his prompt response and reporting in the true investigative manner, responding to all the endless calls and demands from our better research community, inquiring in a state of panic as to what this was all about. Christopher has verified and reported on many incidents and anomalous UFO/ETI activity in this geographical area. He is the first person we all turned to seeking fast answers.

After reading his interview with Dr. Greer, I came to some realizations and called him to discuss my view of the potential ramifications this might have on any pending Congressional Hearings being considered. Upon our review of the 'high strangeness' elements associated with the interview report and the case, along with the fact that no immediate danger or situation currently existed, we saw the need to put an immediate road block up. It was determined that while there are tangents of truth to this incredible report, it is premature at this time for Dr. Greer to release such information, while at a later date all other pertinent factors required to substantiate it can then also be released. At this point Congress must work with the much more acceptable and palatable presentation in UFOlogy which has been submitted to them in full documented form.

Therefore, we are asking that this report be 'frozen' and released no further then within each responsible parties possession of it. If it has been forwarded to any other parties or newsgroups please forward this to them also along with your personal request that this is honored. Let us demonstrate our understanding and ability to work together, realizing the common grains of benefit we all share within these regards. Let us also realize our ability to accept and address all human error and rectification.

Steven Greer has pulled the page off his web site and apologizes for any confusion and alarm it may have created. As he is aware that all herein deserve some explanation regarding these circumstances, he has addressed this to me by phone, which I taped and shall transcribe all pertinent highlights and details. As Dr. Greer will be starting a 15 hour shift in his profession as an emergency room surgeon, on Wednesday upon his approval this will be released to all interested parties.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. As we stand together at this juncture point herein, it is hoped the disclosure process in Congress shall occur and become a success. It is hoped it will spawn a new dawning for humanity of benefit to us all.


To Truth & Advancement
Steve Moreno, Founder & Managing Director, Psi APPLICATIONS
Humanity's Right To Know !! http://psi-app.com

Here's one reply to Moreno's retraction/ attempted whitewash:

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 21:52:51 -0800
From: Ted Oliphant III

Since Steve Moreno's posting, I have been contacted by several of his friends and associates who now fear that Steve has gone over the edge too. I have to concur. I wrote Steve the following private email, which he has now posted all over the web, complaining about my critique of his effort. Credibility is like virginity, once it's gone...

> Steve,
> you've really stepped on it this time. Why on earth do you
> come to the defense of the raving lunatic/self promoting
> Dr. Greer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> You've stuck your neck out for the wrong cause Bud!
> Unfortunately you're not going to like me anymore because
> your public offering is against everything I stand for:
> CRITICAL THINKING! Greer is a nut case, and alligning
> yourself with him and trying to defend his lunacy, is a BIG
> strike against you.
> It's sad because you are a nice person, but you've
> joined the wrong side. I would've kept my mouth shut Steve,
> but when you publicly go out on a limb about events you
> have no reason to believe and have no personal involvement
> with, you're bound to fall.
> Your internet posting, unfortunately demonstrates lack
> of critical thinking and I feel sorry for you because
> you've invited a crashing wall to fall on you. There is no
> forgiveness in this field, unless you apologize now and
> explain you had a brain fart. Once credibility is gone,
> it's gone and if you don't repent quickly you will be
> forever considered fringe.
> It's sad because I've enjoyed having you in my MUFON
> Field Investigator Training Sessions, but apparently I
> wasn't able to teach you anything about Critical Thinking.
> Your demise reflects my inability to teach, you're public
> suicide is my failure. Be prepared for some really critical
> comments in the near future. Your irresponsible behavior
> beckons my immediate rebuttal, unless you retract your
> statement immediately. To get forgiveness you have to ask
> for it, and you REALLY need to ask for it NOW. Repent!
> Really disappointed,
> Ted Oliphant III www.realityb.com


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