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Body Thetans

Scientologists have heard about "Thetans", "theta" as well as "theta bodies" perhaps, but they won't have heard the term "Body Thetans", nor will they be able to find it in their Tech dictionaries.

This is because the information is being withheld from them until they reach a secret level in Scientology known as "OT III". On this level, they are told that they are full of the Thetans (or souls) of murdered space-aliens. Roughly 2,500 of them. And they have to talk to them telepathically to make them go away. These aliens were once part of the local galactic confederation of 75 million years ago, ruled over by the evil galactic overlord Xenu (sometimes said as Xemu).

The galactic confederation supposedly consisted of 22 suns with their 76 inhabited planets. That makes three or four inhabited planets per sun. This fits in with L. Ron Hubbard's view that other planets in our own solar system were inhabited, namely Venus (whose government is monitored by the Fifth Invader Force -- http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Venusian.ram), Mars (inhabited by the earlier Fourth Invader Force -- http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Mars.ram) and Jupiter (by people who he said would look like Eskimos -- http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Jupiter.ram).

These aliens were supposedly similar in appearance to ourselves as we are now. The average populations of these planets was 178 million or 250 million on average (both figures are quoted in the same line on the handwritten OT III document).

This was an overpopulation problem for Xenu. To solve it he called most of the inhabitants of these planets in for income tax inspections where they were instead given injections of a mixture of alcohol and glycol into their lungs to paralyze them. They were then frozen and put on DC-8 identical space-planes and flown across space to planet Earth (then called Teegeeack) http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/DC-8s.ram

If the story is to be believed, then this would have happened to about 4 trillion people. The story makes it clear that the actual corpses of people were transported to Earth. Supposing each DC-8 could carry 200 frozen bodies in refrigerated units at a time and the excess population per planet was 100 million, then 500,000 DC-8 space-plane flights would have been required to ship these people to Earth. If the return trip were 6 weeks, as mentioned in the "Assists" lecture in relation to the three weeks from Coltice to Earth, and if this were all achieved in six months, then each planet would have required 125,000 DC-8 space-planes.

When the people arrived on Earth, all 4 trillion of them were stacked around ten or so volcanoes and then nuked. After they were nuked their Thetans (souls) were captured in electronic beams, boxed up and taken to cinemas. There they were shown pictures of what life on Earth should be like and they were also shown false pictures of God and Christ to instill a religious fervor in them that would make them less effective and so easier to control.

The Thetans were frozen, again, in alcohol and glycol - a supposed very effective way for capturing Thetans. The start of these films was unusual in that the first two days of it were taken up with a helicopter about to crash ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/Helicopt.ram) After watching these films, which lasted several days, these Thetans clustered together and now inhabit our bodies.

These films supposedly set the scene for the future. The houses, theaters, trains, boats, planes etc. of the late 1950's were supposed to be copies of those at the time of this incident and the same as those shown to the body Thetans in the films. Hence society of the 1950's was a copy of what life was like 75 million years ago. And since these images were implanted in these body Thetans and they were required to act out these scenes, then this was a block to further progress. In inhabiting our bodies, we too inherit these images which then govern our lives. Indeed, we are, in most cases, one of these same body Thetans - it is just that we are the one in charge or the "leader" body thetan or controller.

Scientologists are required to exorcise all these body Thetans if they are to make spiritual progress within their religion. Once gone then they are supposed to regain their own powers. They talk to them telepathically to make them go away. This whole incident, as described, is known as "R6", or "Incident Two". In liberating these body Thetans it is important to get to the first time something like this happened. It is called "getting the basic on the chain of events".

This was not the earliest incident though, since there was supposedly an Incident 4 quadrillion years ago, called Incident One, in which Thetans were confused by a chariot charging at them as well as a cherub blowing a horn before blackness was dumped on them. If these body Thetans are reminded of this then they leave the body readily and with some noise and energy. L. Ron Hubbard described how he readily achieved this on himself ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/rams/BTs.ram).

When the body Thetans (or "BTs") leave, they are Clear and are able to operate as Thetans. They have become "Operating Thetans" - a high goal in Scientology. They then supposedly decide to be flowers or butterflies.

The Cracks Appear

On the surface, the above story may seem plausible. However, incisive thinking on these events lead to questions that challenge the validity and accuracy of this story.

1) DC-8 space planes

Each planet would have had to manufacture about 100,000 new DC-8 space planes for this task within, let us say, a six month period. This would have put an enormous strain on the planet's resources. And of course airports would have to have been constructed for this five-fold planned increase in space traffic. With all planets heavily overpopulated, the clearing of buildings to make new airports would have been a very noticeable and unpopular move which would have made the inhabitants curious as to what the new space-planes would have been used for. Rumors would have been rife and this would have led to civil unrest that would have disrupted these developments.

Another minor point is of the positioning of the rockets engines on the DC-8. If this were to the rear, then it contradicts L. Ron Hubbard's claim that they were identical to DC-8 passenger planes since they do not have rocket outlets at the rear. If, instead, the rockets were placed where the jets were, then as soon as the DC-8 had gotten beyond the atmosphere, it would have started flying around in circles, as the rocket engines would not have been directly in line with the center of gravity of the space-plane.

2) Income Tax Offices

People being called in for income tax inspections would be highly suspicious if their friends were called in, never to be seen again. They would have suspected that something were amiss and would have refused to go, especially after knowing that 100,000 DC-8 space planes with their corresponding airports had been built. For this to be effective, all the visits to the tax offices would have to have been completed in a very short time. A week or less. Let us estimate that there were 10,000 income tax offices on each planet. If 100 million people were to make visits then each office would have to see at least one thousand people per day. This would have caused people to queue and they would have noticed that although people were seen to enter, they were not seen to leave. This would have raised suspicion.

3) Technological Progress

Technology has progressed since the 1950's. If all life is dictated by the films the body Thetans saw, then we would not have developed technology beyond DC-8 planes, for example. We now have supersonic fighter planes and supersonic passenger aircraft as well as Stealth bombers. The technology is far in advance of DC-8s. The same goes for the design of houses, boats, trains, compurters etc. Society on Earth and its technology does not appear to be stuck at any timepoint. Technological progress has continued unabated. This raises a question mark over these films as to whether they were actually shown or, if so, had any effect. In both cases, we should question the usefulness of L. Ron Hubbard's system of dealing with body Thetans.

4) Lack of Archaeological Evidence

There is no evidence of a 250 million population on this planet from 75 million years ago. Indeed, as archaeologists dig down, they find evidence of dinosaurs from this period but no evidence of 1950's type technology. If the story were true then the planet should be covered, down to a certain depth, with the concrete and metal artifacts of the thriving population of this planet of 75 million years ago. It should be possible to unearth remains of 1950's style trains at the level where fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs are found instead. That there exists none of the remains of this supposed civilization suggests that L. Ron Hubbard's view was in error.

Another niggling worry is the volcanoes where the now body thetans were nuked with H-bombs. as listed in the secret handwritten OT III document. Some of the listed volcanoes did not exist 75 million years ago.

5) Easy-to-Clear Body Thetans

Body Thetans are supposedly easy to exteriorize from the body. And as they leave, then so our own powers are supposed to increase. If that were true, then it should be easy for us to leave our bodies as well, since we are the "lead" thetan and are more powerful than the rest.

Even with all the body Thetans gone, people are not able to exteriorize. They may feel dissociated, somewhat, after telepathically talking to 2,500 invisible space-aliens inside them, but this could be a sign of mental fatigue or even deterioration, rather than the emergence of a new mental ability. Also, since the body Thetans were once people like ourselves, you would expect their ambitions to go beyond the inhabiting of flowers and butterflies.

With you as the "lead thetan", you would expect them to show more loyalty and to attempt to get their leaders to exteriorize as well. If they had been close companions for 75 million years then you would expect the friendship and commitment to their fellows to run deeper than to just leave to become a flower or butterfly.


I have just touched upon 5 points which cast doubt on the validity of L. Ron Hubbard's supposed recounting of events of 75 million years ago as well as the veracity of the existence of Body Thetans. I am sure there are many more avenues worthy of exploration. I will leave it to the reader to make their own mental investigations into this alleged chapter of Earth's history. After two years or more of careful thought on this subject, I have personally come to the conclusion that L. Ron Hubbard was largely in error in this matter.

Roland Rashleigh-Berry

P.S. If you would like to make a further study of this subject then you might find it useful to request a copy of the secret texts of Scientology from the Norwegian scholar, Andreas Heldal-Lund (heldal@online.no)


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