Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 23:54:39 -0700
From: David Rice

At 11:22 PM 10/17/98 EDT, Caroline wrote:

> Here is my reply to some comments I received from someone I forwarded the
> Christmas Sermon to. They are one of my correspondents from elswhere but I
> ramble on a bit about some of my own philsophy which I thought you might find
> amusing and perhaps worthy of comment. After all I feel quite free to go on
> about other folks ideas...its only right I risk my own a bit, too. My
> correspondent is a pretty gungho conventional Catholic.
> Sincerely
> Caroline

[cut--- saved to disk]

You are damn right! Your corrospondent did not even bother to consider (i.e. think) about what Ingersol was saying, nor what you added to the excerpt. If Jesus was a god, and if he were "good" and cared for his sisters and brothers here on Earth, why didn't he say even a single word of criticism in what he would know would be done in his name?! THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE OF FREE WILL!!!! And your corrospondent should damn well realize that fact. Criticizing evil before it happens does not revoke "free will." I mean, good bloody grief! What the hell does your corrospondent thing the "Ten Commandments" are then?! (And the 603 other commandments god gave to Moses.)

Ingersol said, rightly I think, that the Christian Testament is even more vile than the Hebrew Testament, since the latter only had god punishing his enemies with death; the former has god punishing his enemies with not only death, but ever-lasting torment. How much more evil can such a demonic belief be before Christians wake up and smell the stench of their Bible?!

By the way, I for one cannot imagine a god having enemies. And yet the authors of the Hebrew and Christian Testaments somehow believe that god, who is all-powerful and all-knowing, has enemies.

David Michael Rice
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