Richard Boylan - Hot Tubbing Not New

Written by David Bloomberg:

I wonder if Rich Boylan knew about this guy...

A friend of mine recently finished his Master's project (in History), investigating the views of a physician who opposed phrenology and mesmerism. I helped to edit his paper and came across the following, which describes how Mesmer treated some of his patients. I immediately knew that I had to share it with you all.

Here is what my friend said:

"After the start of the baquet treatment, Mesmer would personally treat very excited patients, usually young females, in private rooms called Salle des Crises. In this 'special' room he would provide personal attention to sooth their worries and allay their fears. When questioned about the less than virtuous nature of these special treatments, [an associate] admitted that 'a woman in a high state of magnetic excitement, was not mistress of her own actions, and was incapable of resisting any attempts on her modesty.'"

(The quote is taken from David Meredith Reese, _Humbugs of New York: Being a Remonstrance Against Popular Delusion Whether in Science, Philosohy or Religion_, 1838, p. 53.)

What makes this so interesting is the fact that the behavior continues on well past Mesmer's days. - flr


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