Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 12:54:28 EDT
Subject: Casper Wyoming

Hi Fred,

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> I hear that there's going to be a group of hate mongering Christians
> "protesting" the funeral of Matt Shepard tomorow.
> How low can some Christians get?
> --- "de omnibus dubitandum" All is to be doubted --- Descartes

i just saw a few seconds of video of the despicable douche bags on MSNBC...fortunately one bearded nut was able to exhibit his petty self- righteousness on TV.....In the abstract folks might think they were "honest Chrsitians" quietly airing their views.....but seeing the hate-filled look on the face of this person and listening to his self-righteous sound bite brought only one word to mind "asshole".... It was such a powerful impression that I think I could sense a ripple in Luke Skywalker's The-Force and it said "Luke...they are assholes!"

Even the news types were taken aback...this was a more or less live exhibition..that was aired during a discussion of hate-crimes and coverage of Matthew's funeral .and they were almost speechless there was no way to diplomatically or generically describe what had discussion continued... no one had to go into elaborate explanations as to why these folks were assholes....all one really needed to say was "See what I mean?" the only answer is "Yes"

See how excellent freedom of speech is?..The assholes revealed themselves....condemned themsselves...and proved the point that they are indeed assholes ..without input from anyone else whatsoever.



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